Monday, May 17, 2021

Tony Sayers: Through Pakeha Eyes

To date, the media has swamped us with articles about the countless demands and accusations from the Maori Sovereignty Movement. The non-Maori component of the population have tended to remain silent through fear of being branded racist. Even those who call for equality have been branded as racist by the Maori trolls because equality and their agenda are incompatible. They subdue their critics by calling them ‘Racist’.

Rawiri Waititi and Debbie Ngarewa-Packer pulled this stunt in Parliament last week in an attempt to intimidate opponents to the He Puapua strategy, and to try and stifle debate on the issue.

They enjoy the publicity and like to portray the image of being the victims.

My stance is for true equality for all people, regardless of race, colour or creed.

So, go ahead and call me racist, the Maori activists are the only ones who believe it.

There are truths that need to be spoken – and I will speak them.

I am now aged in my seventies. My friendships with Maori people were formed in my childhood, when relations between Maori and Pakeha were amicable. Inter-marriage between these two races enlarged the cohort who choose to live and let live, to respect and value each other. It was an age of give and take. Pakeha in those days, accepted the idea of a Department of Maori Affairs, plus the extras that were dispensed to give Maoris a hand-up.

It was then seen as a ‘Hand-Up’ and not a ‘Hand-Out”. It was accepted as the norm and was not resented by Pakehas.

Within many of our extended families, as a result of inter-racial marriage, there are people of mixed race.

All these diverse members are our family/whanau and are dear to us. We reject anything that seeks to racially polarise or politically divide us, or would cause any weakening of the bonds of loyalty and friendship.

Over the years, there has been a voluntary exchange of culture, along with an expansion of our Maori vocabularies, this was incidental learning and not compulsory. The cultural exchange was adopted with goodwill and not because of any form of coercion. It was a natural transition, a process of give and take and goodwill.

Now the violin music has stopped.

Today, that atmosphere of goodwill has been threatened by a minority sector of the Maori population. They are the tribal elite, who are prepared to sacrifice the once stable race-relations for the personal rewards gained from administering the financial estates of their tribe, and also for what they can yet get their hands on.

These tribal leaders are the ones at the head of the queue for the lion’s share of any benefits.

They seek to turbo-charge the rate of transition by forcing change, rather than to allow a natural rate of co-operative evolution to produce harmonious outcomes.

Those of mixed-race marriages, must feel insecure when they contemplate the eventual outcomes from the escalation of racial tension in this country. They are like opossums caught in the headlights, unsure of which way to jump, but staying in the middle of the road will still make them casualties, which-ever way they jump.

The only safe place for them is on the side of the road, well out of the growing conflict. They should not overtly or covertly give support to anything that exacerbates the unsavoury situation that has developed. They need to resist intimidation from the feudal elements within their iwi, and subtly distance themselves from the radicals.

For those who are born into the non-Maori component of the population, but who have elected to join the woke-folk, and take the side of the Maori radicals. We will remember who you are. If you think that you will be accorded concessions in a society where Maori hold a disproportionate amount of power in Government and on Councils, then you are na├»ve, and you need to look back over history to see how Maori allegiances were fickle arrangements, that changed direction like the wind. You can be regarded as ‘Useful Idiots’, or Quislings, tools for the radicals’ cause.

For those non-Maori, who know where they stand, and what they face; realise that your failure to use the power of your vote to remove those who would foist this state of affairs upon us, has allowed democracy to be eroded.

Specifically, I refer to the event where, through the efforts of Nanaia Mahuta assisted by the Ardern Government, the right to hold referenda to determine the degree of support, or opposition, for Maori Wards on Councils, has taken away a legitimate, legal, democratic tool. If you cannot see that this is a direct attack upon Democracy, (that is the back-bone of peace in many countries), then it is time you opened your eyes.

When Maori radicals can impose an illegal road-block upon the public, and the Police legitimise it; and when the Government does not lift a finger, then you must realise that Rangatiratanga has replaced democracy.

It is not coming, IT HAS ARRIVED, and is being facilitated by the Ardern Government as we speak, as part of the

He Puapua campaign. The connivance of the police with the government has destroyed their reputation for impartiality.

This transition has happened because we have allowed it to happen by remaining silent and doing nothing.

Garrick Tremain’s latest cartoon [1] sums this up exactly, where the advisor tells the Prime Minister that “If we keep sneaking through our separatist agenda, one side will really take umbrage”, and Jacinda replies, “But they will just mutter among themselves . . . . Upset the other side and they’ll take to the streets”.

The same atmosphere existed prior to World War Two, when Adolf Hitler and his bunch of thugs gained power in Germany. They boldly stole ground bit by bit, and when there was no opposition they stole some more until they held total power. This same tactic is being employed by the Maori Sovereignty Movement and the Ardern Government today.

It has been said, “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. [2]

I am a 72 year old, who has lived a life totally away from politics until I acknowledged what is happening under our noses. I now join with like-minded citizens to raise awareness and opposition to the caustic agenda that eats away at the goodwill between races, that was once a source of pride to all Kiwis. If I can be a ‘thorn in the side’ or a ‘stone in the shoe’ to those who seek easy victory in their quest for a disproportionate share of power, then I shall.

In order to halt the destructive agenda of Maori radicals, there has to be tangible PUBLIC opposition.

Since the Ardern government was not removed from power in the last election, because Labour had concealed the He Puapua agenda that they now pursue, the populace NOW need to convey their displeasure.

This government must be made aware that race-based legislation is not palatable to the 85% non-Maori population and their re-election is not assured.

“How do we manifest this displeasure?” you ask.

Ideas that come to mind are: protests and spontaneous actions that convey our rejection of any attempt to impose any form of race-based legislation upon the general public. Maori use hikoi and the occupation of council chambers (Opotiki), or occupation of disputed land (Ihumatao) to make their displeasure known. There is plenty of noise and fanfare and what is good for them is good for us.

Attempts to impose Maori Tikanga upon us should be greeted with contempt.

Such impositions are racist and show disrespect for other cultures. Maori culture in turn, will earn our disrespect.

We can manifest our contempt for these things with walk-outs or stamping.  

I have written this article to convey to the Ardern Government and the Maori radicals that we will not be intimidated, and that we ARE the majority.  In other words, they are on notice that we have had enough of the ridiculous claims and selfish grasping for a disproportionate amount of power and resources that belong to all citizens. We also reject the imposition of Maori culture and Tikanga upon us.

I also address those members of the public, both Maori and non-Maori, who are concerned, but do not know how to stop this political steam-roller. The message has to be sent – STOP! ENOUGH! It will not stop unless the message is heard.

It is up to all who want a democratic country for their children, with rights guaranteed regardless of race, colour or creed, to unite to stop the causes of racial hate in our precious homeland.

That cause is Maori dominance over our society.

Non-Maori are here – we are not leaving – and we too are Tangata Whenua – with rights – get used to it!

Non-Maori do not accept that the Treaty is a “Partnership”. Proposals for an Upper House, a Maori Parliament and powers of veto are rejected. Claims of sovereignty over fresh-water and coastlines are also rejected by the majority.

Justice Churchman has cast aside the accepted standards of Law, that have stood the test of time, to install Maori Tikanga as an alternative. (This is part of the Ardern Government Agenda).

He has made a radical decision that has tossed aside the requirement of ‘exclusive usage’ regarding eligibility for the ownership of the coastline.

Since when has the term ‘exclusive’ embraced more than one party? Since he invented the concept of ‘Co-exclusive’, but it will be appealed.

If appeals do not overturn such decisions, then the public will no longer have respect for the Law.

This is just more fat on the fire.

The present government needs to understand that if/when they are replaced, that all of what they have put in place will be repealed, and we will remember who sought to dismantle our democracy. Their political futures will look dim. Judith Collins is desperately trying to rescue the National Party by attempting to make amends for their past sins by roasting Labour about the intent of He Puapua. No doubt an astute Attorney-General in a new government will find some avenue for any breaches of our constitution to be addressed, or if they are unable to find an existing law then new legislation can be written.

The NUMBER ONE ISSUE in this country right now is DEMOCRACY, not LGBTIQ, Feminism or Green issues.

The woke followers of those issues are most likely the voters who keep Jacinda Ardern’s government in power.

They need to re-assess the priorities. Ask yourselves whether Feminism will have significance in a Maori dominated feudal society. I think not. Feminists will have to sit in the back row.

If racial tension results in violence, the cost to the country and all citizens is too terrible to contemplate.

If the country remains on the present course, that is where we are headed.

No one wants to say or hear this, but becoming an ostrich will not make it go away.

The advance of the Ardern Government agenda must be stopped at all costs, and those politicians responsible for it must be banished from the New Zealand political environment.

With the revelation of the He Puapua document before parliament, the time is ripe to make the objection of the majority known, loud and clear. It is now over to each citizen to unite in campaigns of opposition.

These can be opportunistic, as the occasion demands.

In this day of social media and mobile phones, flash-mobs can embarrass the government.

Labour Party politicians will have to take notice when being button-holed on the street, or from sit-ins at their local offices. Such actions can make your point of view known. Even emailing, or having face to face conversations with acquaintances about the He Puapua document and about voting-out this government can have an impact.

Every small effort has an effect. 


[1] Labour's Separatist Agenda
[2] Attributed to both Edmund Burke, John F Kennedy and John Stuart Mill.

Tony Sayers is a retired school-teacher, trained at Ardmore Teachers’ College, and has held the position of school Principal in Australia and New Zealand. His teaching experience spans new entrants level to 6th Form, in primary and secondary subjects including: Graphics, Design-Technology, Mathematics, Science, English and Physical Education. In addition to teaching, he has worked in a variety of other areas including Law Enforcement, Engineering, Maritime and Union sectors.


Phil said...

The latest opinion poll shows what we are up against. A significant portion of the NZ media will go after anyone tries to take a stand against this corruption.

Doug Longmire said...

You are absolutely tight Tony. In summary, here is the situation as I see it...

1/ He Puapua This plan spells out the destruction of Western democracy in New Zealand by 2040.
Specifically – abolishing our government voted by the general population with a racist separatist system where the government is spilt on racial lines - HALF the government to be Maori (15% of the population), and the other half (representing 85% of the population) is voted in.

2/ Recent Court ruling that the entire seabed and foreshore, reaching out 12 miles to sea, is likely to be totally controlled by Maori.

3/ Recent recommendations to the government that DoC hand over total control of all wildlife/preservation/hunting and fishing ownership/administration to Maori.

4/ Health system:- Abolition of DHB’s, replaced by four Area Health Boards, plus one Maori Health Authority, which will have power of veto over all health funding and health policy decisions in New Zealand.

This has all come to light recently. This is the Comrade Ardern plan for the destruction of our society, and it is happening now.
The plan is clear:- Maori will control our parliament , our health system, all our coastline and fisheries, and all our native bush and forests. Nothing left.

Jigsaw said...

I am an ex-teacher of some 37 years although I stopped teaching 25 years ago. There is nothing that I disagree with you about. In this area and as a result of the Maori wards fiasco there is a small loose group of older people (after all we have the time) which has formed to fight that and although we have lost that battle like many other areas I suspect that have similar groups, we are looking for a way forward to further fight this insidious racial cancer that is invading us.
Hard to do as both of our local papers-controlled as they are by national papers, refuse or at best are extremely reluctant to print anything they personally don't agree with.
The education system itself is under considerable attack from those who frankly see nothing at all wrong with indoctrination of the young and in fact now opening advocate for it.
Where to go?

Unknown said...

i agree with everything you say and newzealanders need to stand up and be counted. we need to stand together and be strong
devided we are lost

Anonymous said...

This is extremely disconcerting and I fear you are right.
New Zealand seems to be losing its way. I fear for our democracy.

Alan said...

The Treaty “partnership” idea is absolute crap. Some contend ( inspite of widespread prior consultations) that the chiefs didn’t understand the notion of sovereignty so how the hell could they have understood ‘partnership’ which of course is nowhere mentioned in the historical writings of the time or, in deed until quite recently. This whole tribal business is a complete and utter con. which unfortunately the great ignorant white woke believe.

Anonymous said...

Didn't somebody say 'we are one'?

Anonymous said...

This article says everything that needs to be said and what we should all have been saying for the past few decades. A team of 5 Million Equals is the dream of everyone that I know. Thank you for having the bravery in publishing today. Don't stop there please give us more.

Media are commenting that Judith is sumply trying to save the National Party by her current stance in defending democracy but I for one cannot believe that it is so simple. The tone of what has been happening in the house over the last few weeks is way beyond mere politics and when I hear Maori screams of "Mr Speaker please stop all this talk about Maori" it is obvious that the truth is hitting its target. Long may it last until this seperatist cancer of society has been cut out. Thanks again for your efforts. JBA

DeeM said...

I absolutely agree Tony, as would virtually everyone who views this website. However, sadly, that is likely only a tiny minority of New Zealanders.
Finally, ACT and National have picked this up and are raising it in parliament and that is great. But I don't think most Kiwis listen to what's debated in parliament. And, to the general dismay of many BV contributors, our mainstream media is the missing piece of the puzzle. If they refuse to objectively report these debates on the TV news and on the leading pages of their newspapers then the public will stay largely in the dark.
We need a way to substitute for the media and get the message out to the public in an effective way. That won't be easy and probably not cheap but it certainly shouldn't be beyond a collection of intelligent individuals and like-minded organisations if they pool resources and work together. Some groups like Hobson's Pledge Trust are already established. Getting some cohesive plan to move this forward is perhaps the next thing.
Nobody wants another Labour government like this one, and god forbid a Labour-Greens government which would be even more extreme. That means we've got about 2 years to effectively communicate to the general public on these issues.
The clock's ticking!!

Anonymous said...

Get into these grandstanding race mongers.

There's an easy, easy way.

We need to change the playing field by tilting it back towards the 80 percenters -- those whom John Ansell calls "the team of four million."

To change the language of debate is to change the outcome.

Previously, I have used the terms "part-Maori" or "radical 'parts'" to describe the enemy class.

And "racism" or "ethnocentricism" to refer to their agenda.

We need to call these people out loudly, publicly, and often for what they are: "brown supremacists"; and their agenda "brown supremacism" and "brown privilege."

It also needs to be made clear that these people don't give a fig about the non-white immigrants they are trying to co-opt into supporting their agenda.

They are just using them to advance their own cause.

Seriously, these people ARE brown supremacists. They have elevated one set of ancestors while trampling down another to identify monoculturally as "Maori," which is an explicit assertion of brown supremacism.

If they were NOT brown supremacists, they would call themselves "New Zealanders" and honour all their ancestors equally.

The brown supremacist agenda is to shove everyone else's noses in the racial/cultural turd by way of utu for being brown in a white man's world.

As Commie race-monger, Frantz Fanon, reminds us: "The native is an oppressed person, whose constant dream is to become the persecutor."

We are back under the house, aged four, boobing our hearts out when we discovered the brown wouldn't scrub off our skin.

Where the brown supremacists claim that New Zealand has an entrenched culture of “institution racism,” they are not seeking to dismantle this ‘racism,’ just to place it under new management.


Lyn Moore said...

Can a petition be started please to get rid of this govt

Greengrass said...

DeeM. You have made a very valid point. Even though at this point in time, the number of Kiwis who realise the dire threat that the country faces is a small group. Each of us must become a catalyst to initiate groups within our own communities, that can in turn, network with those in neighbouring communities to publicise the dangers of what is underway in the government.
Whether it is by word of mouth, or dropping pamphlets in letterboxes, or harassing Labour members of parliament on the street, or at their local offices, these actions will raise awareness.

All strategies must be directed at the objective of amassing votes in the ballot box that oust those parties that push the He Puapua agenda.

Ray S said...

Very well put and accurate Tony.

Doug L. Totally agree but I think you are a bit askew with this bit, "Maori will control our parliament , our health system, all our coastline and fisheries, and all our native bush and forests". For various reasons I do not think this will happen. Once mainstream NZ wakes up and sees where everything is heading and what it will mean for them, resistance to government moves will increase beyond anything we have seen or imagined.

Greengrass said...

Up to 4:01 pm on 17 May: All commentators in this comments column have acknowledged the threat posed to the country from the Maori Sovereignty Movenment through the He Puapua planning document. We could indulge in on-going rhetoric and vent our displeasure at the state of affairs, but what we all seek is a way to halt the train of events.

The ultimate goal is in generating sufficient ballots to be cast in the next election that will remove the Ardern Government from power. Anything else is a sideshow.

The obvious path to this goal is through informing the voting public of the threat that He Puapua poses to Democracy, and persuading those voters to use the power of their vote to install a NEW government, who will uphold democracy and equality for all races.

An ACT-National coalition is the most likely solution even though National deserve to be out in the cold as much as Labour, but National might by now know what side their bread is buttered.

Personally, I would like to see a totally ACT government if they can field sufficient candidates in all seats, who have the calibre required to win. That candidate needs to be the best person, regardless of gender.

In simple terms, I am talking about publicity, and that requires funding.
If NZCPR or Hobson's Pledge wish to step up to the plate to co-ordinate a publicity campaign, then we should rally behind them and use our influence to promote a campaign that will achieve the goal.

We have around two years to make this happen.
Actions must reinforce the words.

Pete W Blenheim said...

Well written yet again. I hear the same sentiment over and over from many different sources yet here we all are again. The small amount of people this article has reached!.
Until we are on one front, right across the country and united we will make no difference at all.
So the biggest question is how do we unite. Ardern cleverly bought the media during the so called pandemic, that avenue is out. We use e mail and facebook which is heavily censured so that again has only limited resource. I certainly dont know the answer, but I can tell you when the call comes to march on parliament and lay down in the streets fighting for our democracy I will be right there at the front. The time to end this division is now or we all get to lie in the bed we allow to be made for us

Joe said...

Look what's happened to South Africa.

DeeM said...

A number of contributors have suggested using leaflets as a way to get the message out there. I know it's old-fashioned in our modern tech age but it does get directly to each household, and as long as it's not scooped up with all the other junk mail, it stands a chance of getting the message across. Volunteers could deliver them.
As an example, a leaflet on Covid-19 came a couple of weeks ago. It was really well designed and caught my attention. I assumed it was promoting vaccination but was actually the opposite. It had short, sharp bullet points and was quick to read and had one of those large square blocks you could scan, as well as a website address, for more information.
Initially targeting certain areas in our main cities would be a start. I'm sure that's where a high proportion of the current Labour voters reside and they are the ones that need to be swung. Forget about the Greens - they are probably too far gone!

Greengrass said...

I am very impressed with the quality of comments thus far.
The need for a publicity campaign to toss Labour out of governent is the primary goal, but there is also an intermediate goal that contributes, and that is to halt the progress of He Puapua through the Parliamentary process.
It will be the Ardern government's intention to get this done 'In Urgency' now that the cat is out of the bag.

The obvious strategy to halt this, is for citizens to pressure MPs to actively oppose it through debate in the house, and to vote against He Puapua. Additionally, a rowdy, placard waving 'Flash Mob'on the steps of Parliament to coincide with the presentation of a He Puapua Bill would be appropriate. A Flash Mob is the best way to avoid a counter demonstration from Maori activists.

If I lived in Wellington, I would undertake to set it up, but my circumstances prevent that.

Kathryn said...

This essay encapsulates the situation perfectly. It must be stopped or the consequences will be dire. There are hotheads on both side of this conflict and I would not like to see them sparking off something nasty.
We must stand together, and be adamant about it, but pacific in intent and action.
NZ is approaching the 'powder keg' stage and this is no time for sparks.....
So to reverse the normal sequence... "suaviter in re, fortiter in modo"...
We need to show determination, but the only threat should be via the ballot box; a resort to the cartridge box is unthinkable, and would lead to a century of bitterness and conflict.

mist said...

It also affects Maori too.

Many Maori do not support those taking power in their name but if they object then they get called "Uncle Toms" and "Traitors", and they and their children will be physically attacked and their homes and vehicles smashed. And they of all people, know just how useless NZ police and Courts are, and how that Maori gangs and criminals will not be stopped by those police.

So it's not just a non-Maori vs Maori thing.

It's a people of New Zealand vs the insane "woke" and the Maori power seekers (do you think it is coincidence that Labour and Green are buddy buddy with the Mongrel Mob, aka Maori secret police?)

The thing with the common Maori people?
They know that they won't get too see one bit of advantage or profit or influence if the Maori sovereignty crew get their way. Nope, the common Maori know that they get no say on the Marae, they get no say in the Iwi. They are told to turn up, behave, work, provide, and above all obey.

It's like Maori TV, it's like a lot of the housing deals done by Maori higher ups, like the Maori University in the beginning before government oversight. All the money, power, and perks go to the whanau of the ruling class - that's the Maori way.

If anything, non-Maori have to stand up for our Maori brothers and sisters and ensure that get full rights like all citizens; not just be victimised by both sides in the support of the power dreams of a few.

mist said...


Labour, Green, and National are not opposing each other.

All are very compliant in assisting Chinese interests.

We need a new Party, one that won't do a 180 on every point (NZF run by Winston "180" Peters).

One that comes from ground swell support so it can keep its integrity, and that isn't going to rely on existing public media to get it's message across. With people that can be trusted to stand up against foreign coercion.
With people that look at the modern UN's message of "anti-colonialism" and see that it is just part of a globalisation plan to undermine existing governments.
With people willing and committed to withdrawing from UNDRIP, and fight off peer-pressure, and write fairness into an Parliamentary Act to provide a similar re-assurance without the racism and coup.
People willing to ensure Police and Courts do their jobs effectively.

And where the 3P's of the Triti, are taken in concept of the day they were signed: participation in the community like every other citizen with no special rights, protection against criminal pressure and foreign violence and full rights of citizen under NZ law, and partnership in that the Queens Law must be present everywhere in NZ not just in the nice places and that Maori can run their own affairs in their own places just like everyone else, and unlike the time when the Triti was signed (Maori had shared land, and only land owners had any voting rights, so "partnership" meant even unlanded people (at the time, men) could vote or speak in council or government).
Partnership in the treaty, at the time when the principles were agreed on, refers to having equal right (not special right) in _standing_ and for _voting_. Not special wards or parallel rule outside the Queens law with special rights for a race group.

Unknown said...

All the comments, and Tony's blog are what everyone I know and respect believe.
Maori want to make all other New Zealanders second class citizens and Adern has thrown her full support behind their scheme.
they have been using the term 'Partnership for years, and we were asleep to the threat to our country that signalled. The media have ceased to be fair and balanced and refuse to print any communications which challenge this movement.
i believe all herald subscribers should immediately cancel their subsriptions because the Herald distorts the truth by only publishing material in support of this threat to New Zealand.
The lies (like 'Partnership') will be included in the brainwashing of our children planned to be rolled out as the new History. No wonder Adern and the left wanted voting age reduced to 16. They want a propaganda machine to indoctrinate the future voters to support this whole agenda. the Greens support any attack on democracy and western principles.
Our rights emanating from the Magna Carta and developed by western europe over the centuries are being destroyed by this Marxist leader we elected without consultation, referenda or even open campaigning. if she wants a separatist country, maybe we should suggest all tax paid by Maori people and businesses be separated, becoming their funds to pay for their government (including police, defence, health and Prisons). The fact is they would have little money and that would properly cripple their Separate Government. Oh no, they ant Maori to pay even less tax, leaving us to pay for both Governments, and they will be eligible for service by both, but we will not be despite paying for it all.
This is such a racist scenario the media should be creaming out against their plan but instead they are calling anyone who objects racists. National have lost their way. Judith has at least spoken out, but the media are blaming her rather than providing a balanced leadership in the debate.
Clearly she told media they had to introduce all presentations with Maori some time ago before her agenda was in motion, another example of her duplicitous behaviour.

Anonymous said...

Importantly, the Racialist Agenda is being pushed by the Iwi elite, not Maori. I believe many Maori are concerned where this all could lead, eg State housing ghetto's and 2 decades of no better; jobs, education, health, tamariki welfare but with an ever more privileged Iwi elite. Surely all that we need are; adequately paid jobs, affordable housing and to cut-out the racialism.

Allan said...

Thankyou mist for your honest and accurate summary & description of the situation that we find our nation in. I am currently involved in a project that has as many 'Maori' as others involved. We are ALL happy together, just getting on with our lives. The problem most of the Western World faces, is the divide & conquer tactic being imposed by Globalist Agenda politicians, such as Ardern, John Key, etc. We must unite as one people regardless of racial origins, to fight & defeat this evil. Unfortunately, because of public apathy, it may be too late by the time the public wake up & the S**T has hit the fan..

KiwiBoy said...

A great post and I agree with pretty much everything said; but Comrade Ardern is just a puppet - WHO is pulling her strings?

Ross Baker/ONZF said...

But wait a minute, what forensic or documented evidence do Maori have they are the indigenous people or tangata whenua of New Zealand. Government does not even have a definition of who are the indigenous people. Even the Hon Pita Sharples stated when he signed the Declaration of Indigenous People on the 19 April 2010 at the UN, "Maori hold a distinct and special status as the indigenous people, or tangata whenua, of New Zealand”. In other words, there was no evidence that Maori were the indigenous people of New Zealand, just that, “Maori hold a distinct and special status as the indigenous people, or tangata whenua, of New Zealand”. Where's the evidence?

David said...

An excellent quotation seems appropriate here and it come from one who should know.

" Ethnic based tribal politics has to stop. It is rooted in the bankrupt idea that the goal of politics or business is to funnel as much pie as possible to ones family tribe or circle with little regard for the public good. It stifles innovation and fractures the fabric of society. Instead of opening businesses and engaging in commerce. people come to rely on patronage and payback as a means of advancing. Instead of unifying the country to move forward on solving problems. it divides neighbour from neighbour.


Mike L. said...

Thank goodness that the commenters here are aware of the danger of the Apartheid policies of the Labour government. With the almost ineffective attacks of National, I agree that an ACT-National combination stands the best chance of evicting Cindy and her co-conspirators at the next election. In the meantime, we should not be deterred by the activist "Maori" trolls, and should use every single opportunity to criticise them via FaceBook, etc. Every mention may make some of the leftist useful fools start to doubt.
This communistic agenda must not be allowed to win!

James said...

A great article, but there is an issue that no-one seems to have addressed yet. If this situation continues to deteriorate those with a pessimistic, or perhaps realistic, view of what is happening will up sticks and move away. They will take their money and skills precipitating a downward spiral of increasing government debt, falling capital markets and downgrading of international credit ratings. This will increase inflation and from then on who knows. I just hope I am wrong.

KerryH said...

I am becoming more alarmed each day because both Stuff and NZME are censoring articles or letters to the editor, not allowing them to be published. TVNZ and RNZ are so woke that they won't have a bar of the truth. TV3 is dominated by Toba O'Brien who is captive to the conspirators.

What is needed now is a right wing media outlet that will publish and broadcast the facts.

Because Ardern is getting off on what overseas media are saying about her, why not get CNN (who is hot on democracy) and the BBC or WSJ to reveal the takeover by stealth. Does anybody have contacts in those organisations that could be approached?

Sven said...

we are afraid of our own democracy, it seems we are happy to go and fight for another mans democracy and freedom but not ours, we have had it to good for to long, most people don't give a shit until the rats are inside their house by then it is to late.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the trick here is to bypass the local media and try to bring international attention to what she is trying to do through the international media. Time to muster some " International Correspondents"?

KP said...

Well, Aussie is still open and welcomes NZers...

I'd say NZ is a lost cause, cut your losses and come over here. We can more easily fight the UN agenda of native control against the Abos rather than the Maoris.

Seeing we don't get Aussie welfare apart from medical stuff, the Kiwis over here are the more hard-working go-ahead self-reliant ones, leaving NZ to sink under a mass of welfare-takers and immigrants to become the Aotearoa they want. Princess Teeth will be aiming for a UN post like her predecessor, and she will sacrifice the whole country to ingratiate herself there.

Anonymous said...

A very appropriate quote from Barack Obama, if I could add that "this will inevitably lead to infighting as the tribes argue about who is entitled to how big a share of the pie"

Gail said...

We have been told we are one What a joke

Murray said...

Is there room for a new single issue political party such as 'One People Party' which has as its sole purpose the abolition of any race based laws and of course the disbanding of the Waitangi Tribunal which has demonstrated time and again that it is not impartial or even truth seeking? Even if it only gained 5% support then this may be enough to tip the balance and gain leverage in an election.

Anonymous said...

If you are looking for a political party that does not support this nonsense it already exists and it is called New Zealand First.

Anonymous said...

If you believe that "the advance of the Ardern Government agenda must be stopped at all costs, and those politicians responsible for it must be banished from the New Zealand political environment", the place and time to do this is at the next election where we can cast our votes for whichever party we think best represents us.

Obviously there are always things any government does that we will not agree with, but recognising that our opinions are only one view and others may hold opposing views, is a valid part of democracy.

mist said...

doesnt matter who you vote for the parties are all crooks in a rigged game now. all serving themselves and the UN