Friday, June 10, 2022

Helen Egmont: Do You, Too, Sometimes Wonder?

To wonder: to be curious or in doubt about.

Stuff news ran an article on 8 June entitled “Classes cancelled: Staff absences ‘through the roof’ at schools due to illness surge.”

In it, Principal Liz Weir said in part “if you’ve got 240 kids away you don’t need your full complement of teachers. This term the kids are back but it’s the teachers that are getting sick really regularly.”

Cashmere High School Principal Joe Eccleton commented that “It’s not ideal but when you have such large staff absences it’s almost impossible to keep the school going.  A couple of Fridays ago we had 29 staff away on the Friday, only seven with Covid, so there’s a whole range of other illnesses that are around the school community at the moment”

Do you, too, wonder why so many teachers are falling ill?

We know all teachers are at least triple covid vaccinated.

Could it be that the American ABC news medical correspondent, Dr Jennifer Ashton, who was recently allowed to report on American television that repeated covid vaccination could cause the immune system of the vaccinated to “shut down” was gently alerting listeners to the fact that vaccinated people need to be developing an awareness that they may from now on be susceptible to catching infections they were once immune to?

Do you wonder if maybe this one, chosen reporter’s one comment that the immune systems of the multi-vaccinated are at risk of failing is in fact merely the revealed informational apex of an iceberg of submerged information we are as yet prevented from seeing?

Maybe we should refer to this submerged information as miss(ing)-information.

Maybe it is this miss-information to which we should all be turning our attention?

It is interesting that there is much talk of “flu” coming early and causing problems and yet nowhere do we see any evidence of a specific influenza being identified in our community; flu typing is simple.  If “flu” is present in our communities, we need to be told, is it A or B?  if A, then what about its subtype? H what?  N what?

What what?

And what influenza subtypes is this year’s flu vaccine geared to protect us against? 

How does this match up to the types identified as circulating currently in our communities?

This is not to denigrate the potential seriousness of an influenza outbreak in our compromised community, only to point out that blame for the burden of illness we are currently experiencing must be appropriately allocated.

Supporting the idea that immune shut down, with its associated harm, may be an emerging reality for the covid multi-vaccinated, comes concerning statistical news from Australia.

The Australian government reported on May 25 that deaths in Australia were 21% above normal in early 2022. Excluding covid deaths they remained more than 10% above normal.

Deaths in Victoria in May were 27% above average for 2020 and 2021.

Interestingly the biggest jumps in Australia were in deaths from diabetes and dementia, both almost 30% above normal.

The widespread use of boosters now appears to be making no difference to the daily death count.  Last week NSW reported that 82 of the 98 people who died of covid in the week ending May 28 were vaccinated, including 64 who had received at least one booster.

More remarkable however, only 2 of 41 people admitted to ICU there, were known to be unvaccinated.

You may wonder why the authorities charged with releasing vaccines only if they have been proven safe and effective, would both release and enforce the submission to a vaccine that is not both safe and effective.

I believe that what I call the “Blackadder” principle (referred to in my previous article) is at work here:

Blackadder: “I’ve never had anything you doctors didn’t try to cure with leeches. A leech on my ear for earache, a leech on my bottom for constipation.”
Doctor: “You know the leech comes to us on the highest authority?”
Blackadder: “Yes. Dr Hoffman of Stuttgart, isn’t it?”
Doctor: “That’s right, the great Hoffman.”
Blackadder: “Owner of the largest leech farm in Europe…”

Jokes are funny precisely because of the kernel of truth they contain.

Unlike the majority of us, who are desperate to believe that large pharma funded corporations such as CDC and the FDA have our best interests at heart, the acerbic Blackadder would not be in the least surprised by the recent analysis of Swedish covid vaccine efficacy data which proved that pharma aligned “researchers” collecting safety data post vaccine fraudulently placed experimental subjects who suffered vaccine side effects into the “unvaccinated” group, rather than into the vaccinated group where they belonged.

How they did this is a masterclass in befuddlement.

We know most covid vaccine injuries occur in the first two weeks after the vaccine is injected.  The pharma companies knew this from the beginning.

They therefore declared that an experimental subject would not be considered “vaccinated” until TWO WEEKS had elapsed post them having the vaccine injected.  Instead they, and their vaccine injuries, were entered into the “unvaccinated” column.

After the two weeks were up they were then considered partially vaccinated.

But wait, there’s more! (and it gets worse).

Unbelievably, but believe it we must, for this is what happened, when these partially vaccinated experimental subjects received their second dose of covid vaccine, for the following TWO WEEKS they reverted to being calling TOTALLY UNVACCINATED for the purposes of data entry.

Thus all the vaccine side effects and deaths experienced by these subjects vaccinated a second time, were ALSO entered into the unvaccinated column.

Suddenly, when that two weeks was up, they became known as “fully vaccinated”.

And it appears this systemic miscategorisation of vaccine side effects into the “unvaccinated” column, was widespread and therefore by design.

It was this deliberately deceptive “data” showing much greater “illness” in the unvaccinated, which convinced authorities around the world that the vaccine was safe and worthy of  mandating for the social good.

And finally, yet another large study out of Israel; The Incidence of Myocarditis and Pericarditis in Post COVID-19 Unvaccinated Patients – A Large Population Based Study.   This one shows that there is no evidence for the assertion that covid itself causes heart damage.  This assertion has been widely promulgated by those wishing to justify continued use of covid vaccination in young people when they know that this is causing vaccine induced heart damage in up to 1 in 3000 or more of the young adults, who are forced to submit.

Oh what a tangled web we weave…

Helen Egmont is a New Zealander who is interested in the bigger picture.


Anonymous said...

Alberta health authorities (temporarily) released an analysis of how soon after vaccination hospitalised covid patients had caught covid. The results were surprising - 48% of the patients had caught covid in the first two weeks post vaccination. 80% had caught covid by day 45.

So 48% of cases in the first 14 days - an average of 3.4% of cases per day
32% of cases in the next 31 days - an average of 1.0% of cases per day
Triple the rate of cases in the first 14 days!

This Alberta outcome is consistent with the Swedish researchers observations. The reclassification of the first 14 or 21 days looks highly questionable, and thorough analysis may case some very red faces?

Keep up the good work, Helen.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine who is a doctor has said that masking of kids and adults is actually damaging their immune systems. You need to let kids catch bugs and viruses to boost their systems. Common sense appears to be out the door and govt control in the door. Sweden never masked people. Yes more people died but they died because any bad virus or bad flu was going to be bad news for them. What about the problems of hearing your teacher with the duck mask on and the mental health issues caused by teaching little kids that other humans are a danger by showing their faces. There has to be a massive agenda to wanting a society of depressed, fearful people, otherwise why would this be happening?

Anonymous said...

They took away the sun in lockdown ,they masked you up so you sickened yourself with the toxins you were
trying to expell,the sun is the life life of the planet !!and gates is trying to block it out with chem trails people you really need to wake up to common sense and save yourself and the planet do

Peter van der Stam, Napier said...

Not knowing anything, only studies a bit of Physics and medics.
Compaire a tennis net on a tennis cord and a moscito.
The tennis ball is stoppep by the net the moscito NOT.
The wholes in a mask are in Micrometer , so are bacteria.
Viral parts are measured in Nano meters, so the viral parts fly freely thought the mask pores.
On top of it, you breath your own rubbish back in, the CO2 %age gets higher than in the air, the O2 %age gets lower.
Get your conclusion!!
Masks are dangerous for your health.
My conclusion.

Robert Arthur said...

Or it could just be that many teachers are now imagining de colonisation, and all teachers are now so steeped in te ao and tikanga that they are simply adopting the established tradition which in my day was known as the m.d.o, usually Friday or/and Monday. And that was when did not get paid for.

(For the benefit of youngsters "maori day off"