Saturday, October 8, 2022

Breaking Views Update: Week of 2.10.22

Saturday October 8, 2022 

Tatauranga Umanga Māori – Statistics On Māori Businesses: June 2022 Quarter

Māori authorities are defined as businesses that receive, manage, and/or administer assets held in common ownership by iwi and Māori. Māori authorities are largely identified through their tax codes as registered with Inland Revenue.

All figures are actual values and are not adjusted for seasonal effects.

In the June 2022 quarter:

* 1,463 Māori authorities and subsidiaries were in the Tatauranga umanga Māori population

* the total value of sales by Māori authorities was $972 million, up $24 million (2.6 percent) compared with the June 2021 quarter

* the total value of purchases by Māori authorities was $753 million, up $154 million (26 percent) compared with the June 2021 quarter

* the total number of filled jobs for Māori authorities was 11,680

* the total value of earnings by employees of Māori authorities was $196 million

* Māori authorities exported $204 million worth of goods, around a third of which was to China.....
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Exciting new food-science partnership aims to lift and sustain Ngāti Porou economy
Ngāti Porou Holding Company (Holdco) and the Riddet Institute have joined forces to better support food innovation and the development of Ngāti Porou iwi.

Holdco owns and administers $240 million in commercial assets including equity investments, farming, seafood, horticulture, mānuka, property and tourism businesses.....
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National Urban Māori Authority calls for systemic clean out of Oranga Tamariki practices
The agency needed to be completely deconstructed as it was impossible to change the systemic issues within the organisation using the current approach, she said.

"There are a lot of practices and a lot of racial discrimination that has gone on unchecked for a very long time and that needs to change......
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Nga Aho Whakaari sees Māori squeezed out of media merger
The Māori screen guild Nga Aho Whakaari says Māori concerns aren’t being taken seriously in the proposed TVNZ/Radio New Zealand merger.

It told a parliamentary select committee Maori interests under the Treaty of Waitangi haven’t been properly considered, despite a series of claims on broadcasting spectrum.

“So changing words from ‘engagement’ to ‘partnership’ to align with the treaty,” she says

Ms Ririnui says there also needs to be guaranteed access by Maori Television and radio to decades of Maori content......
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Whānau endorse ancestral name in showdown with Geographic Board
In a hui at Kohupātiki Marae last night, whānau unanimously endorsed the name Moko Tūāraro as the revised option for their application to the New Zealand Geographic Board.

“We have to move forward, or stay with ‘Clive’. And that is not an option. We don’t lose any of our oral history or our whakapapa. We will never stop singing our waiata. This is not the end, this is the beginning.”

Dr Kerekere concludes, “Whānau, hapū and iwi are in varying stages of reinstating the original names of their awa, whenua, maunga and moana. It is demeaning for them to follow all the rules and still be declined. We need to change the rules.”.....
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Auckland Council spends $14.3m on Maori initiatives
Auckland Council has spent $14.3 million on Māori initiatives in the past year.

“Marae development, whānau and tamariki wellbeing, and Māori economic and employment opportunities are all outcomes that benefit Māori and our city alike.”.....
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Dozens of huts to be removed from Te Urewera as Tūhoe plan 'bespoke' replacements
A plan by Tūhoe to remove dozens of back country huts over summer has upset some users of the former National Park who believe it will mean back-country heritage will be lost.

Stuff understands the huts will be removed over summer at an estimated cost of at least $1m.

TUT said the huts would be replaced by bespoke, “fit-for-purpose” structures that would provide a base for kaimahi (workers), help reconnect Tūhoe with the Te Urewera and provide better access and facilities for manuhiri (visitors)......
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Stoush Between Collectivist and Individualist Maori – Lindsay Mitchell.

The New Face of Authoritarianism - Dr Muriel Newman.

TVNZ documentary No Māori Allowed revisits Pukekohe's history of segregation

Wages 12% higher for reo Māori speakers - TradeMe 

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Thursday October 6, 2022 

Māori power company plans to take its 'power to the people' approach to a global grid 
Māori-owned power company Nau Mai Rā has aspirations to go global with its latest initiative, Kia Tuakana.

The initiative uses company profits to help struggling customers pay their power bills.

Nau Mai Rā , a kaupapa Māori energy retailer, doesn't run credit checks and will never turn off a customer's power......
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Iwi must lead fight against Kauri Dieback
The plan to tackle Kauri Dieback Disease must have Māori at the helm.

That was the call of Te Kawerau a-Maki following the announcement of $32m in government funding to protect Kauri.....
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Most council candidates would maintain or expand co-governance with Māori
A Newsroom survey of local election contenders reveals unexpected support to expand co-governance with iwi Māori – and already, some councils are embracing those principles by reversing their Three Waters positions

With the South Island’s two biggest cities both pulling out of the group spearheading Three Waters opposition to make peace with local iwi.....(Newsroom paywall)
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Trade heads look at Taranaki Māori prospects
The board of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise was at Urenui Marae in Taranaki today as part of its programme to hear first-hand the concerns of Māori.

Maori partnerships director Dale Stephens says half the board members are Maori, and NZTE also has a large team working with Maori businesses......
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Davis apologises but ACT policy still racist
Children’s Minister Kelvin Davis says while his apology to ACT MP Karen Chhour was genuine, he’s not backing down from labelling ACT’s policies as racist.

Mr Davis says the real issue is her party wants to remove cultural obligations and a commitment to the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi from the Oranga Tamariki Act.

Kelvin Davis says ACT talks about making policy “colour blind” – but all its doing is make the cultural needs of Maori tamariki invisible.....
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Catholic Maori boarding schools recipients of funding initiative
Minister for Māori Development Willie Jackson has announced the allocation of the remaining $14.9 million of the $20 million Budget 2021 investment into the Māori Boarding Schools initiative. Two Catholic Māori boarding schools, St Joseph’s Māori Girls’ College in Napier and Hato Pāora College near Feilding are among colleges that will receive this funding.

A statement from Mr Jackson noted that the four Māori boarding schools play a significant role in the development of future Māori leaders. They have been long-standing, staunch advocates of te reo me ngā tikanga Māori, kapa haka, and other aspects of te ao Māori.

The funding allocation for each school was determined with an emphasis on resolving critical infrastructure issues. Each school needed significant work to ensure a healthy and safe learning environment in line with current regulations. Accordingly, the schoosl will receive the following investments: St Joseph Māori Girls’ College – $6.2 million; Hato Pāora College – $2.7 million; Te Aute College – $5.0 million; Hukarere Girls’ College – $981,300......
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Wednesday October 5, 2022 

Righting a historic wrong: Co-ownership structure of Tauranga CBD land gets go ahead 
Tauranga City Council has given the green light to a new co-ownership structure for land in the CBD, which the commissioner has described as righting a historical wrong.

The block of land on Willow Street will be governed by the council and the Otamataha Trust, which represents mana whenua from the area.

Tauranga's CBD sits on Te Papa Peninsula, on part of 13,000 hectares handed by iwi to the Church Missionary Society in 1838, intended for the benefit of both Māori and the church.

But the church gave it to the Crown in the 1860s, despite mana whenua objections.....
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Te Tiriti Compass
A year-long journey has culminated in the implementation of a framework to guide Gisborne District Council staff and elected representatives on how to be better Te Tiriti o Waitangi partners.

Over the last 12 months the council has been improving its understanding of Te Tiriti and clarifying its intent and role as a Te Tiriti partner through wānanga and internal workshops.

The council also made an in-principle decision earlier this year to pursue the establishment of a joint decision-making body with tangata whenua.

Information gained has culminated in a Te Tiriti Compass to support elected members in decision-making and improve consistency in staff interpretation of Te Tiriti.

“This absolutely reflects where the nation is heading.....
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Rongoā Māori practitioners worried about Bill set to go before Parliament that regulates natural health products
The Bill aims to ensure these products are safe and deliver what they promise. But rongoā Māori specialists said the Bill overreaches into their traditional practice and is worried it could suppress their ability to deliver their services to whānau.

"It's like bringing back the Tohunga Suppression Act on us once again. We are not therapeutics. Just the word on its own does not align with our practice. We're rongoā practitioners."

The Aotearoa Rongoā Māori Collective has sent a petition to Parliament opposing the inclusion of rongoā Māori in the Bill, which is set to be introduced into Parliament before the end of the year.

"That's not okay. What you're trying to do under Te Tiriti o Waitangi and tino rangatiratanga under our taonga and our taonga that belong to us and we have absolute sovereignty over our healing ways.".....
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Ngāi Tahu, Tiwai Point reach deal for mātauranga-focused smelter cleanup
The owners of the Tiwai Point Aluminium Smelter and Ngāi Tahu have agreed to work together to restore the moana and whenua, for decades contaminated by plant run-off.

The historic partnership signed in Bluff Friday, will extend beyond the December 2024 life of the plant and will see Murihiku Rūnaka provide guidelines on mātauranga Māori,
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Republic needing constitutional change
A Māori constitutional scholar says turning Aotearoa New Zealand into a republic won’t be as simple as getting rid of King Charles as head of state.

Claire Charters says there is a feeling among some Maori that Te Tiriti o Waitangi is a compact between Maori and the British Crown, so the relationship with the monarch must endure.....
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Treaty settlements on National agenda
National’s Treaty of Waitangi spokesperson says the party is committed to completing treaty settlements if it wins the treasury seats in next year’s general election.

“This is actually not just about the past and not just about the present. This is about the future for Maori and for New Zealand. We’re making sure Maori families will be able to be successful to turn their own destiny and look after their children into the future,” he says.....
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Roger Childs: Yesterdays in Maoriland

When is being Māori not enough? Why Māori politics are always personal - The Conversation 

Tuesday October 4, 2022 

Te Kura i Awarua: Māori research centre opens in Ngāti Kahungunu rohe 
A new research centre, Te Kura i Awarua, has opened in Ngāti Kahungunu rohe at the Hawke's Bay Campus of EIT Te Pūkenga, the largest tertiary provider in the region.

Professor David Tipene-Leach says Te Kura i Awarua is an important step forward for community research and vital for the development of a strong research environment, as well as a "means to effect real change in Aotearoa".

"It is a critical time to begin building a strong cohort of young Māori researchers applying rangahau across all spheres of society."....
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NZ Post moves to fix system that doesn't recognise Māori macrons
New Zealand Post has moved quickly to fix an IT problem that failed to recognise Māori macrons in names and place names.

Māori business owner Kirsty Bedi highlighted the issue after NZ Post's system failure to recognise some Māori words that include tohutō (macrons).

Bedi, (Ngai Tahu, Kāti Mamoe, Pākehā) said the NZ Post system was "not good enough". In her line of work she needed the correct addresses and place names, to send her taonga to her customers......
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Tumu whenua in Kaitāia attacked
The almost four-metre tall carving, named Ōrongo, was erected on a well-known site in the township of Kaitāia, and there are conflicting reports about why the carving has been damaged.

Te Rūnanga o Te Rarawa chairman Haami Piripi says Ōrongo is a name that commemorates the history of this region of Kaitāia......
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Awhi offered for new Māori councilors
The chair of Local Government New Zealand’s Māori Te Maruata Māori arm says her group is there to help for new Māori councillors elected this week

Postal voting ends on Saturday.

Bonita Bigham says there will be more than 60 new Māori ward representatives across 34 councils, expected......
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John Franklin: “Racism is a White Problem”

Mike Butler: How to regain our nation 

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Robert Arthur said...

looks like tikanga is alive and well in Kaitaia. It was tikanga utu type practice which destroyed the historic maori church at Otaki, just after a fortune of taxpayer money had been spent rstoring it. in a town with disproportionate beneficiaries, a statue commemorating some guy with two wives on the go seems appropriate.

Anonymous said...

could someone point to any resource explaining the key differences between 'tangata whenua' and 'mana whenua'? who decides on the claim of any person or organisation or iwi being 'mana whenua' of a place?

also, are there any studies indicating the overlap in the concept of 'gifting' as practised by native americans (refer to indian giver in seinfeld) and maoris? what is the basis for claim on land that has been sold or gifted (in exchange for favours or out of benevolence)?

robert Arthur said...

Re oct 5 co ownwership in Tauranga will be fraught if the maori owners act as the Tupuna Maunga Authority in Auckland. Hopefully they will just lie back and absorb rentals, very valuable bercause of the improvements in the vicinity made by colonist descendants over the last 150 plus years

Robert Arthur said...

And more on the 5th, little wonder maori are worried about restrictions on rongoa. With maori running the health syatem and in control of the handouts rogoa manufacture and dispense offers scope for considrable unaccountable money transfer to maori devoid of any real world qualifiacations.

Robert Arthur said...

A school colleague off a farm said if his girlfriend got pregnant he would feed her some macrocarpa .Dont know if it a rongoa procedure but could ease the housing and the yourh crime problems.

Robert Arthur said...

I learn more relative to the fate of NZ from this column each day than from my expensive daily newspaper. But not good for the blood pressure or productivity.

Many topics 6 Oct. Coat tail communal sales profit only power companies are fine provided the more motivated bodies continue to be encouraged to do the planning, construction, generation, distribution. And as more and more "customers" contrive to rort the weakness, failure is likely.
Of course maori want to continue to dominate kauri dieback. There is a lot of money washing about for unmeasurable activities and many cosy jobs with no end. Control brings continued opportunity to block access to popular tramping areas thus sticking it to the wicked colonists. A source of considerable mana. Effective maori control also enables the delicate matter of wild pigs, a far greater threat than roaming colonists, but now taonga, to be discreetly ignored.
And of course more councillors are coming around to co governance. They have figured that maori now dominate anyway and seek to side with the winners and to avoid the horrors of cancellation.
Anonymous asked about tangata whenua and mana whenua. The former is now largely replaced by the latter. In general only one tribe dominated an area at a time and the predecessors were mostly chased away or consumed if too slow. But colonisation and civilisation has recognised claims by prior occupants (a major factor in the original Taranaki war). Councils have been conned to recognise several successive one time occupant tribes as mana whenua, the senior reps of all supposedly with a stewardship responsibility. As all are interrelated everywhere in effect all (trace) maori are now mana whenua with a claim to a controlling interest in everything everywhere.

Anonymous said...

thanks robert for explaining mana whenua!

robert arthur said...

Re the 8th, maori want access to all old broadcast material. If I were maori I would be clamouring for much of the old material to be destroyed. If others can access, examples to demonstate endless seditious views are available. I especailly recall a programme where a group of maori low brows contemplated "imagining decolonisation",Moana Jackson's pet theme. They had a grasp even foggier than mine. It was the sort of vapid rubbish which wW apparently intends to dominate former RNZ.(wW; wily Willie)