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Eliora: Did the WHO and Others Know?

Kiwis Are Suffering Long-Term Aftershocks of the COVID-19 Plandemic.

A new definition was added to the other grief disorders prior to 2021. It is interesting if you take an unsuspicious look at it. If a sceptical view is espoused, the timing is impeccable. The WHO anticipated chronic grief and loss. Grief is a natural reaction to all sorts of losses. Prolonged grief is another level.

Prolonged grief has been recognized as a new diagnosis by the World Health Organization (WHO) and as a disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders (DSM-5). (Emphasis added)

Kiwis historically are recognised around the world as laid back and fun. Since Covid-19 many have been angry, distrusting and at times expressed suicidal thoughts. They may be insulted with a mental health label; however, their symptoms are similar and are caused by the same deep trauma and stressor-related experiences. Awake people have recognised that much about this coronavirus was planned ahead of time. How could that happen? It would not take much to deduce that the World Health Organization and other leaders knew what effect their rules and control would have on humanity but went ahead anyway with their cruel Covid-19 agenda. They repeatedly lied, ramped up off-the-scale fear, insisted on isolation from others and pushed and mandated a vaccine that didn’t work. It appears they disregarded the expected global ‘grief’ and instead gave the world a diagnostic term for the anguish which would be endured for years.

New Zealanders suffered under the audacious and arrogant power play by Ardern and Bloomfield the then Director of Health. The two of them promulgated their brand of nasty Covid-19 authority and followed the nonsense coming out of the WHO. The chronic economic, health, educational, occupational, social impact and losses caused by New Zealand’s Covid-19 response must be examined by a full independent Inquiry. Those who enabled this excessive upheaval in people’s lives must be held to account.

The best of the top ten articles for the last week in the popular the Conservative Woman blog, is an article by Neville Hodgkinson on 7 May 24. See here:

Covid vaccine may have killed hundreds of thousands in the US alone – The Conservative Woman

In the comments after this well-read article, Michael, a commenter, added a video that mysteriously keeps disappearing! Hopefully, you can see it here.

David E. Martin talk in the 3rd International Covid Summit | European Union May 2023 – YouTube

David E. Martin spoke last year to the EU in Brussels. He spells out how this recent pandemic was planned and in the pipeline for years. He traces the time the coronavirus was identified in 1965 as a pathogen that can be modified, reminding of his previous warning of the bioweapon platform, with dates, knowledge, research and a phenomenal memory for facts. He only uses publicly published data and information. He claims the SARS virus was engineered at the University of North Carolina Laboratory, Chapel Hill.

The WHO was not caught unawares. Mr Martin sums up what happened: First trial of vaccination was 1967…Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of the process…The economics will follow the hype…

In regard to the recent ‘plandemic’, Martin concludes:
  1. Nature was highjacked.
  2. Science was highjacked.
  3. There was no independent financially disinterested party.
  4. Morality was suspended.
  5. Humanity was lost.
There are those who lost their jobs, lost their loved one in a ‘bad death’ situation where a family member died alone, lost their purpose, lost their home and had to move to a new location. Marriages have broken down and families have been divided. People have lost their income, lost their businesses, lost children’s education, lost health, lost family and friends due to arguments about a vaccine that doesn’t even work. They have faced deregistration and humiliation in front of their professional bodies, been gaslit and silenced by censorship, and public rejection.

It is publicised that the NZ Disinformation Project was set up a month prior to Ardern scaring New Zealanders from her ‘Podium of Truth’. The Disinformation Project published people’s names as those who in their words, were spreading disinformation. Ardern knew in advance what would happen. Some would not follow the governmental agenda and Kate Hannah, the Director of the Disinformation Project was in situ, ready to denounce them.

There is every reason for some New Zealanders to experience prolonged grief. Tears of frustration are close to the surface, especially when reliving the rejection, isolation and dismissal.

Some fluctuating prolonged grief symptoms: 
  • Who am I anymore? Identity lost.
  • Disbelief that this has happened.
  • Shock of betrayal by work colleagues, family, and friends.
  • Difficulties talking about the trauma.
  • Heightened emotional experiences.
  • Numbness.
  • Social exclusion – loneliness as never experienced before.
  • Distrust of others.
  • Helplessness as choices removed.
  • Anger.
  • Difficulties moving forward.
  • Nervousness this will happen again.
A final word from a psychologist.

The pandemic has made things worse, with relatives barred from supporting the dying, and religious and cultural mourning rituals disrupted or impossible. “In the current environment, we are likely to see more people whose grief doesn’t lessen with time, and whose intense suffering disrupts their ability to function,” said Holly G. Prigerson, professor of sociology in medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York City and a co-author of“

It may take years to move beyond anger. Symptoms of prolonged grief may be shaken off gradually as those affected find kindred spirits with others in groups (such as the popular BFD sumps and NZDSOS.) Listening is crucial, finding new friendships, laughing and while relationships may not be restored and jobs are gone, Kiwis can live in a new hope knowing they are not alone.

Additional reading.

‘Bad death’ hurts more for loved ones left behind: study | Folio (

Eliora is a fourth-generation Kiwi is a conservative voter and has worked in health. This article was first published HERE


Anonymous said...

Bloomfield and Ardern should be imprisoned.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right Eliora. Very few had the foresight to see what was happening, and the steel in their spines to resist the tyranny practised by those we had trusted. But stay the course. The scum who worked their tyrannies will be remembered. And held accountable.

Erica said...

Thank goodness for people like Eliora.

Justice will come for these evil people. If not in this world then the next.

I like the verse in Proverbs-' Riches will not save you from God's judgement'.