Friday, May 24, 2024

Cameron Luxton: Activist Mayors On A Hiding To Nothing Over Māori Wards

A group of mayors have written to the government claiming that reintroducing referendums for Māori wards is an 'overreach on local decision-making'. Responding to this, ACT Local Government spokesman Cameron Luxton says:

“This is absurd. Allowing local communities to have a say on their democratic structures is the epitome of local decision-making.

“The mayors also argue the government’s legislation 'undermines the important contributions that Māori are making'. This couldn’t be further from the truth. With no Māori wards, Māori candidates will compete for support on the same debate stages as other candidates, giving voice to their concerns to the wider community.

“In fact, Māori have done a good job of getting elected to councils without Māori wards. Māori make up 13.5 per cent of local representatives, which is very close to their share of the population.

“And Māori perspectives are already being entrenched within local government through Treaty settlements that establish post-settlement governance organisations with the right to be consulted on sensitive decisions.

“In short, there is no problem to be solved.

“ACT campaigned against Labour’s Māori wards regime, and voters put us into government with the expectation we’ll keep our promises. With the restoration of local referendums enshrined in our coalition agreement, this group of activist mayors is on a hiding to nothing.

“The mayors’ real concern is that communities won’t vote the way they want. But that’s democracy.

“ACT says New Zealanders are alike in dignity and this should be reflected in our institutions. With Māori wards legislation set to pass first reading tonight, we’re celebrating a step towards a democracy that recognises our common humanity and does not treat you differently based on who your ancestors were.”

Cameron Luxton is a New Zealand politician. He was elected to the New Zealand House of Representatives in the 2023 general election as an ACT New Zealand list Member of Parliament. This article was first published HERE


Anna Mouse said...

These Mayors are way, way off the reservation.

They are happy to have the very democracy that voted them in but are unhappy with democracy in action?

They are no longer worthy of the votes they got and when identified by the voter will no doubt find out in the next round of elections how the democracy they both love and hate works out for them.

These kinds of virtue signalling upstarts need a reality check in regard to who they serve.......

Anonymous said...

At last. It's very obvious with the number of councils against democracy that the councils have a large proportion of far left candidates in them. After the media, tertiary institutions perhaps we need to look at the councils who are promoting racist agendas and not acting in a democratic way. I want these people named and shamed for their racist behaviors. Nothing less is acceptable imo. Shame on these people and that we have them in a position of power.

Kawena said...

I would like to know these mayors and counsellors define democracy. Two into one will not go. We are supposed to be one people, and if they have not figured that out, what are they doing handling the affairs of council?

Anonymous said...

i say shame on the kiwis who elected such people in the first place :(

Anonymous said...

To anon @ 9.52pm.....yes agree to an extent....however I had no idea they would behave in such a manner. Time to send a message to them.