Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Cam Slater: Not Reading the Room, Christopher

Christopher Luxon is really bad at reading the room, and so it is with his announcement regarding the changes to the Christchurch Call: Jacinda Ardern’s vanity project that seeks to censor and tightly control social media.

New Zealand Prime Minister Christopher Luxon and French President Emmanuel Macron have announced a new non-governmental organisation, the Christchurch Call Foundation, to coordinate the Christchurch Call’s work to eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content online.

Jacinda Ardern will remain part of the initiative, as Patron of the Call.

In her new role as Patron for the Call, Ardern will continue to facilitate dialogue with leaders, and deliver outreach and advocacy to raise the profile of the Call.

Her role is a voluntary, unpaid position.

On making the announcement, Luxon thanked Ardern for her efforts. “I’d like to thank Dame Jacinda Ardern for her advocacy and leadership of the Christchurch Call, which has curtailed violent extremism online. I wish her and the Christchurch Call well as they evolve in the next phase of their development.”

So it’s changed from a government-funded organisation to a NGO, effectively one of the world’s busy-bodies. And Ardern is still sticking her nose in to it, meddling with her authoritarian views.

That’s what people are really upset about: her continued involvement.

Remember her speech to the UN?

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was blasted for comparing free speech online to “weapons of war” in a recent speech to the UN that critics called “authoritarian.”

At the UN General Assembly on Friday, Ardern announced a new initiative “to help improve research and understanding of how a person’s online experiences are curated by automated processes,” saying the work, done in partnership with companies and non-profits, will be “important in understanding more about mis- and disinformation online – A challenge that we must as leaders address.”

The prime minister acknowledged that calling to regulate speech online in any way can seem problematic.

“As leaders, we are rightly concerned that even the most light-touch approaches to disinformation could be misinterpreted as being hostile to the values of free speech that we value so highly,” she noted. “But while I cannot tell you today what the answer is to this challenge, I can say with complete certainty that we cannot ignore it. To do so poses an equal threat to the norms we all value.”

Ardern then asked the audience how they could tackle various challenges if people are allowed to share opposing narratives online.

“After all, how do you successfully end a war if people are led to believe the reason for its existence is not only legal but noble? How do you tackle climate change if people do not believe it exists? How do you ensure the human rights of others are upheld, when they are subjected to hateful and dangerous rhetoric and ideology?” she asked.

Ardern then suggested that online speech is a weapon often used by those with evil intent.

“The weapons may be different but the goals of those who perpetuate them is often the same. To cause chaos and reduce the ability of others to defend themselves. To disband communities. To collapse the collective strength of countries who work together,” she claimed.
Fox News

This is why this tyrant and control freak should be shown the door and not encouraged with a sinecure position to further her totalitarian fantasies that she brought close to reality in New Zealand.

This is why she is hated in New Zealand, and this shows why Luxon has failed to read the room.

At least we will no longer be paying for it.

New Zealand taxpayer funding for the Christchurch Call will end on June 30, as support functions transfer to the new Secretariat, funded by the new Foundation. The new Secretariat will be up and running under the Foundation from July 1.

The Christchurch Call Foundation has already attracted pledges from members of the Call Community and philanthropic donors.

The Foundation will help to coordinate and support efforts by civil society, industry, and government to eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content, maintain a free, open, and secure global internet, and protect and promote human rights. 

We should have absolutely nothing to do with the Christchurch Call, or anything it says or does. They are anti-freedom and anti-Semitic to boot.

Guess which country has been refused membership of the Christchurch Call? Go on, guess.

I’ll tell you: it is Israel. That’s right, they applied and were told their membership would be refused and to never apply again.

And what has the Christchurch Call said or done to stop the astonishing rise of hate speech and anti-Semitism against Jews worldwide?

Again I can tell you: absolutely nothing.

While it is good we are no longer funding it, Luxon should wash his globalist hands of the whole thing.

Cam Slater is a New Zealand-based blogger, best known for his role in Dirty Politics and publishing the Whale Oil Beef Hooked blog, which operated from 2005 until it closed in 2019. Cam blogs regularly on the BFD - where this article was sourced.


DeeM said...

That says a lot about Luxon. And that's why National will continue to be Labour Lite when it comes to co-governance and the woke agenda in general.
At least he knows how to manage money but NZ needs so much more than that.

Anonymous said...

He's is 'reading the room' Cam.

It's just that the room happens to be the very large WEF room.

This room has seen a preponderance of our politicians over the years, and the tradition continues it seems.

Tom Logan said...

I agree with what you say Cam Though is their also a case of Jacinda being damned by faint praise here ?

Yeah great Jacinda , absolutely terrific Jacinda. Well done . Fantastic!

What's that you, want some money from us ? you must be joking !

I note neither Bill Gates nor Eion Musk nor Mark Zuckerburg have ever attended any of her gab fests. This piece of self promotion and self adulation seems to be as effective as Clarke's foundation.

And I note the internet now seems little changed since before Ardern's devine intervention.

Anonymous said...

“As leaders, we are rightly concerned ..." - ? Someone please tell the Dame she is no longer a 'leader'.

Doug said...

Its not only Luxon who can’t read the room.That narcissistic clown running around indulging her own conceit all over the globe could also do with a dose of self reflection.Bang on Cam,she is loathed in New Zealand and the bloody train wreck her and her clowns left behind is now being felt by everyone.

I.C. Clairly said...

"And what has the Christchurch Call said or done to stop the astonishing rise of hate speech and anti-Semitism against Jews worldwide?

Again I can tell you: absolutely nothing."

Good. And why should it do anything, particularly given that "hate speech and anti-semitism against Jews" just means criticism of Jews? Why does Slater believe that Jews should get a pass and be beyond criticism?

On the one hand, Slater, obviously, not the sharpest of tools, rightly repudiates the Christchurch Call as really being about silencing political dissent and criticism of power, yet on the other hand, he wants something done about the valid criticism of Jewish behaviour. These are the same thing.

Maybe the "astonishing rise" of criticism of Jews that Slater whines about is perfectly rational and has everything to do with the activities of the IDF in Gaza for the last 6 months.

Anonymous said...

Israel as a nation cannot be publicly associated with the Christchurch Call from a PR point of view, so it is not surprising that we’re being told that they’re the only country that cannot join. Nonetheless, the organisations that are promoting Talmudic rule are certainly behind the Christchurch Call so at the end of the day it’s only a matter of optics, not reality.

Anonymous said...

The message to Luxon is very clear. Repudiate everything Ardern promoted if you want another term.

Rob Beechey said...

Luxon certainly gets it wrong. The mistress of lies and falsehoods should be booted from the world stage.

Anonymous said...

Remember the support for National is driven right.

Anonymous said...

Playing the Devils advocate here - former prime ministers have been known to get plumb overseas postings. Ardern would stuff that up so Luxon has thrown her a bone. A smart move I say.
CEOs of large corporations are notoriously ruthless!! Trev Mallard will be quaking in his boots.

Willow said...

Apparently the NZ ewish community sent a message of sympathy after the Chch mosque attack but after the first attack on Israel in October the NZ Muslim community did not reciprocate. Hamas terrorists have caused suffering to their own people as well as Israel. What have other wealthy Muslim countries done for the humanitarian crisis in Palestine. Are Western Countries the only ones helping out ?

Anonymous said...

Anything that promotes any connection that woman and NZ is a bad idea. Her and Harvard deserve each other, long may she stay there.