Monday, May 31, 2021

Derek Mackie: Has apathy become New Zealand's new national sport

The last few months have been some of the most radical and disturbing in NZ politics. In fact, I can’t recall any period that can rival this for extremism and racial division, all done in the patronising and perverse name of kindness and racial healing.

 Firstly, the mad, crazy rush to enact the Maori Wards legislation. Supposedly done to ensure Maori have their fair say at local government level...when the actual statistics show that Maori are already perfectly represented on councils and over-represented at national level.

 Secondly, the Climate Change Commission's draft recommendations, no doubt very soon to become actual government policy. A raft of woke, left-wing ideas to take more control of people’s lives and restrict freedom of choice, when we already have a sensible mechanism to control our emissions that allows flexibility and efficiencies in how the economy responds. 

 Thirdly, the proposed new National History Curriculum, to be compulsory teaching at all levels of schooling. Why not? Well, it presents a one-eyed Maori view of history, painting all things modern and European as intrinsically racist and discriminating against Maori. It also sweeps under the carpet the pre-colonial Maori practices of utu, slavery, cannibilism and female infanticide, in favour of a noble savage perspective living in tune with the environment. 

 Fourthly, a new Maori Health Authority. For Maori, by Maori...but paid for by everyone else and with a veto over the Crown Health Authority for the other 85% of us. 

 Lastly, and most explosively of all, the exposure of He Puapua, a blueprint for the complete overhaul of the NZ constitution and government. Awarding Maori a 50% share of power in a new upper house with, of course, veto powers over the rest of us. Transferring ownership of Crown lands and water to Maori. Giving Maori ownership of the whole seashore. Adopting tikanga as part of NZ law, making every non-Maori a second-class citizen in our courts. Replacing English with Te Reo wherever possible. Changing place names and the country's name. And all for no reason other than Maori got here a bit before everyone else. 

 As each new idea came out the logical expectation would be that Labour’s poll ratings would fall. But no. Even when He Puapua was dragged kicking and screaming out of Minister Mahuta’s office, Labour maintained their approval rating of just over 50%. Does the NZ public really approve of these racist policies or does it have a bad case of apathy? It’s almost certainly the latter, otherwise this kind of nonsense would have taken hold years ago.

 Our MSM has clearly let the country down with the biased and selective coverage of these issues, either because it believes in the woke agenda or it is paid from our government’s Public Interest Journalism Fund to believe. But there has still been enough media coverage to stir public curiosity if it was there. The fact that nothing has happened suggests it wasn’t. 

 Apathy amongst the public when it comes to politics is not unusual, and in the past has usually resulted in the election of moderate, steady-as-she-goes, somewhat boring governments. Our current lot most definitely don’t fall into that category. They want to get inside the building and gut it. A complete overhaul in the recently popular neo-Marxist style. 

 Radical governments like ours love apathy. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. You can pretty much get away with anything as long as you have a figurehead with a dazzling set of teeth, a kind caring public persona, and a much publicised wedding coming up. That’s usually enough to distract from the chaos and mayhem you’re planning.  They used to say that NZ was a land of sheep with a few humans. Now most of the humans are wearing big woolly coats and are happy to get their diet of political commentary from Country Calendar. 

 Apathy can’t be treated with a trip to the doctor. There’s only one known cure. It’s waking up one morning, not too far from now, realising that many of the things you valued and took for granted are being taken away from you and given to someone else just because at least one of their ancestors was here before Captain Cook. The trouble is that you then have a mighty battle on your hands to get them back. 
Don’t let apathy drag you down!

Derek Mackie is a geologist with a keen interest in current affairs.


Phil said...

The crazy thing is that we had an election just 8 months ago and Labour didn't campaign on any of this stuff. This is such a corruption of our democracy and people don't care.

Anonymous said...

Apathy (def. lack of concern) is a direct result from lack of (truthful) information. Lack of (truthful) information results from indoctrination...
However passionlessness (def. lacking strong emotion) has been attributed to Kiwis as a thing to be proud of, "she's laid back mate".

You are proposing that people wake up, i.e. show concern and I presume take action. Shall we *wait* for a great awakening then?

There is a Maori proverb (I'm not Maori) that says "band with people who have already banded together" meaning a team of people with the same concern can achieve more. Aroha mai if I have offended anyone's tikanga.

Why don't all those small groups of people - all over the country - link up for one purpose (We don't have to agree on all the one hundred other things we are lobbying for.).

It's called kotahitanga - to walk as one.

A divided NZ will never ever stand e hoa, my friends.

Anonymous said...

A well researched piece. Unfortunately, even if MSM published such a piece, it would be received the same as the UFO stories from the US are, with total disinterest.
Ppl realise labour has the unfettered control, and I think they think it can easily be undone, if we vote them out.
Not so dear readers. This is being cemented in so solidly, that 2 terms would be required to dislodge.
But, we are busy earning, and those who can protest outside parliament are waiting fir the warmth of Summer with their rainbow flags and tents.

Don said...

The response of 85% seems to be a comma:
The Government seems to be saying "KEEP AOTEAROA BROWN"
With the silent majority replying "KEEP NEW ZEALAND, BROWN"
We get what we deserve.

Doug Longmire said...

You have summed the situation up very clearly Derek.
However, I am not sure that public apathy is the total story. Seems to me that many people simply do not realise that these events are occurring, because these events are not being reported in the main stream media ( i.e. - the propaganda wing of the Comrade Ardern Party)

Quite a few of my friends seem to unaware of the extent of the planned destruction of democracy in New Zealand, and it seems to be simply that they have not heard about it. It is only by following blog sites such as this, that one can get the true story.

Doug Longmire said...

And it seems to me that these radical, racist, apartheid changes being pushed through at great pace, are, in fact nothing to do with Maori rights at all, but part of a bigger plan.
The majority of New Zealanders will object to these changes and in fighting them, start a revolution.
Then the plan is that the destruction of our Western democracy will take place, and the Great Reset, communist style, can take place.

mike said...

I'm not happy with things but myself and family live in a predominately Maori township and area. I would like to protest but am fearful of the community I live in.
I have tried to talk to some folks but they are so convinced that when Maori get control, they will be so much better off. Yeh right, just like the Tribunal payments find their way down to the poor Maori in the street. All that will happen is that the tribal elite will hold all the power and money. As is the tribal way.

I'm waiting until someone starts a movement I can join and support.
At the moment there is to much talk and no action.