Saturday, March 18, 2023

Barry Brill: The Climate Emperor Is Now Naked

US voters believe that “climate change” is only about power and control

Intending US presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy told Fox News on 10 February:

“Here’s the dirty little secret about the climate religion – it has nothing to do with the climate. It is all about power, control, dominion and apologising for America’s own success…”

These comments caused quite a stir on social media. To such an extent, that Rasmussen Reports included this question in its weekly poll:

Do you agree or disagree with this statement: Climate change has become a religion that actually has nothing to do with the climate” and is really about power and control?

The survey of 950 U.S. Likely Voters was conducted on March 6-8, 2023. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.

The result (reported here) was breathtaking!

An outright majority of those polled agreed that climate change has become a religion which has nothing to do with the climate. Almost half (47%) said they “Strongly Agree” while a further 13% said they “Agree”.

It’s hard to digest the fact that no less than 60% of US voters have now formed the clear view that the endless propaganda we hear daily from our politicians and corporate media actually has nothing to do with science or genuine alarm – it isn’t even about the climate. Instead, it’s all about political power and control.

Nearly half of those polled have strong feelings about this. That seems to suggest that they are a million miles from swallowing the orthodox narrative and are no longer persuadable. Although they weren’t asked, one can assume that they are fed up with the propaganda and want to be treated as adults.

Surprisingly, nearly half of the Democrats polled agreed that climate change has become a religion. But there was still a significant difference between the parties, the breakdown being:

Democrats:             45%

Independents:         60%

Republicans:          79%

There is no reason to believe that adult New Zealanders would feel any different from their American counterparts. And the breakdown between political parties would probably be much the same here as well.

Rasmussen also asked another question, which it had earlier asked in May 2022:

“is the problem of climate change getting better or worse? Or is the climate change problem staying about the same?”

21% of voters believe the problem is getting better, up from 18% in May 2022. 32% now say it is getting worse, down from 38% last May. 42% think the climate change problem is staying about the same.

Just over a month ago, I wrote a post on this blog:  The Great Flood - Religion vs Science in which I questioned whether Chris Luxon’s reverential statement “I believe in climate change” owed more to religion that to the analysis of available data.  Whatever the answer, the US poll suggests that about 80% of his centre-right supporters believe that climate change “actually has nothing to do with the climate”.

In that earlier post I also recalled Michael Crichton’s famous 2003 speech Environmentalism is a religion”. Apparently a lot of people were listening

The Rasmussen poll is a massive eye-opener. But its message will take time to sink in

Those who preach “it’s the science” are in the minority – and now everybody knows it. Next time a politician makes a heart-wrenching speech about his grandchildren, he will know that 60% of his audience think he is a charlatan.  Perhaps he will think twice?

Perth climate blogger Jo Nova says: “This is Kryptonite for fake science preachers”.noting that: “This is an idea that has barely been mentioned in mainstream TV yet half the nation are already 100% sold”. People interested in this topic should real her whole post. 

What does this revelation say about the credibility of our mainstream media? Or the total failure of the thousands of full-time lobbyists who are paid by the US super-rich to spread alarm and panic?

Barry Brill OBE JP LL.M(Hons) M.ComLaw is a former MP and Minister of Energy, Petrocorp director, and chair of the Gas Council, Power NZ, ESANZ, and EMCO. He is presently the Chairman of the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition. 


Terry Morrissey said...

Great. Now try getting that into the Ferald or Stuff-up or on tv news. Fat chance.
Take away the money for the corrupt scientists and lobbyists/politicians, name them and shame them and watch AGW disappear. Take away their illgotten gains and lock them away with the vaccine pushers.
Then comes the problem of reinstating all of the previous sources of cheap energy.
Then comes the problem of unindoctrinating the young who have been instilled with the climate cults fearmongering.
It would be interesting to see the result if some pollster was to do a survey in NZ.

KiwiBuzz said...

The fact that dangerous man-made global warming is probably the biggest hoax in the history of the world seems to be more and more recognised by those who study the evidence rather than listen to the rhetoric.

It also seems that the Rasmussen poll is reasonably reliable.

DeeM said...

It shows how out-of-touch our MSM and most politicians are with public opinion.
It also shows that our MSM, if you had any doubts, have no interest in presenting a balanced view. They will not report this poll. They are committed to the alarmist climate change position at all cost, regardless that there is almost nothing to back it up and plenty to negate it.

Hopefully, a reckoning is not too far away. In which our political parties, media companies and the uber-rich elites get a very bloody nose.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully - but far from sure given the level of the corruption involved.

Anonymous said...

Some one please tell me how much water would have to go into the oceans (that join up and surround the landmass on the earth) to cause the sea level to rise by one inch. Bear in mind we don’t have steep oceans and flatter oceans. Water level equalises.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Barry for alerting us to this survey.It seems like the powers of lying and deception haven't completely enveloped everyone.Thank God for that. The device of using fake pseudo science to control and frighten people is being used in not just climate change but education and health as well.

Unknown said...

It is encouraging to hear that more and more people are questioning the man made climate change narrative.

When people keep hearing that "the sky is falling" but it does not, the fearmongering starts to lose its influence. None of the dire predictions that we were told about have happenned and that's because they are not going to happen.

Now that the consequences of government mismanagement of the economy are hurting people, they have less interest in the hysterical rantings of the climate change alarmists.

Ultimately people will start to understand that the whoile climate change "industry" is all about making them pay more for everything they want or do.

It's about time.

The Old Curmudgeon said...

After nearly 35 years of tryiing to establish empirical data in place of computer output, it is refreshing to see the poll. The Science Deniers could be have always avoided a debate, but ow might be forced into one.

ihcpcoro said...

It's becoming more of a badge of honour by the day to be labelled a 'conspiracy theorist'.

Rob Beechey said...

A conspiracy theorist is one that doesn’t follow mainstream media’s propaganda

Doug Longmire said...

Ardern let the cat right out of the bag when she said:-
"How do you deal with someone doesn't BELIEVE in Climate Change?"

She made it crystal clear that (anthropogenic)climate change is not a matter of researched and accepted scientific fact or data, it is a Belief System/Religion.

Like Fairies or Mountain Gods etc.

Luxon seems to worship the same dogma.

Anonymous said...

The oracle of the new world order announced "The tragedy of climate change" but only the West believes it, with such good comedians that it has spent a trillion dollars (US$ 1,000,000,000,000), to prevent the temperature from rising at 0.0000001 degree (some of this money goes to climate change sycophants, Al Gore). The entire West is going down that path, they are all going to ruin, especially where the cheesy left governs, Chile, Spain, Canada, or the genuflecting right governs it, they all go straight to tragedy, not climatic, by stupidity .

Averroes was a Muslim scholar trying to understand Aristotle. Impossible! Jorge Luis Borges says, because they live in an area where he cannot understand tragedy or comedy, nor do I say "climate tragedy", that is why climate change does not touch the East, the East is not interested in the lives of Greta Thunberg.

Layo and Jocasta get rid of their offspring to avoid the tragedy, thus beginning the tragedy. Another oracle tells Oedipus as an adult, that he is going to kill his father and marry his mother, so he abandons his adoptive parents (he does not know it) to avoid the tragedy and that produces the tragedy.

In the same way, everything the West does to avoid the "climate tragedy" will produce a tragedy unprecedented in the history of humanity.


Ted said...

The question was raised "How much water would be needed to raise the level of the ocean by one inch". Allowing for some approximation in figures, consider the following - E&OE!
The surface area of the oceans is about 139 million square miles (lets stick with imperial measurements since the question was in inches). A square mile is 4,014,679,680 square inches; therefore the surface area of the oceans is 5.5807x10 to the 17th. To make that 1-inch 'thick' is the same number of cubic inches.
A cubic mile is 254,370,104,524,800 cubic inches, so divide this figure into 5.5807x10 to the 17th, and we get 2,194 cubic miles of water needs to be added to the oceans to raise them by 1 inch - and that assumes there is no increase in oceanic area due to landmass inundation.
However, it is still 8,811,582,598,278 (approximately) tons of water.

Doug Longmire said...

Also - just to illustrate the ongoing false alarm, consider this:-

The IPCC is consistently wrong in it's predictions of doom.

1/ No 50 million climate refugees by 2010, as they forecast in 2005.
2/ No increase in rate of sea level rising.
3/ Artic Ice is still there, and not melting away
3/ Antarctic Ice is actually growing.
4/ Extreme weather events, world-wide are NOT increasing.
5/ Forest fires, world-wide, are not increasing.
6/ Also, all of the dire predictions made by everybody from Prince Charles to Attenborough, simply did not occur. It was all apocalyptic panic merchant behavior.
7/ The IPCC has recently admitted that it’s multiplying factor used in all their “computer models” is wrong, and all their predictions up till now have been highly exaggerated.
8/ Yes - the planet is slowly warming, as we emerge from the Little Ice Age of about 300 years ago, when the River Thames froze over, and one could almost walk to France across the semi-frozen Channel.

Doug Longmire said...

And add to this, the high preists if cult climate change have obtained a report by The Climate Control Commission for how New Zealand can reach it's dreamland Zero goals.

The Climate Control Commission’s recommendations have been costed out by NZIER.
Full compliance has been costed out. The cost to NZ’s economy will be $86b per year.
That is 86 BILLION DOLLARS per year – EVERY year. $86,000,000,000 per year.
That works out to $17,000 per year per head of population.
This is fast track, train wreck, economic suicide.
Translated – a typical four person family will be paying 4 x $17,000 = $68,000 per year, EVERY year just to meet the dreamland CCC’s recommendations. This is a THOUSAND DOLLARS A WEEK per person, every week.

Bear in mind that this is only to stop NZ’s emissions, which are only 0.17% (= 1/600th) of total global human emissions, which in turn are only 3% of total global CO2 emissions.
3% x 0.17% = 0.0051% !! i.e. NZ emissions are 0.0051%, basically ZERO.
The rest of the world is 99.49%
So – goodbye Kiwi’s and the world does not give a sh^t.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ted. How much ice needs to melt -some or all of the Arctic? Antarctic? Glaciers? Ice caps?

Anonymous said...

Many great commments and reference to evience that contradicts the climate change disaster narrative.

The problem is that objective evidence does not effectively oppose false propaganda once people have been manipulated to believe it.

Too many people still imagine that they will be harmed by heatwaves, floods and extreme weather events and see every warm day, hiugh tide or storm as verification of the climate change hysteria.

The subconscious appeal of the climate change narrative is the human desire to want control of everything including the weather.

If, as the story goes, we are causing climate change and all the other imagined consequences then we also have the ability to control the global climate and weather to suit our wishes instead of being dependent upon natural events.

What about the money? Most people don't really care because they are so used to the financial system in which fiat currency is created out of nothing and loaned to people and governments that never have to repay what has been borrowed.

The climate change narrative is very appealing.
"We have the ability to control the climate and global weather to prevent adverse events that people fear."

Doug Longmire said...

Correcting an arithmetical error above - rest of the worlds emissions are 99.9949%.