Thursday, May 30, 2024

Winston Peters: Make no mistake. Racial division is exactly what they want, not unity.

Winston Peters is the Deputy Prime Minister (Until 31 May 2025), Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Minister for Racing. He has worked as a primary and secondary school teacher and has practised as a Barrister and Solicitor, including in his own law firm.


Anonymous said...

Why did the Speaker not shut down or throw out the idiot noise maker(s)? How can we have respect for this Speaker when he cannot or will not do his job properly? Well done Winston, keep up the good work. At least we have a couple of Parties ACT & NZ First that represent our interests and are not appeasers of the ignorant racist bullies on the Left.

Doug Longmire said...

Excellent speech, Winston.
You have summed up the situation exactly, and have highlighted the urgency of our nations' need to fight against this extreme racist division.

Basil Walker said...

Thank You, Hon Winston Peters .
New Zealand was waiting patiently for an outstanding repudiation of Te Pati Maori.
TPM is NOT New Zealand and NOT our population.
Let us move along further now and unite NZ.

Anonymous said...

NZ's Winston Churchill.

Winston for PM in these troubled times. He can focus on the real issue for NZ's future - it is now or never.

He is the best Foreign Minister ever... but others can step into this vital role.

He needs a genius Finance Minister - so he can take on radical Maori - before they destroy NZ.

Anonymous said...

Good on you Winston. What Maori need is a good education not ruined by Marxism and victim-hood about colonisation. That and that alone will get them out of prison ,off welfare and into being strong independent citizen;s who build up NZ society not pull it down as Te Pat u Maori are doing now.

Ray S said...

Perfect, accurate and truthful summation.

Robert arthur said...

If NZ had not been asleep on its feet non maori should have demonstrated against the pro maori, pro Treaty principles and partnership legislation when it was proposed, much as maori are demonstrating agaisnt its moderation today. At last a few politician and a section of the public has woken up to the furtive insidious "hoatu he koromatua tango te waewae" approach of maori. Te Pati are doing the nation a favour by plainly disclosing the real blatant and ruthless self interest of maori attitudes.

Anonymous said...

The Maori Party and the cohort think they can incite change to the 98 percent who don’t agree with them. The thinking is delusional and dangerous. I would bet the police have more intelligence on this lot than you could imagine.
The stupid thing is they go on social media and promote it. Talk about dumb.

Brian said...

Superb speech Winston, you are the only one in the house to speak out and dress down this Maori Apartheid Party for what they are. I am totally behind you, well done and thankyou Winston it was a pleasure to watch.