Saturday, May 22, 2021

Breaking Views Update: Week of 16.05.21

Saturday May 22, 2021 

10 – 1: Masterton District Council votes for a Māori ward

Wairarapa’s first Māori wards were welcomed today with waiata and haka. A packed council chambers saw Masterton councillors usher in a review which should lead to at least one Māori ward in the region for next year’s elections.

The proposal to establish Māori wards passed 10 votes to one at an extraordinary council meeting at Waiata House……
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Wanganui Māori wards off the table for 2022?
Wanganui mayor Hamish McDouall says Whanganui District Council will vote on Māori wards only with the say so of three local tribes – Ngā Rauru, Ngā Wairiki Ngāti Apa and Whanganui iwi Tūpoho……
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Marlborough gets Māori ward
The Marlborough District Council has made the landmark decision to create a Māori ward ahead of the next election.

Māori representation around the council table was the sole subject of an extraordinary meeting at the Marlborough Events Centre on Friday morning, with council staff recommending that councillors vote for a Māori ward…..
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Both sides heard as Whakatane votes yes to Māori wards
Yesterday it was the turn of her own Whakatāne council to consider the issue, and Mayor Judy Turner asked councillors for a unanimous vote, after hearing public submissions…..
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Stratford District Council votes yes to Māori ward
After being slammed as the only Taranaki council to not establish Māori representation, Stratford has finally said āe to a ward.

The history-making decision means all four of the region’s councils will have a Māori ward for the 2022 local elections……
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Rotorua Lakes Council adopts Māori wards
Emotions ran high as Rotorua voted to adopt Māori wards in time for the next local election.

The decision was made by a full council meeting on Friday afternoon, right on the legislative deadline to introduce them……
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SWDC Mayor says Māori ward work aiming for 2025
South Wairarapa Mayor Alex Beijen says the council decided against establishing a Māori ward for the 2022 elections but would be discussing the possibility for the district in 2025.

However, Beijen said SWDC chose not to, despite he and other councillors being "strongly supporting" the concept……
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$1.4bn boost for Maori
The $1.4 billion package for Maori includes $380 million for Maori housing across the country — papakainga housing, affordable rentals, transitional housing and owner-occupied housing totalling about 1000 homes……
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Budget just start of health funds transfer to Maori
The chief executive of the National Hauora Coalition is counting on the $240 million for Māori health in the Budget being just the start.

"I suspect that won't be the only investment. When we think about the construction of Health New Zealand which is the other entity commissioning for health services, there will be thought given to what part of the DHBs and the Ministry should be given to the Māori Health Authority and what should be given to Health New Zealand ," Mr Royal says.

He says in the pre-Budget lock up yesterday there seemed to be signs of genuine partnership between the crown and Māori and indications the Government was making the connections between Māori health status and child poverty, beneficiary income levels and housing……
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Man who breached kauri dieback rules gets $5700 fine
The West Auckland man was caught several times on camera in 2019 entering closed walkways in Titirangi.

It is the first prosecution of its kind.

Local iwi, Te Kawerau a Maki, delivered their victim impact statement to the court in which Te Kawerau a Maki Tiaki Trust director Robin Taua-Gordon said the "calling down" of the rāhui was not taken lightly.

It was not some quaint cultural activity without consequence but a means to heal and make safe, Taua-Gordon said.

"Rāhui is one of the strongest forms of environmental management used by tangata whenua, and is only applied in serious situations, such as death, risk of loss of food species, or threats to habitat."......
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Ground-Breaking UN Discussion Identifies Pathways To Food Future For Aotearoa
“Our collaboration with tangata whenua representatives, and particularly the participation of Dr Nick Roskruge, Chair of Tāhuri Whenua – The National Māori Vegetable Growers Collective as Co-Convenor of the Dialogue has been critical in developing a greater understanding of kai sovereignty and developing solutions that acknowledge the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi,” he says.

Outcomes relating to access to fresh fruit and vegetables included plans to create a communications network that deliberately includes a te ao Māori voice and identifies gaps in distribution channels to rural and vulnerable communities…..
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'Ka kite Covid' television ad trivialises Māori traditions, iwi group says
Māori communications experts have criticised the Government’s first television ad promoting the Covid-19 vaccine for trivialising sacred Māori traditions, like the hongi and haka.

“Ka kite, Covid”, produced by advertising giant Clemenger BBDO at a cost of more than $800,000, went to air on May 3.

A statement from a collective of 33 iwi communications professionals said the ad would not be well-received by Māori as it didn’t portray its culture authentically…..
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Labour’s inaction, National’s crassness letting us down – Peter Dunne

Political dishonesty – by Dr Muriel Newman.

Getting out of our comfort zone – John Bell.

The New Zealand schools history curriculum – by Martin Devlin.

Submission on New Zealand History in the New Zealand Curriculum – Roger Childs

We need a $50 billion colonisation recovery fund 

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Friday May 21, 2021 

Council votes in favour of the establishment of a Māori Ward (Horowhenua) 
Councillors voted unanimously to support the establishment of a Māori Ward, which will take effect for the 2022 and 2025 elections.

By way of survey, the Horowhenua community recently had their say on whether or not its Council should proceed with establishing a Māori Ward in Horowhenua. The survey attracted 227 responses; the majority (178) indicated they were in support of establishing a Māori Ward. Members of the public were invited to speak at the May 19 Extraordinary meeting of Council and the response was universally in favour.

Our community had their say and it was overwhelmingly in favour of the establishment of a Māori Ward in Horowhenua says District Mayor Bernie Wanden……
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Porirua City councillors vote unanimously for Māori ward
Porirua City Councillors have voted unanimously to establish a Māori ward in the district.

In a brief, jovial meeting councillors concurred in a meeting on Thursday morning that the decision was a ‘’no brainer’’ for Porirua…..
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Waikato District Council Approves Maaori Wards For Next Local Body Elections
Waikato District Council has voted to establish Maaori wards for the 2022 and 2025 local authority elections. Mayor Allan Sanson says that today’s historic decision builds on Waikato District Council’s commitment to strengthening the Maaori voice and role in Council decision making.

“In 2019 we created full-voting committee member roles called Maangai Maaori on our three principal standing committees. This has been hugely successful,” he says……
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Decision reversed, Manawatū to establish Māori wards
Te Kōtui Reo has had its pleas heard by Manawatū District Council, as the council changed its mind and decided to introduce Māori wards for the 2022 local body elections.

The council voted 8-3 to bring the representation of Māori in local government up.

Last week Te Kōtui Reo and others protested in a hīkoi up to the front doors of the council, with the support of MPs Teanau Tuiono and Debbie Ngarewa-Packer…..
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No more cash for Whānau Ora in major blow to iwi and Māori providers
In last year's Budget, the Government topped up Whānau Ora with $136 million over the two years. That money is still flowing through this year but providers had been hoping for additional funding.

Of that, $53 million went to the COVID-19 response and $73 million for the three commissioning agencies.

This will come as a major blow to Iwi and Māori providers especially after Henare sung their praises in a recent Newshub Nation interview……
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Budget 2021: Government reveals $1 billion boost for Māori
The investment will go to sectors such as housing, health and education.

Of that, $380 million will go towards delivering new homes for Māori, while $242.8 million has been allocated to Māori health and $150 million to Māori education.

The Māori media sector will also see a boost in funding, with $42 million allocated for building and investing in the media sector and programme content……
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Council triggers New Zealand Wars pā site project
New Plymouth District Council has voted unanimously to kick-start development of the pā where the Taranaki Land Wars began.

Te Kohia Pā was bought by the council in 2016, with plans for an education and heritage centre on the site where an attack by British troops sparked the wars in 1860.

But the pā project had been delayed a decade in New Plymouth District Council’s proposed Long Term Plan, with no more spending until 2030.

Instead, all councillors debating the plan on Wednesday backed mayor Neil Holdom’s recommendation to promote the pā to the front of the plan…..
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Māori to receive over $1 billion covering housing, health, reo initiatives
The Government has announced a $1.1 billion package for Māori, including nearly a quarter of a billion dollars for health initiatives such as setting up the new Māori Health Authority.

The package also places a strong emphasis on improving housing outcomes, with $380m set aside to deliver 1000 papakāinga homes among other measures.

Māori Development Minister Willie Jackson said Budget 2021 struck "the right balance", between economic recovery and social investment, while ensuring a "by Māori, for Māori" approach in areas like justice reform, health and education…..
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Draft history curriculum misses 600 years of Aotearoa New Zealand's past - panel

The fight for New Zealand is now underway - One Country, Two Governments

A massive court decision we must be aware of – Mike Hosking

Henare ready to fight Collins on Māori health

Dame Anne Salmond: The answer is in Article 3 

Thursday May 20, 2021 

Establishing Māori ward for Waipā 'just common sense' says mayor Jim Mylchrest 
Waipā district councillors were finally able to show their hand when they voted “yes” to setting up a Māori ward for the 2022 election.

The mayor and 11 councillors voted yes, only councillor Roger Gordon voted no. Councillor Grahame Webber was unable to attend the meeting.

“I don’t believe representation should be ethnicity-based,” Gordon said…..
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Horizons Regional Council to establish Maori constituencies
Horizons Regional Council to establish Maori constituencies At their Regional Council meeting today, Horizons’ Councillors approved the establishment of Maori constituencies in time for the 2022 local government elections. Horizons Chair Rachel Keedwell acknowledged a petition delivered to Council and says it was an honour to host a large contingency of Maori at Regional House.

"Their presence added to this momentous occasion," says Cr Keedwell…….
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Hamilton City Council unanimously adopts Māori ward
The Hamilton City Council has unanimously voted for a Māori ward to be established for the next local government elections.

The decision was made at an extraordinary council meeting today after a consultation that took place between April 16 and May 10 with the community sought on better Māori representation in the council's decision-making processes.

The council received 994 submissions, with 81% in favour of introducing a Māori ward…….
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Position statement launch marks important milestone in journey towards Maori health equity
An important milestone in the journey towards health equity for Maori and the fight against racism is how the launch of a joint Bay of Plenty District Health Board (BOPDHB) Board and BOP Maori Health Rananga Position Statement is being seen.

The Position Statement on Tiriti o Waitangi, Equity and Racism has been developed over the past 9 months and will be launched on Wednesday 19 May at Whakatane Hospital…..
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Māori ward decision sees Taranaki council slammed by two of its iwi
The only Taranaki council not to establish Māori representation has been criticised again – this time by local iwi.

Ngāti Ruanui and Ngāruahine representatives called Stratford District Council “out of touch” at its long-term plan hearing on Tuesday.

“In a single decision, made by you as a council, Ngāti Ruanui feels disgust and a loss of goodwill,” Graham Young, of Te Runanga O Ngāti Ruanui Trust, said……
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Hawke's Bay Regional Council votes to establish Māori wards
The Hawke's Bay Regional Council has unanimously agreed to establish Māori wards.

All nine councillors voted in favour at a meeting this afternoon, after years of debate over the issue.

The idea has been before the council for several years, but has never passed until now…..
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Chris Hipkins applauded in Parliament for saying he's not 'threatened by Māori history being taught in school'
The Education Minister has been applauded in Parliament for saying he doesn't feel threatened by Māori history being taught in New Zealand schools - and that it should include "the good, the bad, and the ugly".

It comes amid concern from the ACT Party about draft history curriculum that it believes "threatens to indoctrinate students in left-wing ideas".

Back in September 2019, Jacinda Ardern announced New Zealand history would be taught in all schools and kura by 2022, with key themes such as early colonial history and the history of the Treaty of Waitangi……
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Plant Variation Rights Bill described as hitting sweet spot to meet Treaty obligations
The Plant Variation Rights Bill had its first reading in the House last night and is being described by Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister David Clark as hitting a sweet spot for the government in its quest to meet its responsibilities to the Treaty of Waitangi.

The Plant Variation Rights Bill will see more honest and robust representation of Māori in the plant breeding industry in New Zealand.

Māori intellectual property expert Karaitiana Taiuru has taken part in the consultation phase leading to these changes. He notes the complexities and contribution the WAI262 claim has had on the bill…….
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Take care with the term ‘racist’

Decolonizing Education: A Conversation with Linda Tuhiwai Smith 

Wednesday May 19, 2021 

New deal gives iwi greater stake in Shelly Bay development 
A new proposal for the $500 million Shelly Bay development on Wellington’s Miramar Peninsula will see iwi have a greater stake in the project, including owning all commercial assets and securing a “distinctive” presence in the area.

The multi-million-dollar proposal for the joint venture development, between Ian Cassels’ The Wellington Company and the Taranaki Whānui iwi, also includes a wharenui (meeting house), an additional $4m cash injection from the company, and the establishment of a $100,000 education fund for iwi members.

The proposal was developed by the two parties to help end an occupation at the Shelly Bay site by a group of iwi members, Mau Whenua, who oppose the development……
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National leader Judith Collins sings Ngai Tahu's praise after the iwi 'corrects' her on water ownership
Collins brushed off Ngai Tahu's criticism on Tuesday, responding by singing the iwi's praise for not seeking co-ownership of water assets.

"I notice that Ngāi Tahu came out and said that they never asked for co-ownership of water. Well I just think that that shows Ngāi Tahu is far more connected to the feelings of most New Zealanders than the Government is," she said.

"I thought it was very telling that Ngāi Tahu said that they did not ask for co-ownership of all the water but that was clearly what the Government was offering……
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'Happy to correct the member' — Ardern and Collins clash over South Island public water ownership
Today, Collins brought into the House a document she says the Department of Internal Affairs recently presented as the Government’s preferred option for water reform to 23 mayors and Ngāi Tahu.

"Why did the Department of Internal Affairs present as a preferred option to 23 South Island mayors and iwi a document proposing co-ownership of South Island drinking water," Collins asked Ardern while holding a document.

Collins pressed forward with her claim, again holding up the document while asking: "Is the Prime Minister now telling the House that this document here that was presented to 23 mayors and iwi and says 'owners are the Canterbury Councils and Ngāi Tahu who are responsible for appointing members to the JGG,' is that not what it says?"…..
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Three South Island mayors back iwi co-governance role in new water entity
South Island mayors are in support of Ngāi Tahu co-governing a new water entity.

The iwi has been discussing co-governance options with the Government as a safeguard against any attempts by future governments to privatise water assets…..
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National MPs express diverging views on targeted funding for Māori
National MPs are all over the place when it comes to race relations, offering differing views on Māori co-governance and targeted funding.

"In terms of making it easier based on ethnicity, that's not the issue. The issue is, does someone need a house? If they do, the government should be prepared to step up," Collins said.

Senior National MP Simon Bridges, however, is on a different page.

"Of course we think there should be targeted funding. That's been National's approach now for decades and we would want to see that continue," Bridges said…..
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Hastings District Council vote to establish Māori wards in 2022
The Hastings District Council has voted to implement Māori wards in the 2022 elections .

Twelve councillors voted for the decision, one against and another who did not vote. Council will now start the process of undertaking a representation review.....
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Iwi challenges Stratford Council
A South Taranaki community board member says Stratford Council had no excuse but cowardice for not even discussing setting up a Māori ward in time for next year’s election.

Ngāti Ruanui intends to protest the lack of action at a meeting today of the council’s long term plan....
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Stratford council rejects Māori ward hurry-up despite racism accusation
Stratford will not have a Māori ward at next year's election, despite one iwi accusing the district council of racism over its stance.

Facing a united call for a Māori ward from Ngāti Ruanui and Ngāruahine iwi, Stratford's councillors have stuck to their decision and rejected the ward for now......
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Carterton District Council Puts Ratepayers At Risk With Unelected Committee Members
Carterton District Council’s decision to grant voting rights to unelected marae members on its committees poses serious risks to ratepayers, says the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union.

Union spokesman Jordan Williams says, “This change goes beyond mere consultation and puts unelected advisors in a position to directly impose costs on Carterton ratepayers.”….
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Tararua District Council votes to introduce Māori wards
Emotions ran high as Tararua Māori celebrated an historic decision which will grant them greater participation in the decisions that affect them, and strengthen and reaffirm their partnership with the Tararua District Council.

A celebratory haka, lead by Ngāti Kahungunu ki Tāmaki nui-a-Rua chairman Hayden Hape, erupted as Tararua District Council voted 7-1 to establish a Maori ward for the 2022 local government elections…..
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Māori participation in council 'shunned', say church leaders
Church leaders are calling on Manawatū District councillors to reconsider their ‘divisive’ stance on Māori wards.

Leaders from several of Feilding’s churches have signed an open letter sent to all councillors on May 17. It called on the council to vote in favour of Māori wards at this week’s meeting…..
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$45K grant to support future BOP Maori workforce
Ongoing efforts to encourage Maori into higher paying jobs and advance prosperity will receive a $45,000 boost from BayTrust.

The grant will help pay for initiatives such as free coding and robotics workshops for Maori intermediate and secondary school students.

The substantial grant is being given to Toi Kai Rawa – the Bay’s regional Maori economic development agency – whose goal is to support local Maori to exceed the national average income levels by 2030 and thrive in all sectors of society……
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Returnees boost Maori population
Stats NZ says there has been a sharp increase in the number of Māori migrating to New Zealand, coinciding with the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The first provisional estimate of the national Māori ethnic population at December 31, 2020 was 854,700, up 2.5 percent or 20,700 more than a year before.....
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UK company Invictus using Māori culture to sell carpet
A UK company has been slammed for using Māori culture to sell carpet.

Invictus Carpet & Flooring incorporates numerous elements of Māori culture in its website branding and its advertising, including a video ad released in 2015 showing white children performing a haka in their living room.

The company has caught the attention of Kiwis in the UK who have expressed concern at the use of the Māori cultural elements……
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Pākehā must take the lead against racism

Race row delivering more than just bad polls

Revival of te reo Māori reflected in sold-out language conference 

Tuesday May 18, 2021 

RMA and water reforms: 'Crunch time' for Māori for critical reforms 
Tangata whenua grappling with a deluge of environmental and water reforms say setting up “super-entities” to deal with water would widen the gap between Māori and decision-making.

Māori from Ruapehu, Whanganui, South Taranaki and Rangitīkei are organising regionally to develop a comprehensive position on resource management reforms and freshwater rights and interests.

A hui in Whanganui heard from technical advisors to the Freshwater Iwi Leaders Group on some of the Government’s high-level proposals for resource management and water reforms……
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Maniapoto settlement intact after vote falls short
The latest attempt by elements in Ngāti Rereahu to split out is settlement from the rest of Ngāti Maniapoto has failed.

A vote to change the mandate of Ngāti Maniapoto Māori Trust Board to negotiate historic claims in the King Country achieved 50.45 percent support - well short of the 75 percent support required……
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ACT leader questions why white privilege is being taught in the classroom
"The Ministry of Education is saying that students should be profiled by race and made to apologise for their racial background. It's astonishing stuff."

But advocates of strategies to "de-colonise" Aotearoa's classrooms say rather than "racialise", such topics actually help dismantle the systemic racism that already exists, and holds back non-Pākehā students, particularly Māori…..
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More on the above here > Warped Education Priorities Short-changing Kids

Unlearning Racism plan sign tide has turned
The Race Relations Commissioner says a Teaching Council initiative to shows the tide has turned against displays of racism.

Unteaching Racism includes an app, resources and conversations on a teachers-only online platform to help teachers identify, confront and dismantle racism in the education system……
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Māori support strong for Horizons Māori wards
Māori voters who responded to a Horizons Regional Council survey overwhelmingly support bringing in Māori wards next year.

Councillors have been given the results of a Horizons survey mailed to nearly 18,500 individuals on the Māori electoral roll who are enrolled to vote in the Horizons region.

Ninety-six per cent of the responses were in favour of the regional council establishing Māori constituencies in time for next year's local body elections……
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Pay and voting rights for marae reps' on Carterton District Council committees
A Carterton marae will have voting powers on council committees and representative pay.

Gladstone’s Hurunui-o-Rangi signed a memorandum of understanding with Carterton District Council in 2017, with representatives sitting on the council’s audit and risk, policy and strategy, and infrastructure and services committees.

These roles were unpaid and did not have voting rights.

However, councillors resolved on Wednesday to include the marae members’ votes in decision making and fund an allowance of $180 per full day of council work, or $90 per half day……
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Attack highlights Labour support for Maori aspirations
Labour deputy leader Kelvin Davis says Judith Collins’ attacks on Māori and treaty policies are highlighting what a great job the Government is doing to support Māori aspirations……
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Karl du Fresne: Maori wards - what councillors who vote 'no' can expect

Graham Adams: Will he Puapua propel Winston Peters back into politics?

Tony Sayers: Through Pakeha Eyes

He Puapua author explains what report is actually about

Māori reporter in the gallery: Coping with daily racism in the Beehive as a Māori reporter 

Monday May 17, 2021 

Govt advances plans to transfer 50 per cent of South Island’s public water assets to iwi ownership - Collins 
National leader Judith Collins says several South Island mayors are concerned by the Government’s advanced plans to transfer 50 per cent of the island’s publicly-owned water assets to iwi ownership.

The Department of Internal Affairs presented the Government’s preferred option for water reform to 23 mayors and Ngāi Tahu, Collins said in a statement.

This new mainland water agency would assume ownership of all water assets and some council debt.

Collins said National was of the understanding that four mega-agencies will be set up across Aotearoa as part of the Three Waters proposal to manage water assets. The agencies would be similar to Auckland’s Watercare.

"This means councils that have invested ratepayer money in pipes, wastewater and drinking water facilities for decades would have these assets taken away," Collins said.....
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More on the above here > 'Deceptive and wrong': Ngāi Tahu rejects Judith Collins' claims of asset co-ownership plans

National Māori Authority boss calls for Eagle Brewing to be 'hauled before the Human Rights Commission' after owner's racist anti-Māori rant
A prominent Māori leader is calling for a beer company at the centre of a racism storm to be "hauled before the Human Rights Commission", and its owner to be barred from the liquor industry altogether.

David Gaughan, owner of Eagle Brewing, has come under fire after lashing out against Māori in a comment on a public social media post.

He called male tangata whenua the "scourge of New Zealand" and said the "quicker we put them in prison the better" in a comment on a 1 News story posted to Facebook........
See full article HERE

Tararua councillors to consider introducing Māori ward
The Tararua District Council is considering a Māori ward for the next election, a week after a protest in Manawatū over that council's decision not to introduce one yet.

Councillors will on Tuesday discuss the option of having a Māori ward for the 2022 local body elections……
See full article HERE

Judith Collins says Government's Treaty of Waitangi interpretation a 'radical departure' in leadership
At the Mainland Regional Conference on Sunday, the National Party leader said the Labour Party has "begun to govern with a new, radical interpretation" of the Treaty of Waitangi and its view is in the Māori version, Te Tiriti, the tino rangatiratanga granted to the chiefs results in iwi sovereignty.

"Labour's Deputy Leader, Kelvin Davis, has talked about two spheres of government: kawanatanga - the Government, and rangatiratanga - iwi sovereignty," Collins says.

"Jacinda Ardern has said that consultation with Māori hasn't worked and that her Government is now working in partnership.

"Andrew Little has said the Crown has obligations under the Treaty to allow for decision-making rights. He expects his new Māori Health Authority to be constructed in a way that gives effect to rangatiratanga…….
See full article HERE

Shane Reti stands by Judith Collins labelling proposed Māori Health Authority ‘racist, separatist’
Dr Shane Reti, National’s Deputy Leader and one of only two Māori in the party’s caucus, says he agrees with Judith Collins’ critique of the proposed Māori Health Authority as “racist” and “separatist”……..
See full article HERE

Departing advisor fearful of 'significant damage' to council, iwi relations

Partnership or separatism - negotiating the Treaty relationship

Race Unity Speech sheds light on new dawn of race relations in Aotearoa/ New Zealand

KiwiRail’s leadership programme just the ticket for kaimahi Māori 

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