Thursday, May 16, 2024

Clive Bibby: Western Conservative Values versus Wokeism

Western conservative values are on a comeback and Wokeism is being destroyed in the process.

I have always considered myself to be a progressive conservative.

Before my “Woke” opponents, while lying in wait for something they can criticise and choke on their muesli, let me explain what l mean by that apparent contradictory term.
Because I believe it is possible to be both at the same time.

My interpretation of being “conservative” means that those of us who value the traditions that have supported stable democracies for centuries and by so doing, proved their worth, want those values to remain as the building blocks for future democratic advances.

Although we at times pine for the days when daily life was much simpler and more respectful of the values that formed the cornerstones of society, we recognise that new discoveries and ways of doing things are not only inevitable but more often than not, beneficial to current and future societies.

However, we are against any attempt to throw away values and systems that have stood the test of time simply because they are old and considered by some to represent a bygone and out of date era.

And another misinterpretation of the word “conservatism” is that it only represents people who are “right of centre” in the way we vote.

Some of the greatest supporters of Judeau Christian values and political movements that have produced some of the western world’s most outstanding leaders are those who regard themselves as “left of centre” when it comes to voting in general elections.

My guess is that history will show voters who combined to topple current governments will prove to be an even split of people from across the political spectrum who are simply saying “enough!” Many of them would have previously supported what were regarded as “left of centre “policies and politicians who campaigned on those values.

So, it is in the interests of future generations that those nations regarded as functioning democracies learn from the mistakes made by governments who have betrayed the trust of the people they serve.

It should also provide lessons for those who promote movements based on hate and affirmative action - they will not survive when a new administration decides they are acting as if they are above the law.

Consequently, the likely demise of Woke movements, many of which are supportive of terrorist regimes and proxy organisations operating on foreign soil, will happen not because they support “progressive or conservative” values, but simply because they promised one thing and delivered another.

It was simply a betrayal of trust.

Voters will forgive genuine mistakes made in the pursuit of prosperity for all but will not tolerate clandestine attempts to reward those privileged few who have an exaggerated opinion of their own self importance and Woke values the majority doesn’t share.

We only have to look back at what happened to the Ardern/ Hipkins Government and what will likely happen to the Biden administration in November - not so much because a more Conservative party offered themselves to the voters but simply because traditional supporters deserted the incumbent in droves.

Be warned.

Clive Bibby is a commentator, consultant, farmer and community leader, who lives in Tolaga Bay.


Anonymous said...

I think Mr Bibby is just less liberal the woke. Traditional he is not.

nuku said...

Conservatives tend to want to conserve current political and social structures that are actually working well and serving the majority of citizens, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." As opposed to wreckers who just want to break things because they are, in their enlightened opinion, no longer "relevant (and of course if they see that lots of $ can be made by coming up with "new and shiny and "innovative" structures that are so much better (at extracting $ and power from the citizen) then the old boring ones.
Uber is a classic case. The intention was to wreck the existing taxi services which were, for the most part, working well (and who looked after their employees), and replace them with a system of private "contractors" who were essentially at the mercy of Uber which owed them nothing. Uber drivers use their own cars which they have to maintain, insure, and pay all running costs. Many Uber drives are netting less then $10/hr after expenses. Uber's long term plan is to replace taxi and public transport systems so they have a monopoly and then jack the prices up.
As you point out, "conservative" in its essence has nothing to do with what political party one votes for and where on the artificial spectrum of "right" and "left" that party might be pigeonholed by our oh so intelligent "political pundits".

Peter said...

Indeed! Our PM hides under the umbrella of a "conservative", but in reality it appears he is as wet and woke as they can be. He sold the public on a mantra of "getting back on track", but when the going gets tough there's every inclination that he will be a wimp - thinking he'll appeal to the masses in taking a non-committal centre line. If that transpires, he is a self-centred, self-aggrandising deluded individual and, to paraphrase Churchill, history and the legacy he will leave, will record him as such.

The warning is, indeed, there!

Ewan McGregor said...

Having not been subject to a muesli choking fit, can I ask, Clive, where would you place Donald Trump, who you so support, on your philosophical spectrum?

Clive Bibby said...

I don’t think Donald Trump is worried about whether l support him or not. He appears to be doing quite nicely on his own patch - just spoke at a rally of one hundred thousand fans in New Jersey (a blue state that Republicans haven’t won for ages) while the hapless Joe Biden who you support is trying every trick in the book to have the former President locked up.
I would remind readers that you have chastised me in the past for focusing on other worrying events in the US suggesting instead that we should be concentrating on the “Trial of the Century” where the Prosecutor’s case has just collapsed because they haven’t been able to establish a crime was committed.
Some people will believe anything.