Friday, May 28, 2021

Mike Hosking: Why is there no outrage about our inept, bumbling Covid-19 response?


As we watch Melbourne yet again on a knife edge, we are in our own complacent smug way watching a train wreck in front of our own eyes and not realising it.

13 MIQ operations here in February and March had snap inspections.

The fact we have snap inspections should be of some relief, but what they found shouldn’t.

Would it surprise you to learn a lot of faults were found, a lot was below par, a lot was less than what it should be or desirable?

Staff shortages, PPE supply problems, and a lot of mingling in hotel lobbies by returnees, no masks or eye protection for bus drivers, who either weren’t wearing them or refused to wear them.

Out of the report, the now famed Ministry of Incompetence formerly known as Health has released just the 100 recommendations.

And here’s the kicker: those 100 came on top of the praise offered for the improvements made in the snap audits in December and January.

So if February and March had 100, god knows how many December and January had.

Simple question: how is it possible after a year of this, they are still so useless?

How is it that all the promises that have been made around compliance and safety and supplies are yet again found to be BS?

How come if I had Hipkins and/or Bloomfield on, they would be saying things are fine?

How is it that people still support a department that is inept, a Director-General of Health that is dishonest and also inept, and a Minister who oversees this level of non-compliance, lack of performance, waste of resource and astonishing level of risk?

Why is there no outrage?

Why do we put up with this? How can a government this woefully inadequate month in month out still be allowed to spin the sort of nonsense they do around the border?

A year in it should be rock solid, military, bullet proof and professional, and yet it isn’t even clos.

How many people have said our so called success has basically been luck and who now, with these reports, can possibly argue?

What would help is a vaccine roll out, but that’s as badly handled as MIQ: 112th in the world and as we see in Melbourne, just one more bumbling misstep away from level 3 and more economic carnage?

For the so called 52 percent in that Newshub poll who support this crap, just tell me, honestly: are you thick, don’t you care, or are you just asleep?

Mike Hosking is a New Zealand television and radio broadcaster. He currently hosts The Mike Hosking Breakfast show on NewstalkZB on weekday mornings.

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DeeM said...

In answer to Mike's last question, YES, YES and YES.
The majority of the public aren't concerned about anything other than keeping their heads down, no matter how bad it is. The release of He Puapua and the sordid story of the governments desperate attempts to hide it and then mislead the public demonstrates my last point. They seem content to follow our Kind Leader wherever she tells them to go, with Maori up the front of the bus in the gold seats and a good chunk of the rest standing in the aisle.
It's the lemmings heading for the cliff analogy. The head lemming, Jacinda, said it was fine so it must be. Watch the first step - it's a doozie!