Saturday, October 1, 2022

Breaking Views Update: Week of 25.9.22

Saturday October 1, 2022 

Man's tikanga driving charge appeal tossed out by judge

A Tokoroa man’s bid to challenge driving convictions, claiming laws “do not apply to people of Māori heritage”, has been tossed out after a High Court judge called his appeal “gibberish and a legal nonsense”.

Mahia sought to appeal the verdict claming a miscarriage of justice had occurred, citing English common law, the Land Transport Act, Te Tiriti o Waitangi, Māori customs and usages, and failure to recognise Tikanga.

“His argument is to the effect that he is subject only to Tikanga Māori or customary law and thus the District Court had no jurisdiction to determine the charge.”....
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Haka used to encourage Tāmaki truants to come back to school
Tāmaki Makaurau is determined to get its kids back to school and its latest way to do so is Mauri Tauira, a kaupapa features kaikorero and live entertainment to motivate rangatahi Māori to use haka as a creative outlet in school.

This free one-day kaupapa was created by the Ministry of Education Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland Live, Hawaiki TU, Taumata Kōrero and Ira Dot.....
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Candidate hui challenges councils and iwi chairs
South Taranaki Te Tai Tonga ward candidate Glen Katu said a whānau atmosphere needed to be brought into council and councillors challenged to upskill themselves in te ao Māori.

"If [Māori councillors] around the table can work together to show them how Māori operate, to show them the whānau thinking that we bring to decision-making, then we will make change."....
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Ōpōtiki iwi to take $100 million Crown settlement offer to vote
Whānau of an Ōpōtiki-based iwi will soon cast their votes for the first time on the Crown’s more than $100 million settlement offer......
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Māori dimension needed for mental health
The Health Ministry’s Māori deputy director general says Mental Health Week is a time to delve into traditional Māori views on wellbeing and how they can be applied today.....
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Cardiovascular research gets funding to explore kaupapa Māori programmes' effectiveness
New funding will go towards heart research for Māori and analysing the effectiveness of kaupapa Māori programmes.

The foundation said there was currently an absence of Māori in traditional cardiac rehabilitation programmes, and it was unknown how well Pākeha models met Māori health needs......
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Cam Slater: Maori Genetic Makeup Is Stronger than Others?

Skin tone determines racism and prejudice against rangatahi - research says 

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Friday September 30, 2022 

Third of children to identify as Maori in 2040 - StatsNZ 
And the Statistics New Zealand report has projected the "European or other" ethnicity will be the only group to decrease its share of the population by 2043.

The projected increase of the Māori population accompanied a growing reconnection to Aotearoa's indigenous culture, language and identity.

The total Māori population was not expected to grow at the same rate, with only a marginal increase by 2043.

The difference between the percentage of under-14s and the total population is because of the higher number of Māori in younger age groups.....
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Maori get their own nursing course
Three unified nursing programmes will also roll out at the beginning of 2023: bachelor of nursing — Maori, bachelor of nursing — Pacific, and bachelor of nursing.....
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Extra push to count Māori in census
The Census will be held on March 7 next year, and Statistics Minister David Clark says there will be no repeat of 2018.

Cost-cutting by the previous National Government and its decision to make it a mostly online survey resulted in lower than usual coverage, especially for Maori and Pasifika populations.

Associate Minister Meka Whaitiri says a lot of work has gone into ensuring the nationwide survey will increase the response rate for Māori.

There’s also a pilot initiative, Te Mana Whakatipu, where iwi collectives in the Far North and Tairawhiti will help collect the data.....
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Te ao Māori approach to mental health prioritised in wellbeing campaign
The campaign is being led by Hāpai Te Hauora – Māori Public Health, and aims to provide a holistic and te ao Māori approach to mental health awareness involving the whole whānau.

The campaign recognises five interconnected pou to sustain positive wellbeing.

The wellbeing pou are wairua (spiritual), ngākau (emotional), hinengaro (mental), tinana (physical) and whānau (family).....
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Tauranga maunga officially recognised with original Māori name
A hill near Tauranga popularly known as Mt Misery has had its Māori name, Maungatūtū, officially recognised.

After public consultation the New Zealand Geographic board put its recommendation to Land Information Minister Damien O'Connor, and he agreed with it.....
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Māori place names to stay on MetService website
Te reo Māori names are to have a permanent home on MetService's website.

MetService pou ārahi Francene Wineti (Atihaunui-a-Pāpārangi, Ngāti Rangi, Ngāti Tuwharetoa) says the organisation is honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi by using the language.....
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Māori Engagement Research Survey 2022 – NZ Transport Agency
Strengthening our relationships with Māori is important to us at Waka Kotahi as a Crown partner under Te Tiriti o Waitangi. To help guide us in this area, we commissioned Maarama Consulting to complete an independent research programme. This included in-depth interviews and an online survey with Māori that we engage with across Aoteraroa New Zealand and our own staff......
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John Porter: I Was Beaten for Speaking Maori!  

Thursday September 29, 2022 

Racial Discrimination By Te Pāti Māori Must Stop 
“Te Pāti Māori has been engaging in racial discrimination on its website with claims of genetic superiority, but when notified, New Zealand’s Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon refused to publicly stand up to it,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Te Pāti Māori’s sports policy on its website makes the following claim: “It is a known fact that Māori genetic makeup is stronger than others.”

“The notion that some racial groups are superior or inferior has been discredited, used to justify racial discrimination and, when taken to its extreme, resulted in some of history’s worst crimes. It is deeply concerning that a sitting New Zealand political party is promoting such a divisive idea.....
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Old Kirikiriroa pā site should be 'green space' and memorial, says iwi historian
Central Hamilton’s council-owned Sonning car park, potentially being earmarked for apartments or other development, should instead become a green space and memorial to local Māori, says a Ngāti Wairere historian.

“I think it’s a good chance for the council to redeem its past mistakes” over building the car park on an old Ngāti Wairere pā site and likely burial ground, said Wiremu Puke, who says he has the support of some iwi members for his idea......
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Microsoft on a mission to spread the word - in te reo Māori
Global tech giants Microsoft's motto is to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more.

That's why Microsoft NZ has joined with a local New Zealand te reo translation company to improve translation services of te reo Māori.

Microsoft New Zealand's managing director Vanessa Sorenson told the Herald this was a "show of our commitment to te reo Māori" and felt it was a real "win-win" for the people of Aotearoa......
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Iwi missing in action getting nefs off couch
Former cabinet minister Shane Jones says many iwi are missing in action when it comes to looking after their people.

Mr Jones is concerned about a persistent minority of Maori who seem to find it hard to get off the dole, despite a widespread shortage of labour.....
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Townhouses no fix for Māori housing woes
It’s Social Policy and Parliamentary Unit has just released its fifth State of Our Communities report, focusing on case studies of Royal Oak and Westgate in Tamaki Makaurau, Petone and Blenheim.

“Across all communities there’s a huge shift away from building houses to building townhouses, so that creates issues for our whanau, Maori and Pasifika who have larger families who don’t fit in these houses so you’ve got levels of overcrowding,” she says.

Ms Ika says Maori and Pasifika people often work shifts when public transport is not available so there are more likely to be more cars in a household than the available parking......
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Te Pāti Māori president claims party 'demonised' by political donations investigation
"It is a sad day for democracy in Aotearoa when Māori get demonised for being honest in publicly ensuring that every cent spent to advance the Te Pāti Māori, or Māori causes by Māori people is somehow deemed illegal or unworthy."....
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Oranga Tamariki minister challenges ACT MP to enter Māori world
Minister Kelvin Davis is standing by his challenge to ACT's Karen Chhour to "enter the Māori world" and stop looking at the world through a "vanilla lens"; she says he has taken away her mana, leaving her distressed.

"What the member needs to do," Davis responded, "is cross the bridge that is Te Tiriti o Waitangi from her Pākehā world into the Māori world and understand exactly how the Māori world operates. It's no good looking at the world from a vanilla lens."....
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The Danger of Constitutional Change – David Round

Wednesday September 28, 2022 

Social supermarket opens in Whangārei 
The 155 Whare Āwhina community house in Whangārei has teamed up with Foodstuffs to open a social supermarket.

The new supermarket is called Whare Kai, and is run on a points system. Points are essentially like money, so instead of spending money, people spend points. It is open to anyone who is in need.

The 155 Whare Kai social supermarket will operate in a way that offers groceries to shoppers at a low cost or even no cost, using the points system rather than a recommended retail price.....
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Crown closes door for Waimana Housing programme
Waimana’s housing initiative was part of a wider integrated strategy to create jobs and whānau/papakāinga housing. These initiatives were initially funded and then government support abruptly ceased in 2021.

Matt Te Pou, former chair of Te Waimana Kaaku, has submitted a Treaty of Waitangi Claim under urgency on behalf of Waimana whānau who have been denied essential housing due to barriers and delays caused by the Crown. He will be making a statement at Parliament on Tuesday 27 September at an event hosted by Dr Kerekere with Tūhoe kaumatua and whānau, including activist Tame Iti......
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Harawira wary of Māori ward expectations
She says Maori wards are a new concept in local government level are a new concept, and successful candidates will need time to understand their roles and discover what influence they can have around the still-pakeha-dominated council table.

“Don’t promise big things because we’ve been inside of pakeha house for a long time and in 182 years the treaty hasn’t even been recognised so let’s just try to do things differently, work together really well as a Maori roopu,” Ms Halkyard-Harawira says.....
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Ross Meurant: To Hold A Pen Is To Be At War

Michael Bassett: Jacinda force feeds us Te ao Maori 

Tuesday September 27, 2022 

Tikanga, Te Reo, and Te Ao Māori – Hokowhitu School 
Māori are the Tangata Whenua of Aotearoa New Zealand, and Māori language and culture are living parts of New Zealand society and Hokowhitu School.

At Hokowhitu School we:

* Enable our children to understand, respect and show sensitivity towards Tikanga Māori

* Recognise our obligation to the Treaty of Waitangi through adhering to the principles of Protection, Partnership and Participation.....
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NCEA-credited haka theatre opens career pathway for rangatahi
A blend of traditional Māori performing arts and contemporary theatre is opening a future career pathway for Māori pupils across the Auckland region.

Māori theatre company Hawaiki TŪ, Auckland Live and a crew of leading Māori performing arts experts collaborated to support the secondary school NCEA-accredited course.....
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'They'll have no bloody idea' - bilingual signs on the West Coast
Bilingual road signs are coming to the West Coast, hot on the heels of school signs which are already being replaced to include the word 'kura'.

"The majority of the people in New Zealand don't speak Māori, so they'll have no bloody idea what [a sign] is trying to say," Birchfield said.....
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Queen's Memorial Day causes medical muckup for Māori
Māori cancer leadership organisation Hei Āhuru Mōwai has criticised the Queen's Memorial public holiday because of its effect on Māori health.

“So we don’t actually know what’s going on, we don’t know the numbers and we don’t know how this will affect Māori.”

“But we are concerned that the impact is going to be greater on Māori because we are more likely to get those cancers that require really quick treatment like lung cancer, you need to get in fast just to survive.”.....
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Increase in online racism towards Māori concerning, experts say 

Monday September 26, 2022 

Petition calls for monarchy to be replaced on New Zealand money 
A Wellington tauira has launched a petition calling for the Reserve Bank to replace the monarch in the next redesign of coins and notes, with images that better represent New Zealand.

Rangatahi Māori, Te Matahiapo Safari Hynes (Rangitāne, Ngāti Kahungunu) said it was a chance for New Zealand to think about the role of the monarchy, and the currency was a good start......
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Māori firefighter files treaty claim against FENZ
“By putting in a claim of bias, putting in a claim of discrimination, I can address concerns of inequities of what I've seen in FENZ.”

Māori are three times more likely to die in a fire than non-Māori......
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Denis Hall: A crime against our culture and language

Why Māori wards are critical for Kiwi democracy

Māori Women: Caught in the Contradictions of a Colonised Reality

How learning te reo Māori is the doorway to understanding traditional Māori knowledge 

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Robert Arthur said...

Re 26th. Cannot imagine a more handsome model on the notes than Winston. Or a version of Kiri. Fickle family relationships seem to be at the core of many maori problems. So Whina hardly the poster girl.

ross meurant said...

If the purpose is to remove the Monarch from the money,
Logical step is to remove the Monarch from Head of State,
Which suggest NZ becomes a Republic.
And that is what Maori Separatist do not want
Because it removes the document which they misinterpret
Which would mean: No Co Governance.

As the Monarch is a Man,
Abolition of the King could solve the problem.

As Stalin is reputed to have said:
No Man No Problem.

Anonymous said...

The purpose of any school is "to produce good and useful citizens"
It would be great if most recognized this as their prime function.

Robert Arthur said...

Re 27th, my secondary headmaster told me that there was only one hobby less promising than building radios and that was model aeroplanes. I wonder how he would have rated haka theatre.

Robert Arthur said...

Re 28th. At the whare kai I am curious to know what treat foods the profits from my porridge, cheap bread, carrots, cheap gold kumara provides. The "chat" should include a check with scales and ruler and those at top end and beyond of the BMI (body mass index) denied. What would be the response to a thin Asian attempting access? has anyone ever done a deatiled study of the total spending of the "poor"? I reckon my food bill would be less.

Anonymous said...

when they say 'teamed up with Foodstuffs', what does that mean? is Foodstuffs giving items as a charity, and is the system making money from those willing to pay? if so, why would the company not lower prices for honest paying customers facing a cost-of-living crisis?

Robert Arthur said...

Re 29th.In this century and most of last persons of the long civilised races generally reduced family sizes to suit the circumstances of the times. The then paucity of govt assistance was a huge incentive. But maori more recently emerged from the stone age are yet to adapt. In the pursuit of democratic dominance they get no encouragement from their peers to moderate family size. They know the state will now generously provide whatever. The state houses reasonably suited to large families are being taken to landfill. Town houses are totally unsuited to large families and vice versa. The whole neighbourhood for a radius of kms suffers. If persons have no regard for material status, and as long as the state generously supports, the problem will increase. Providing suitable housing encourages breeding to qualify. Neighbourhoods are seriously affected. Others carry huge losses in property value. For those that cannot fully provide for themselves large families need to be discouraged, as was the case prior to the DPB and successor benefits.

Robert Arthur said...

Re the 29th and racist statement by Te Pati. A great interview on the Platform of Meng Foon. Seems he handlse complaints against maori in maori time (Muldoon advised one of his predecessors to handle some complaints this way)

Robert Arthur said...

Re the whare kai 28th reported today that the gloriavale food bill is $21 per person per week. No mean feat. I can approach twice that. I wonder what the whare kai clients manage? I suspect the McDonalds alone would exceed $20.