Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Heather du Plessis-Allan: Has Govt set a target for the worst vaccine rollout in the world?


We’ve got to set the record straight on the vaccine roll out, because I have heard too many people now defending this vaccine roll out as a huge success - and basically just regurgitating the government’s PR lines on this.

So let’s clear this up. 

If you believe that the vaccine roll out is meeting expectations, like the government keeps telling you, then you must believe that the government has set a target of being the slowest roll out in the entire developed world.

Because that is where we sit. We are the worst performer in terms of jabs in arms.

And we’re not splitting hairs here, we’re not talking one or two percent.

We’ve done 18.5 percent. The Czech Republic for example, is at 63 percent. Slovakia 57 percent. Mexico 30 percent.

The fact that we’re being beaten by countries riven by corruptions and drug trafficking is nothing to be proud of. 

Clearly, the DHBs and the Ministry of Health – fools – have set the targets extremely low so they can beat those targets, rather being embarrassed.

In fact, Taranaki DHB has pretty much admitted doing that. The guy in charge of the vaccine roll out there said last week they set the bar low because they didn’t want to over-promise .  

If you think the reason we’re going slow is because we’ve committed to the Pfizer jab only unlike other countries and supply issues blah blah, look at Australia.

They had to switch their plan from almost entirely AstraZeneca to Pfizer in April. They doubled their order for Pfizer to 40 million shots - and they still are managing to beat us, supply issues and everything.

The OECD says New Zealand needs to hurry up. Our Auditor-general says he doesn’t think the deadline of the year’s end will be met.

I’m not particularly exercised by this like you, because there is no immediate threat to me.

But I tell you what, if Australia gets all jabbed and ready to open before we are ready, and we have to either close our borders to Australia while they open to the world, or just take a punt, I’ll care then.

But we’ll talk about it then.

Heather du Plessis-Allan is a journalist and commentator who hosts Newstalk ZB's Drive show.


Peter R. Cameron said...

For "vax deniers" who cares. For those who are with the cult it is also good , more time for testing.

G. Marshall said...

"Dumb good luck" saved us from the first wave, I wonder if the TAB will give any odds on it saving us again if either the Delta or Delta plus variants get here before we are all vaccinated.