Monday, November 14, 2022

Derek Mackie: Yesterday...New Zealand

The Beatles are one of my favourite bands and this version of their classic song perfectly sums up NZ for me at the moment.

Those crazy Lefties seemed so far away. 
Now it looks as though they're here to stay. 
Oh, I believe in yesterday. 

I'm not half the man I used to be. 
There's my gender hanging over me. 
Oh, yesterday WOKE suddenly. 

Why… she had to show 
I don't know, just smiled but wouldn't say. 
She splashed loads of cash but it turned to trash. 
Now I long for yesterday. 

Treaty Partnerships drew waifs and strays. 
Now Te Ao Maori rules the waves. 
Oh, I believe in yesterday. 

Misinformation is the enemy. 
History, a distant memory. 
Oh, yesterday fades rapidly.

Why...she promised lots
Then gave us diddly-squat, is hard to say
She's lost her appeal
And now, how surreal is yesterday

He and she were used so common-lay
Now transgender's in, unless you're gay
Be very careful what you say

Water is no longer one, but three
Ruled by race, but not for you and me
Oh, taniwhas lurk constantly 

Why….we had to play 
Again with her, I just can’t say . 
She got so much wrong. 
Now I long for yesterday. 

Life was such an easy game to play. 
Now Labour makes me want to hide away. 
Oh, I believe in yesterday. 

Mm mm mm mm mm mm mm

Derek Mackie is a geologist with a keen interest in current affairs.

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Coz we're all gonna pay and pay.
Mm mm mm mm mm mm mm