Saturday, May 25, 2024

Heather du Plessis Allan: We need more cops on the beat

Man alive. There is a family in Dunedin doing it tough today. I mean, these guys sent their 16-year-old boy to school yesterday and he didn't come home. He was stabbed at a notoriously dangerous bus stop by a 13-year-old. What the hell, by the way, as a 13-year-old doing with a knife? 

Now, that stabbing at the bus stop will have sent chills through parents up and down this country. Because the thing is: that is not just a Dunedin problem, it’s an every part of the country problem. And we have for a few years now been warning that kids are beating each other up at bus stops at places like Rotorua, Tauranga, New Lynn, Pukekohe, Albany, Dunedin....And now the worst thing that could possibly happen has happened.

The warnings have clearly just not been taken seriously enough by authorities. Even that bus stop, by the way, there have been assaults on kids by kids since at least 2021, right? That's the last three years and we've been aware of that. And there have been calls for police to do something about it. And according to locals, they haven't. 

But today, the area commanders said that they were there within a minute, apparently, and now they've further increased our patrolling in the area. Well, it’s too late. I mean, the thing is, the kid is dead. The patrols are not going to help him now, are they? 

Now, I'm not blaming police for what happened here. They do have their hands full, but they are the solution. And this is why they need to step up and help us here. Every place in this country that is struggling with crime at the moment is calling for the same thing: more police on the beat. Auckland CBD, with a handbags getting nicked from people who are just sitting down for something to eat. Malls, where masked men are breaking into Michael Hill Jewellers. Point Chev in Auckland, where they're dealing with some really bad behaviour from people.  

Every single place that’s got a problem at the moment is saying that the solution is more police patrols. They need greater visibility. The Police Minister actually already knows this. I mean, just yesterday in an interview, he said that he wants more cops on the beat as well. Then he needs to make it happen. He needs to sit down with his mate Andy Coster and say: “I don't care what you do to sort this out, but your priority is the boys in blue hitting the streets.” People need to see them. They need to be there when some ruckus breaks out at a bus stop. They need to be sorting it out. In fact, they need to be there so the kids know that they are there, and no ruckus breaks out. 

I hate to make something like this political, but National has got the goodwill of this country at the moment, because they have told us time and time again, they're gonna sort out the crime. And at least, good for them, they acknowledge that there is this kind of crime. 

But they will run out of time. They need to get on to it, or they're gonna go exactly the same way as Labour in our estimations on this particular subject. A kid is dead. There is brazen crime all over the show. It's not my job, it's not your job to try to figure out how to get more police on the beat. It's their job and they need to get on with it.

Heather du Plessis-Allan is a journalist and commentator who hosts Newstalk ZB's Drive show HERE - where this article was sourced.


Anonymous said...

People - well some of the 60 pct that voted for the Coalition - will get impatient, like they will when they find they’re still on struggle street this time next year. But that’s an indictment on their cognitive dissonance, not the government. The government is playing whackamole with the issues Labour left behind. The deep-rooted problems created or severely exacerbated by those social and economic terrorists will take years to resolve. If people are too dumb to recognise this then they’re probably too dumb to vote.

TJS said...

Yes, this won't boost the confidence in sending your children to school on public transport. How many children 15 yrs and over will now be taking the car? This malaise is a symptom of a sick and neglected society. We've forgotten to look after each other, there is no trust, no faith, no belief. The grownups have let the country down Heather and by that I mean the politicians and the media darlings have given them carte blanche. Because of the rotten sick lies we see each day.

Madame Blavatsky said...

TJS is completely right: this is but a symptom of a state of much wider social dissolution. The problem is that, collectively, we are now a society that produces 13 year olds who stab people at bus stops in front of police stations.

When our society was "greater" it was because the people were greater than they are now. The kids are now worse, the parents are now worse and the cops are now worse. And the politicians who wring their hands about events like these are worse as well. Therefore, this is the result.

This has to be approached root and branch, which means taking a long hard look at ourselves and the worldview and ways of living we have come to know. A change of government and a "tough on crime" policy will achieve nothing unless the individuals involved (for the most part) radically reassess themselves.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you think the police would be more useful actually on the beat, or it's 2024 equivalent, than prowling the ridiculous 30kph areas around towns and cities. I know I see more cops doing that than walking around the CBD.

Anonymous said...

We don’t need more cops, we need families, teachers and authority figures with moral standards. This is a societal problem, not a policing problem.

Hazel Modisett said...

We dont need more cops, we need more strong male role models & we need a community that isn't scared to intervene in situations like this without fear of being prosecuted for their heroism. Where are the men these days that are not scared to disarm little pricks like this & frog march them by the ear to the nearest Police station ? We have become a nation of cowards & victims...

Anonymous said...

Heather - your comment - "We need more cops on the beat"- what you need to do is ask the current Police Commissioner -

1/- as to why this has not been an action of years past.
2/- and also why are the Lower Ranks "reluctant to do street patrols"?
3/- with a change of Govt, He "stated - that more street patrols would commence - BUT have they
4/ - why do the Police respond more quickly to "an armed event" than they do do with ram raids?

And to those who read both the article and posted comments - A question for you - "When last in your Town and/or City CBD, did you see a Police Constable conducting a walking patrol"?

TJS said...

I'd just like to add this. Of course we will never know who this 13 yr old is as name suppression I assume being automatic going before the child court system.
But that young man has changed his life forever and has murdered. He will always be a murdering POS there is no hope there.

Where did he come from?

Anonymous said...

Seriously though, unless you've been bullied at school, why would you want to be a cop?
Average pay for working shifts, no overtime, working most statutory holidays especially Christmas. Heaps of paperwork. Generally nobody likes you or trusts you. And you can't go out for a few drinks with you mates, because more then likely you will run into some of your dissatisfied customers.

TJS said...

A police officer fresh out of training gets paid $56,219.00, after their first year, $75,063, by the fifth $82,773.
Just looked that up. Ok so it's not gonna make you a filthy wealthy rich prick. But that's not bad after five years. More than what I ever got working in the private sector where you have to rely on revenue from the market place and not the tax payer.

TJS said...

Religion of Peace. Same M.O.

hughvane said...

This dreadful event is an example of how little the young these days understand how to behave. All the usual apologists will rush about shouting “it wasn’t his fault”. They never quite get around to then going after who’s fault they think it is apart from blaming things on “the system”.

In other words, who cares, let’s just make noise. They never point to aimlessness, lack of ambition, lack of imagination or mollycoddling as possible causes. Fixing any of them is difficult but we seem to have reached a point where even trying is considered too much.

Anonymous said...

police patrolling is meaningless unless police can stop the crime if they can see it. that can't work unless they draw out a gun & say 'stop or i shoot'.
problem is that nz was/is not ready for crime. but it is also ready for a solution to crime (that also discourages future crime) - criminals getting shot dead in full public view. that's the only option that provides justice to victims and sends a clear message to others. unfortunately, covid has torn the fabric of this sane society, so either option will take us to the 3rd world :(