Thursday, May 30, 2024

Sir Bob Jones: The Maori message in simple language

A maori political party led by a cowboy hat wearing attention-seeker with a grossly disfigured, fully tattooed face, endeavoured to close down our cities today.

The underlying message of this bullshit protest can be summed up simply; specifically, “we’re (part) maoris so give us money.”

He’s two centuries out of date. Back then maoris did a roaring trade tattooing captives’ heads then shrinking them, (God knows how) and selling them to museums.

The museums won’t touch them now but probably there’s some Russian oligarchs who might. Actually, I’ll kick off the bidding and offer $500 for his head, as plainly he’s not using it.

I’ll shove it on a pole in my tennis court at the end my regular tennis opponent plays at. As he is maori doubtless he won’t mind.

Sir Bob Jones is a renowned author, columnist , property investor, and former politician, who blogs at No Punches Pulled HERE - where this article was sourced.


Anonymous said...

That (part) Maori clown acts like a spoilt child - give me whatever I demand, or I'll throw a tantrum !

Not fit to be in Parliament, nor run a political party, and I expect that he couldn't run a marae committee.

CXH said...

How many of these protestors do you think have a job?

Anonymous said...

TPM don't have the wit to understand how naff they are. I wonder what their ancestors would think of their tekanga?

Anonymous said...

Refer ( as so often the case) to Frederick Maning on Maori tattooed heads on poles.
Good luck Sir Bob.

Anonymous said...

Haha Bob, that's fantastic. Made my day. There lots more racist lunatics like the nutter you refer to, and guess what they all have their winz bar codes tattooed on their faces for easy money.

Anonymous said...

How much do you think you will need to pay for the head?

An artwork of traditional NZ significance in the foyer of one of your buildings?

Title: ahead of the times or behind the times?

Anonymous said...

The Bertrand Russell quote springs to mind (who, like Thomas Sowell, is probably not someone the TPM have ever heard of):

‘The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt’

The TPM have now also declared they are going to set up their own parliament - all good with most of us, so long as it isn’t on taxpayers’ time or money.

I hope Parliamentary Services docks their pay for any missed days in the house.

Robert Arthur said...

Auckland Museum used to have a display of heads alongside the entrance to the main display. An intriguing historic exhibit, capable of instilling a degree of balance in brainwashed moderns, now denied.
With the move to restore tohunga, there should be someone who can advise on the technique (several early visitors fortunately documented). If you could acquire the head at a discount, smuggle it overseas, it would command a fortune to return (and provide an all paid overseas junket for a band of (maori) supporters to retrieve and, for some reason, to accompany). Subsequent destruction seems genetic study opportunity lost. Research for the stone age savage gene could be informative.
Sadly throwing a tantrum works for maori. RNZ interviews are not challenging but extensive, soothingly sympathetic, and encouraging.

Anonymous said...

The cowboy probably wouldn't be leader of TPM if it wasn't for the fact he's the son-in-law of the party President. Being an immediate family member is the most useful qualification for those type of people. Ask the Muhuta family.

Anonymous said...

Te Pati Maori's own Parliament would remove them from the official Parliament - hence a greatidea.

However, the action itself constitutes sedition = action to destroy the established order. so, they should be jailed.

Ray S said...

Quite right Sir Bob.
The idiot with the hat and facial graffiti is a very dangerous man.
He is now saying they will have a separate parliament for anyone who wishes to be Maori. No doubt he assumes it will be paid for by taxpayers who support the one legal parliament.

If TMP continue down this path, NZ will be a very dangerous place to live, particularly away major centres. (of civilisation)

Robert Arthur said...

With Waititi's firebrand wife being Tamihere's daughter, family gatherings must burn the ears of te SIS who presumably/hopefully monitor.

r said...

I'm sure there are some out there who would do it for a lot less.

Hazel Modisett said...

How can these idiots maintain any semblance of dignity when they demand sovereignty over their own affairs & yet expect the very people they so blatantly despise & want separation from to fund their independence. They are acting like petulant Trust Fund babies that hate the patriarchy, yet still expect "daddy" to finance their indulgent lifestyles.
The solution to this problem is simple.
First, institute a blood quantum & anybody with less than 50% is um...white. I guarantee that the % of so called "Maori" in NZ would drop by 75% overnight.
Secondly, institute the ACT/Seymour referendum ASAP & force lily livered Luxon to comply with & act on the results instead of crawling under his rock whenever the topic is brought up. The current path we are on is leading to bloodshed anyway so we might as well get it over & done with now.
My full blood great grandmother knew that if Maori didn't assimilate they would soon become disenfranchised & left behind. Fortunately she left us in 1972 & did not live to see what a disgrace the Maori so called "leadership" has become, but she must be spinning in her grave.
NZ cannot call itself a Democracy when a minority falsely believe they have the right to dictate terms to the majority & steal from the majority in order to pay for it. This needs to end now...

Anonymous said...

Why does NZ accept the brown clowns? Do NZers think they are right? Reasonable? Entertaining? Non- threatening? Democratic?