Friday, April 8, 2022

Mike Hosking: No surprise the trust in the media is dropping

Not remotely surprised trust in media is falling. It's falling, according to the authors of this week's latest report into the industry, at "an alarming rate."

This is the AUT Trust in News in New Zealand report. They mark various organisations out of 10. Over the past three years overall it's gone from 62%, as in 62% of us trust the media, down to 52%.

That's barely over half. In a year's time, at this rate, the majority of us won't trust the media.

State-run and funded media has been hard hit. Iwi Radio, Māori Television, and TVNZ dropped more than 10% from the previous year. That is an indictment and we have every right to ask some serious questions around neutrality and whether we are getting value for money.

Here is the frustrating if not depressing thing for me, a person who has plied his trade in this sector for over 40 years, it is all so predictable. This is not a surprise. It has, not only been coming for years, it is, in too many cases, encouraged.

Too much of the media is biased. The danger in it is not the fact they are biased, it's the fact they claim they aren't. They claim they are the defenders of the truth. In that is the con.

It's a little bit complex. Many would argue they are neutral because they believe they are, despite the fact they are not. In other words, they can't see their own shortcomings. Others are just plain dishonest.

It's widely accepted for example that Jacinda Ardern got an easy ride in the early part of her rise to Prime Minister. It is widely accepted the media fell in love with her. That has changed, and the fact it has changed is proof it needed to change. But at the time if you had asked, and believe me I did, would they have admitted it? No, they would not.

The public funding programme the government dreamed up for journalism hasn't helped either. It is perceived as buying coverage. In reality, it's not that blunt or blatant, but it's not that hard to join the dots.

Then we come to what I would call the annoying bits. The Māori words sprinkled liberally these days into bulletins and coverage that really don't need to be there because we already have Māori language news, most people don't speak Māori, it's not their job to be language teachers it's their job to cover news and its tokenism.

Put all that and more together and you've got a mess. You've got a grouping of news gatherers and presenters who look like they have been hijacked either by a government, ideology, political correctness, or all three.

It doesn't mean there isn't plenty of good stuff out there. It's just too much of its tainted with suspicious operations.

The tragedy is this, will they address it? No. So, guess where next year's numbers are heading?

Mike Hosking is a New Zealand television and radio broadcaster. He currently hosts The Mike Hosking Breakfast show on NewstalkZB on weekday mornings.


Kiwialan said...

As a teacher of English I hate to hear our language bastardised on the radio and TV. If anyone wants to listen to Maori there are numerous TV and radio sources they can tune in to, that is their choice. BUT having pigeon English forced on to me is an affront that really makes me cringe, my ancestor's history laden language being abused by a bunch of brown cardigan wearing woke wonks. When will people stop being terrified of being called a racist and say enough is enough of all this cultural nonsense? Kiwialan.

gregd said...

The male news readers on tv1 tv3 look like clowns with te rao sproutong from their lips, and the female readers specially the ones with some maori in their vains are quite bitter and twisted, when interviewing white kiwi eg luxon,seymour.[allways trying to find an angle to call them racist]

Terry Morrissey said...

I'm afraid TV, radio and printed news lost me after the last election. I found their fawning and propaganda disgusting. There will have to be one hell of a change in direction before I will waste time with any of them. For a start they will have to cease speaking pidgin english.
All my information comes on line and you can pick those with any trace of integrity and cull the rest.

Kiwialan said...

My phone's auto spelling function put pigeon instead of pidgin. Sorry. Kiwialan.