Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Ross Meurant: To Hold A Pen Is To Be At War

Along with other former Members of Parliament including Hon Michael Bassett, Dr Don Brash, Dr Muriel Newman, Hon John Banks, Graeme Reeves, Hon Richard Prebble to name some, I have taken the up the cudgel by pen, to fight against the blatant racist policies of this Labour government.  My days of a sword in hand as a police enforcer are past as it is between tending the roses that I pick up my feathered quill.

But as Voltaire once said: “To hold a pen is to be at war”.

In my view, and as other commentators including left leaning Chris Trotter (1) also now begin to suggest, an emerging outcome of Labour’s racially divisive policies will result in violence on a different scale to 1981 Springbok protests.

Visible protest in the streets, can be handled. (2) The danger is, if the perpetrators of violence, go “invisible” i.e., “underground”. 


The temperature is rising.  Only a fool would not feel that heat.

Equally vulnerable to violence are politicians promoting division of New Zealand by ethnicity.

If I was still Officer in Command of Police Spies, I would be conducting surveillance/tracking on both anti-Maori separatist and on Maori separatist for it only takes a couple of unstable believers on either side, to lose the plot or OD on meths to ignite a civil war. The technology available today makes this threat even more real.

The temperature is rising.  Only incompetent police planning would not have considered the above.

Step Back in Time.

As I trawl back through recent history, I discern an insidious infection of our government has been afoot, at least since 1972 when Maori activist Sid Jackson’s wife Hana, regularly delivered pamphlets: Kill a White & Die a Hero”. (3)

The other day I looked at what I said in my Maiden Speech (4) in 1987.

The short version?  I name a number of Maori whom police had been tracking and what some had been up to. The data was from files I had when in my last role in the police: Inspector in charge of Criminal Intelligence and VIP Security.  Passage of time, regrettably, appears to vindicate much of the content of that speech to parliament. 

Interestingly, Maori MPs Rt Hon Dr Sir Peter Tapsell and Hon Whetu Tirikatene-Sullivan both crossed the floor from the Labour side to commend me for having the courage to say what I said. On my side of the Chamber, Jim Bolger, Doug Graham and Doug Kidd, glared from afar.

The outcome?  My car was torched outside the bedroom window of my seven-year-old daughter.

Who may resort to violence?

“Maori Separatist” label non-Maori opposed to the separatist polices of Labour as “White Supremist” and at the extreme end of opposition to so-called “co governance”, there will be people who may well be in this category. 

There is however a far larger and growing catchment of “ordinary Kiwis” who have had enough of Maorification and it only takes one to over-step the line.

At the other end of the paradigm, irrespective of Maori ceding sovereignty to the Crown - this having been definitively asserted by academics and political leaders alike - some Maori threaten to “take back our land by violence”. (5)

Rt Hon Helen Clark once referred to this group as “wreckers and haters”. (6)

The fault for this mess New Zealand now confronts, is not in the stars, but nor exclusively at the doorstep of Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern. 

A critical point in time was the focus on some 200 claims by Maori to ownership of the foreshore and seabed. Rt Hon Helen Clark (for whom I have respect) made it clear to the then Chief Justice Sian Elias (for whom I have no respect), following the latter’s speculative commentary about the sanctity of Maori Customary law, that the ultimate law-making body in New Zealand was its Sovereign Parliament.

The outcome of what appeared to me to be a bit of a power play between both ladies, was that Prime Minister Helen Clark’s Labour government in 2004 passed the Foreshore and Seabed Act which deemed the title to be held by the Crown.

Alas! Helen Clark’s protection was repealed and replaced by National’s John Key via the Marine and Coastal Area Act 2011. (7)

By my assessment, the irony of the land grab falls squarely at the feet of former Prime Minister Rt Hon Sir John Key and his Attorney General Chris Finlayson. (8)

But it didn’t start there.

Rt Hon Jim Bolger and Hon Doug Graham’s mid-nineties proposition to a Special National government caucus on Thursday morning (formal caucus is Tuesday mornings), that they intended to introduce under Urgency, a Bill (i.e., law) to give rights to Maori over the foreshore of our country which would empower them to “detain i.e., arrest and inspect”, fishers’ catch of the day where they had been fishing within 12 nautical miles of the coastline.

When the Prime Minister of the moment, informed caucus and at least three of his cabinet ministers for the first time, that this was the hidden agenda, uproar ensured - particularly from the three cabinet ministers who claimed they had no knowledge of the “deal”.

They did well to shout, but as members of the “Executive”, they were bound by “Collective Responsibility”, so shout is all they did lest they lost their rank - not a good idea for the pension factor!

My elevation to Executive rank, was not to arrive until my next term, so I was not bound and gagged.  Later that day I went “Live on Holmes” TV in Auckland and called out the Prime Minister – who had no choice but to appear “Live on Holmes” in Wellington. (9)

The debacle which followed was – distasteful – but the outcome was, Mr Bolger backed off his stated intention earlier that day to ram through under Urgency, legislation to grant Maori special rights over the rest of us Kiwis.

Back to the Present.

I share a concern with a growing number of Kiwis that all we have aspired to, fought for, and worked for; to secure education and opportunities for our children and retirement for ourselves, is being stolen from us by the Labour government which plunders with virtual impunity - as National abandons its core philosophy and deserts voters who deserted “it” last election for a previous pitiful performance.

Asian immigrants who hope to soon be fully qualified Kiwis (yet this process is now under threat) also have awareness of the threat to their ownership of land and rights before the law as “equals”.

Another irony appears to be, that the beneficiaries of this asset and rights appropriation under Labour’s policies, is that it benefits the “few Maori at the apex of the tribal system of Maori rule.  

The Maori bloke who 7 years ago was sweeping streets in Ngaruwahia and the Maori lady who 3 years ago was stacking shelves at Remuera Foodtown, are still sweeping and stacking today and this they will do until their time is up.

Welcome to the Land of the Long Black Cloud.

How did we get to the perilous abyss we now stare into with uncertainty and foreboding?

As I penned last week in “The Silent Weapon(10)

‘The Fabián philosophy which permeates not only our parliament but also the higher levels of state bureaucracies (through systematic infiltration over at least the past 45 years as I look back and reflect on events)’ has massively manipulated New Zealand to suit its pseudo communist ethos.

One consequence of this virus manifest in our government has been to champion the altruistic crusade of, “climate catastrophe is nigh” and “woke is wonderful” mentality which pervades bureaucracies globally.  However, in Europe at the moment as economic reality hits “the pocket” of the voter, the “integrity” of this altruistic quest is rapidly being exposed. 

In the UK Prime Minister Liz Truss is lifting the ban on fracking. Germany is now generating nearly a third of its electricity from coal. In Europe forests are being cut for firewood. (11)  Who was Greta? (12)

The question is, as the economic reality of the alarming level of asset and civil rights usurpation under Labour’s reign begins to hurt main stream New Zealand taxpayers, property owners and “the pocket”, will sufficient pressure emanate from “The Rest” i.e., the 90 percent of New Zealanders who don’t qualify to benefit from Labour’s policies of blatant inequality before the Law – to expose the integrity of the Fabianism which brings division to the fore of New Zealand?

PS I say, “The Rest i.e., 90 percent” because it is clear to me that many of the 18 percent of New Zealanders who are part Maori, don’t buy Labour’s separatist agenda.  

And I am one such person. (13)


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(3) Teacher’s rugby club rooms, Auckland 1972
(4) NZ Parliamentary Debates. Vol 483 PP 1-740. 16 Sept – 15 Oct. 1987, pp 403-406 relevant pages.
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(9) I have the “Live on Homes TV” safely recorded on a stick safely deposited with a QC.

Ross Meurant, graduate in politics both at university and as a Member of Parliament; formerly police inspector in charge of Auckland spies & V.I.P. security; currently Honorary Consul for an African state, Trustee and CEO of Russian owned commercial assets in New Zealand and has international business interest.



Anonymous said...

National will not save us from Jacinda’s enabling of Maori Apartheid.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ross Meurant! NZ needs you. Please keep up the good work and help the other brave people you mention to save this country.

Colinjt said...

The sense of inevitability must weigh so heavily on so many New Zealanders. As noted, the push by the iwi elite to gain ever more traction and influenece will not make an iota of difference for those on the ground. The potential for open violence cannot be discounted as more people face the prospect of being pushed in to a position where they see they have nothing more to lose. So much of what is happening is seen from the outside so much more clearly and I appreciate how there are many getting on with their lives and choose not to face the awful truth of what is happening around them. The horse has well and truly bolted and disappeared over the hill. The only question remaining is what happens when the worst of people's fears become reality.

Anonymous said...

Excellent Ross , most New Zealanders think the same

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Ross. I will save this where I can refer to it. Such careful truth-telling is not common enough, although as you will be aware, there are other painstaking scholars from whom anyone who chooses to read, can recognise the facts from the wild fantasy circulating around te tiriti. I share your misgivings about violence.

Anonymous said...

You have spine to produce this historical record

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that the author has been raised in the times of we white men know best and have learnt nothing from history. He also shows his ignorance of what Queen Victoria’s statesmen wanted for the Maori when the Treaty of Waitangi was drawn up and then signed. I suggest that he read Ben Fletcher’s book on the Treaty, perhaps the most authoritative book ever written about our nation’s foundation.

ross meurant said...

You mean Ned Fletcher.

You might instead try Professor Liz Rata and Hon Dr Mike Bassett as but two.

Then there's also John Key's adviser - Chris Finlayson -
and a host of eminent leaders of NZ.

Try this cut & paste from A STEP TOO FAR -which is in my bibliography

What is, “Partnership”?

In terms of the Treaty of Waitangi, as far as this concept intrudes on Constitutional Law, at the political level, politicians of considerable experience – from Rt Hon David Lange to Rt Hon Sir Bill English and Rt Hon Winston Peters – have all dismissed the claim that the Treaty created a, “partnership between Maori and the Crown”.

At the political and pseudo academic level, Attorney General and Minister in Charge of Treaty Negotiations (Chris Finlayson), and somebody well known for having considerable sympathy for Maori aspirations, said that there was, “no question that the Crown has sovereignty in New Zealand”. (1)

At the academic level, former Judge and law lecturer Anthony Willy provides three comprehensive reasons why the claim to partnership, by some elements of Maori, is without foundation.

Of particular relevance to this debate, he explains that since the use of the word ‘partnership’ in the 1987 Maori Council Court of Appeal case, which activists claim as the ‘evidence’ of the existence of their ‘partnership’ with the Crown, was part of the commentary of the judgement and, not the decision, the concept has no standing in law. (2)

Dr Muriel Newman contends that contemporaneous claims being made by some elements within Maori of, “Treaty partnership claims”, are without substance and are, a “big lie” that is being perpetrated against New Zealand democracy. (3)

Yet, this misguide belief that the Treaty did create a partnership of governance, has been weaponised. It is no longer just a tool of convenience for self-proclaimed “influencers” but a dangerous weapon in the hands of “wannabe” politicians who seek to chart our future.

In some cases, Maori and others who promulgate this false legal pretext to promote equal partnership between Maori and the Sovereign State of New Zealand, may not understand the legal reality, but in other cases there is in my view, a strategy to brainwash as many as possible and /or intimidate those who stand to defend the legal reality, that the Crown never ceded any sovereignty to Maori.

It is worth noting that when Rt Hon Helen Clark was Prime Minister, she called Maori supremacists, “haters and wreckers” and refused their demands. (4)

Darag said...

Well said Ross!

Dave said...

Why are the Rest, the 90%, such gutless, backboneless, cowards? Why are such a high proportion of New Zealanders wimps without an invertebrate? What will it take for the jellyfish to grow a pair, and speak out against what is going on? I’ve never come across such a group of lily-livered scaredy-cats, woke-lovers who continue to fall over themselves in telling everyone they can that New Zealand is the best place in the world. She’ll be right?

Anonymous said...

Very well written Ross and so very apt. As an immigrant of 28yrs
and having grown up with apartheid at 34° south, I learnt Te Reo 20+yrs ago under Peora Sharples tutorage only to find there was no-one to talk Te Reo with at work etc, so sadly let it go. However within the last year it is being rammed down our throats in the work place by pseudo people trying to score brownie points, it's all become quite awkward, devisive and personally find it to be disrespectful to the maori culture which I've always highly respected. I'm a firm believer that one should embrace the cultural aspects of one's adopted country however I see apartheid happening here all over again. Surely we 'NZ' are better than this!

Sven said...

Hello Ross,if you email me I will send you a letter I had published in our local bulletin, it has not gone down well with some of the Great Barrier Island residents, cheers Sven.

Unknown said...

Well written and appropriate Ross. So sad that National has lost its way. Lost its stomach to stand up against the moaners and groaners who talk boldly but provide little revenue to the nation.

If Maori feel so mistreated and need recompense, should they not be paying for the privilege of using all that Queen Victoria and her descendants brought to their land. Roads, policing, education, health benefits, to name a few. These must far outweigh the injustice of losing 'their' land.

As one other commenter has pointed out, some of us took the trouble to learn their oral language. A language which helps no one in the world sphere. A language based on transliteration. We were mocked for our efforts - mainly I suspect - because the so called Maori speakers did not know their own language. Now it is fashionable. Who decided that Auckland (Akarana) and Wellington (Poneke) should be anything else?

Why is National not further ahead in the polls? Because they lack the stamina to oppose a few vocal Maori! Chris Luxton needs to let go the petticoats of his predecessor and show leadership; not followship. The nation awaits.

Anonymous said...

Maori in charge of state assets?
Take reserves for one example where I have validated behaviour
4 k south of Maunganui bluff Nothland locals watched a bed of toheroa growing on Tasman sea shoreline.
Until one day several car loads Maori arrived and cleaned out the bed.
Not far away protected native pigeon try to multiple.
All good until local Maori shoot these birds.
When challenged and told the birds are protected the response is: “That’s white man laws. Maori law these are kai.”