Friday, September 30, 2022

Cam Slater: Maori Genetic Makeup Is Stronger than Others?

According to the Maori Party it is a known fact!

Could you imagine the outcry if a political party had on their website in clear and concise language the statement, “It is a known fact that European genetic makeup is stronger than others. When there is commitment, dedication, and great support around Europeans to achieve a high standard in sport, it is guaranteed that Europeans will thrive”?

There would be a Twitter mob claiming that any party that said that was exhibiting “white supremacy” and perpetrating colonialism, and was a far-right manifestation, while demanding that they should be de-platformed, shunned, demonised and destroyed as a cancer on the body politics.

Media would be approaching any MP who appeared European and demanding they repudiate such an ethos, and directly asking them if they too thought Europeans were genetically superior.

Remember the outrage expressed by the left over Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneaux when they pointed out basic and empirical data that showed certain races were brighter than others? Their speaking tour was cancelled by the mob, the cancellation enabled by the Auckland Council, and they were effectively hounded from New Zealand.

So what then are we supposed to think when we see this on the Maori Party website?

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It is a known fact that Maori genetic makeup is stronger than others. When there is commitment, dedication, and great support around Maori to achieve a high standard in sport, it is guaranteed that Maori will thrive.
Maori Party website

A known fact? Really? Try Googling to see whether it is a known fact. It isn’t.

It seems only the racists in the Maori Party know this ‘fact’.

Once you start down this particular slippery slope where one race of people start believing they are genetically superior to others it always ends in blood…immense quantities of blood.

But our mainstream media are silent on this. The other political parties, except ACT, are silent on this. Stuff in particular, who have been hunting down white supremacists, are very silent on this. They are all a disgrace.

We have in our parliament a political party that shamelessly believes that Maori are superior to all other races.

And no one except us is saying anything!

As per these claims being well known, I can’t say that I have seen any general Maori superiority in any sport. Who are these champions of the world? They are living in a fantasy land.

Their genetic make up is so weak they needed a specially allocated extra billion dollars to help protect them from Covid.

I really think the Maori elite do think they are superior – not just in sport but in everything. But somehow they have difficulties in achieving anything and need more and more handouts.

Maori are only feeling superior because sickly white liberals let them feel that way. Fact.

I can’t find anything that supports the claim that Maori are genetically stronger than others, but I did find some other well-known facts about Maori:

1. New Zealand’s crime statistics are compounded by the over-representation of Maori. Despite Maori making up only 16% of the general population, figures show 42% of all criminal apprehensions involve a person identifying as Maori, as do 51% of those in prison.

2. Maori Health is so bad that this Government set up a special separate Maori Health Authority.

3. Maori die at twice the rate as non-Maori from cardiovascular disease.

4. Maori tamariki have a mortality rate 1.5 times the rate for non-Maori children.

5. Maori are more likely to be diagnosed and die from cancer.

6. Maori die on average 7 years earlier than non-Maori.

6. Maori children have the highest rate of hospitalisation due to assault, malnutrition & neglect

Those are more than a few statistics that actually prove that Maori aren’t actually genetically stronger than anyone else.

Perhaps the Maori Party should practice what they preach, and give nothing to racism.

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Speaking of the Human Rights Commission on all this? Nowhere. Silence.

They are very loud in attacking racism everywhere else, but when it is a race-based political party that is claiming racial superiority over all other races they are utterly silent.

The Maori Party are shameless about their racism, despite claiming to be against racism.

The Maori Party is vowing to hold Labour to account and dismantle the systemic racism “keeping our people in second place”.

The “unapologetic Maori voice” looks set to make a stunning return to Parliament, with Rawiri Waititi topping incumbent Tamati Coffey of Labour in the Waiariki Maori seat.

Waititi won by 415 votes, however, that could change depending on special votes.

Speaking to Newstalk ZB, Waititi said it had been a “wonderful evening”, and he credited the victory to a “comprehensive ground game and social media campaign”.

The most important issue for Maoridom was tackling systemic racism, he said.

“I will be giving all sorts of things a go, but the main thing is ensuring we can break this system that continuously keeps our people in second place.

“The statistics have not changed – justice, schools, health. Maori die 10 years earlier [than non-Maori], and nothing is done. If we are dying earlier we should have earlier screening, drop superannuation, we must do something about it, not keep the same old, same old.”
NZ Herald

Apparently breaking systemic racism can be achieved by proclaiming your own genetic superiority over all other races.

We need to face facts, we have a system of race-based seats for some MPs, we have a political party based solely on race, and that political party says that they are genetically superior to all other races. Where Ministers insult other Maori for not being Maori enough.

That, my friends, is the racism that exists in New Zealand. Where Maori are promoted as genetically and culturally superior in every regard. Where the apparatus of the state is forcing us all to be colonised again by Maori wonderfulness. Where people born here are being segregated based on who their ancestors were, where some of those ancestors are genetically superior to all the other ancestors.

We are sliding down a very slippery slope of racial separatism which has always ended in bloodshed everywhere else in the world. Worse still, this systemic racism is being promulgated by people and political parties who revel in labelling everyone else who disagrees with them as racist.

We are no longer a democracy where one person gets one vote, where Jack is as good as his master and we celebrate an egalitarian society. We are slipping ever more quickly into the mire of totalitarianism and despotism, coloured by appalling racism.

We don’t tolerate white supremacists, so why are we tolerating brown supremacists?

We must not give anything to racism, we much resile from it at every step and we must challenge these entitled iwi racists and oppressors at every step. Because if we don’t then our country is lost.

Cam Slater is a New Zealand-based blogger, best known for his role in Dirty Politics and publishing the Whale Oil Beef Hooked blog, which operated from 2005 until it closed in 2019. This article was first published HERE


Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly. The very existence of a Maori party is wrong, fundamentally establishes racism. At least this latest solecism brings the matter out into the open.

Anonymous said...

I think, Cam, you have hit on the frightening key to understanding what we are doing in handing control of New Zealand to the maori elite.
Beliefs, especially those that are socially frowned upon, are easily hidden.
Being ‘nice’ or ‘kind’ does not negate them.
We in the West have rejected racism so voiciferously because we know it destroys society.
Racism’s core belief is that one race is inherently superior to another and, by definition, this superiority is genetic.
The vacuously ridiculous idea that only white people can be racist has been deliberately and loudly promulgated by those who have something to hide.
We all know that racism is not part of the white condition. It is part of the human condition and we ignore this fact to our peril.
In 1957 a book written by WJ Elvy, called “Kei Puta te Wairau” was published ( I’m sure it will rank highly on the list of banned books if our fraught nation fails to dramatically change direction at the next election.) It justified its bona fides because “In a long life Mr Elvy has had exceptional opportunities of getting to know maori elders of his district.”
In fact Mr Elvy was sympathetic to the plight of maori and respectful of their beliefs while, it seemed, being committed to recording the facts of existence as told to him, unembellished ( at that time embellishment was not necessary for it led to no gain) by the local maori elders.
In this book I read one sentence that put the fear of God into me with regard to maori control of New Zealand; at least one maori tribe believed they were direct descendants of early Maori Gods - that this blood ran through them and them only.
Much like confessing to cannabilism in the family, confessing to genetic and godly superiority is dangerous territory if you want to be seen as socially acceptable.
So you keep the belief hidden - until the time is right to declare it openly and claim your power.
Maori are now claiming their genetically superior power.
They are claiming their racist power.
The useful idiots upon whose backs they have climbed to reach this launch pad are now being discarded at pace.
Blast off is imminent, and once this particular rocket flies, it will never, of its own volition, return to earth.

Mudbayripper said...

The truth is, there are in fact zero citizens in New Zealand today who can claim to be authentic, genetic Māori.
Those who believe they are, are more akin to a hybrid with a mixture of many genetic influences. Much like the rest of the entire population of the world.
People who align themselves with this group are no more than a political cult.
It helps their cause to use elaborate symbolism, such as an attachment to an ancient culture that hasn't properly existed for more than 150 years, tattoo's, a language that is of no use in the 21st century.
It's all an elaborate hoax.
Anyone could wear a kilt, it doesn't make them a Scotsman.
If these people were the genuine article, then just maybe they could be taken seriously.
But there not, and they certainly can't add to their ranks going into the future.

Robert Arthur said...

The maori gene must be strong if 1/64 or so, the fraction which must apply to some, especially in the South Island, is all that is needed to qualify for recognition as "maori". Many of the unfortunate traits observed by Cook, Banks, Polak, Logan Campbell. EJ Wakefield , Maning a et al are only too apparent today so the gene is surely very strong.

Anonymous said...

"When there is commitment, dedication, and great support around Maori to achieve a high standard in sport, it is guaranteed that Maori will thrive" Really? Would that not aplly to any sport?

Anonymous said...

Who is the racist in the wood pile?
Traveled as I am and having lived and worked in a non-English speaking country for many years I am in a position to know about (experience) and then suggest a remedy for this question.
Racism has been around since the start of time and is practiced by all ethnicities and cultures, black, brown, yellow, pink, and white, it is a fact of life. The remedy is very simple. Accept that it's part of our life and as easy as it sounds, just get on with living without accusing others or blaming them for this matter of fact.

Anonymous said...

Well I read the actual website info you posted up and it didn't say anything about being "superior to others" all it said was Maori have always been an active intelligent people with vitality..stop spreading racist lies about maoris to incite hatred and animosity towards us.

Anonymous said...

Pakeha people forget their Kings were cannibals and the brutality of England was no better the Tower of London was a torture chamber...and the British slaughtered millions if indigenous people globally and then claim that we are the savages.