Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Cam Slater: Te Pati Maori ‘Mobilising a Militia of Scallywags’

The political rhetoric coming from Maori is increasingly violent in tone and attitude. Te Pati Maori are using words like revolution and images of guns, along with the beating of war drums in their online advertising.

Click to view - Aotearoa, maranga mai! Enough is enough. The rangatira revolution is here. #ToitūTeTiriti #MokopunaDecisions Rawiri Waititi MP

They are promoting an organisation called Toitu Te Tiriti, and this is what they are talking about: an insurrection, revolution and overthrowing any government:

Shane Jones calls them ‘lunatics‘, which arguably is true, and ‘scallywags’, which is altogether too soft given the alarming manner they are carrying on.

New Zealand First Minister Shane Jones says Te Pati Maori organising a Budget Day call to action protest was “mobilising a militia of scallywags” and pushing people towards the “lunatic fringe”.

The Coalition Government is gearing up to release its first Budget on Thursday, but there are calls for Maori to take action to coincide with the day.

“Aotearoa, maranga mai! Enough is enough. The rangatira revolution is here,” an Instagram post shared by Toitu Te Tiriti said, adding that more information was to come.

“Our intent is to demonstrate the beginning of a unified Aotearoa response to the Government’s assault on tangata whenua and Te Tiriti o Waitangi,” its website added.

The message of a nationwide activation was jointly shared by Te Pati Maori and its co-leader Rawiri Waititi. 

The rhetoric from the Maori Party and Toitu te Tiriti is alarming. If it were far right lunatics wearing black shirts saying that, then Byron Clark and his pals in the Disinformation Project would be screaming that these white people were inciting a race war – which is precisely what the Maori Party and Toitu te Tiriti are actually supporting.

Yet there isn’t a peep out of them, nor any from the Human Rights Commission. No, it is left up to NZ First and Shane Jones to say something.

Aotearoa musician Stan Walker has also gotten behind the movement, sharing the post on his social media. Te Pati Maori co-leader Debbie Ngarewa-Packer shared flame emojis in the comments on this post.

But Jones has shared his disappointment at the planned Budget Day protest action.

Firstly, he told Newshub the imagery used in the campaign was dangerous.

“The symbol of the musket and colonial pistol – I think it reflects fossilised thinking. At one level it is quite dangerous to normalise guns but at another level it’s reflective in my view of outdated and moribund political analysis,” he said.

Jones said the imagery was “designed to provoke”.

”But given the easy access that the gangs have to guns, I just think that it offends New Zealand culture. It’s unnecessary,” he said.

Jones also said everyone was entitled to demonstrate their democratic right to protest but because of “ineptitude within Parliament”, naming Te Pati Maori co-leader Debbie Ngarewa-Packer specifically, this action was leading people “further towards the lunatic fringe”.

He criticised the role of Te Pati Maori in organising the call to action, saying it was Ngarewa-Packer “flying the white flag”.

“On the basis of ideas and political debate they’ve surrendered so now they’re seeking answers and drama and theatre and we can’t reply on the latter to pay the bills of day-to-day Maori households,” he said.

“The role of the Maori Party is in politics to challenge the Budget through the democratic process rather than mobilise a militia of scallywags.

“It’s not only sending negative signals through to the rangatahi, the young people, but it elevates lunatic fringe thinking which has got no place in modern New Zealand politics given the economic challenges that we face.

“Most Maori I know, they’re not interested in this spark-plug type politics, they’re concerned about the cost of power, the cost of housing, the challenges of employment and overcoming the obstacles that confront all Kiwis.This notion that by reprising colonial soap operas that we can rehabilitate modern day Maori households, sadly, is a moribund type of analysis and that’s what’s very disappointing in terms of their call to action.”

Jones said the call to action was not standing for anything, instead it was “continually moaning about everything”.

“There’ll always be a tiny element who are unwilling to accept the democratic outcome of the current Coalition, but look, I’d rather be in a Coalition of power than a militia of scallywags.”

Shane Jones is not wrong, but his wording against these clowns is far too light in tone. Perhaps that was his design; an attempt to cool things down.

However, this sort of rhetoric is getting far too prevalent for my liking and it is only a matter of time before some Maori munter, after hours chuffing on a meth pipe, takes it all too literally and starts shooting up the main street of some town somewhere because ‘Pakeha stole my land, bro’.

This is getting dangerous and it is continuing to get traction.

I fear for my country.

Cam Slater is a New Zealand-based blogger, best known for his role in Dirty Politics and publishing the Whale Oil Beef Hooked blog, which operated from 2005 until it closed in 2019. Cam blogs regularly on the BFD - where this article was sourced.


Anonymous said...

It needs to go to the limit to allow a proper debate on the madness of these groups to be absorbed.
Ultimately we need to have the Maori seats removed or introduce 120 ethnic seats for each group based on their self nominated grouping or ethnicity.
they currently hold 3% support lets see if that goes up or down.

Anonymous said...

Sick and tired of the endless protests in this god damn country. School kids being used as pawns, antisemites chanting terrorist slogans, anti-fascist fascists, environmental catastrophists, deluded transvestitism ideology. None seem motivated to actually do anything about the perceived injustice other than piss off everyone else and hold the country to ransom by increasing risks to emergency services. And now another fringe mob promoting further division in this stagnating hell hole.
Non seem to realize the world has never been a better place but lack any clue due to a complete ignorance of history.

Allan said...

I do hope your use of the word scallywags is the modern meaning,
During WW2 in England a group of people, seemingly part of the home guard was recruited from all walks of life, and trained in demolition, assassination and any other act that would hinder the Germans if they succeeded in invading England. They were recruited in small cells in case they were captured and interrogated, and once activated, their first act to to kill the leader of the group, so that he could not be captured and interrogated and expose the whole cell. They were given supplies for 2 weeks, once activated, that was their life expectancy.
These were the Scallywags.

Anonymous said...

You can bet your bottom dollar that Waipareira trust and the Waitangi tribunal are involved in the "mobilizing and stirring up of the useful idiots".

Anonymous said...

We have a problem in that the NZ media does nothing to hold these people to account. There are elements of some form of fascism at work. Race based, want special privileges, anti democratic, advocating violence, above criticism, etc

Anonymous said...

IS New Zealand, seeing the 'roll out of African National Congress (ANC) style anti Govt actions'?

I 'wonder, if at this moment in South Africa, if there is a "John Minto" who will rally The People [of SA] to Protest for & on behalf of NZ's Te Pati Maori is both recognition, solidarity & thanks for past revolutionary endeavors, that saw the then ""white govt"" [of SA]- toppled allowing the ANC to become the Govt - for Life'.

I know of South African families, who left behind the Country they grew up in, who live here in New Zealand, and are watching the "changing landscape", which concerns them, as they 'see parallels'.

Anonymous said...

Te Pati getting inspiration from noumea. Luxon us too weak to do anything.

Anonymous said...

We could always protest the protesters as after all, and like always, there are far more of us than them.

The real issue isn’t so much as b grade celebrities & racist lunatics thinking anyone actually cares what they think, but the silence & complacency of New Zealanders that inadvertently gives them fuel.

By saying nothing, & assuming this is just a phase, the silent majority has given oxygen to the incomprehensibly stupid, undemocratic, anti women & racist nutters - from TPM to the Greens, Ardern, Hipkins, Willie, & Paula Penfold.

NZ is in seriously deep sh!t on every measure & the only way we’ll overcome it is by continuing to walk through it.

Anonymous said...

It’s time to reintroduce the crime of sedition into the crimes act. It should never have been removed.