Friday, May 31, 2024

Sean Plunket asks: Should Te Pāti Māori be banned from Parliament?

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Sean Plunket is the founder of The Platform and has worked for several New Zealand broadcast media companies and stations in New Zealand. This article was originally published by and is published here with kind permission.



EP said...

Yes! Absolutely! Plunket has explained the position clearly. These individuals have made it quite clear they no longer function as representatives. Their salaries must be cancelled immediately, together with all rights to occupy offices in the House of Parliament. It is hugely patronising to assume they don't know what they are doing (in fact they don't know which way is up -they are so stupid). They have the right to be taken at their word and allowed to proceed as private citizens. As none of their members exist as voted in by an electorate, no bye-elections need be held. The government MUST accede to the wishes of these citizens. This is not optional! These citizens must have the right to leave Parliament. WHO is responsible for ensuring that this happens?

Anonymous said...

The crime of sedition needs to be reintroduced and offending members need to be expelled from Parliament.

Anonymous said...

As usual, Sean hits it right on the button. One can only wonder why Labour removed sedition from the statute books? Were they perhaps worried one of theirs would fall foul and so avoided that prospect? Who would have thought we'd need it to deal with other potential, seditious miscreants? That aside, one can only hope this is a great home goal by the Maori Party that causes the Maori seats in Parliament to finally become questioned in the House, dissolved, removed, and gone. That will be another item of the gravy train out of the way and hey, if the the Waitangi Tibunal is similarly dealt with, we might see some light at the end of the tunnel. There must be so many great Maori out there who cringe when they hear and see the lunatic antics of these clowns who profess to act in their name.

Anonymous said...

That would be an emphatic yes.

TPM are trying to have their cake & eat it. It reminds me of what that young American suggested to Lange at the Oxford Debate - if you substitute in colonialism & Maori, it rings pretty true:

"[Whether Maori] are snuggling up to colonialism or living in the peaceful shadow of it, [Maori have] benefitted."

If the Europeans hadn’t turned up they would have ceased to exist - they only thing they managed to achieve in the 400 or so years prior was kill one of their primary food sources, commit genocide against the Moriori, & kill & eat each other.

The fact they’re now happily feeding off the taxpayer, including eating macarons in a $2000 per night Air BnB in Paris, while claiming to hate anyone that is not Maori on technology invented by the privileged white man, is an irony that’s clearly lost on them.

They’re noisy parasites who are disrespecting the very institution that is putting food on their table.

Time to turn off the tap.

Anonymous said...

Do not underestimate the Te Pati Maori rant for a revolution.

Could be a clever strategy:

1. to stop Seymour's Treaty Bill - last chance for democracy

2. to suggest - instead - a new Constitution based on partnership and co-governance *Te Pati Maori would agree to this

3.the Kiwi sheeple are frightened and agree to "keep the peace"

4. this Constitution is voted - and a few years later amended to add a Maori-only Chamber and final veto over all legislation.
= He Puapua is installed as planned.

Not far fetched - there is method in their madness.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.19 I totally agree. NZers as a whole must believe and agree with the brown clowns - they certainly haven't rejected them.

Anonymous said...

In many overseas countries that don’t have our centuries-long British tradition of differing more or less peacefully with political opponents , these Te Pati Mokomai scrotes would awaken one morning in the small hours to find balaclava-clad gunmen pumping softnosed bullets into their thick skulls.

How fortunate these haters and wreckers are to live in the New Zealand they are trying so hard to destroy.