Saturday, May 18, 2024

Heather du Plessis Allan: Steven Joyce is right, tax cuts are the way to go

I'm gonna back up Steven Joyce on something that he’s said today.  

He's written a piece for the Herald arguing for why we need tax cuts - which is an argument at the moment. 

Because you have commentators and economists lining up saying Nicola Willis is doing the wrong thing by giving us tax relief. Because she can’t afford it, because she’s got a deficit and therefore she's basically borrowing for tax cuts.


Steven Joyce's basic argument is that Kiwi workers deserve it because of the cost-of-living pressure on household budgets. And it’ll drive economic growth by increasing the reward for every hour of work you do.  

Bang on. I couldn’t agree more.  

Because I was thinking about how we stop this brain drain at the moment to Australia. I went back and looked at the 2025 taskforce recommendations  

Remember that?  that was the Don Brash led taskforce John Key commissioned to close the wage gap between us and Australia.  

And one of the key recommendations was to cut taxes.  Because it immediately closes the wage gap. And it fires the economy  

We are well overdue a tax cut. The last meaningful tax cut was from Steven Joyce himself... in 2017 in the Bill English government  

But we never got it,  because Labour reversed it when they won the election.  

I tell you what: we need Kiwis to feel like they are earning a just reward for the work they’re doing.  

One easy way to do that... is cut taxes  

Steven Joyce is right... Nicola Willis is right... tax cuts are right.

Heather du Plessis-Allan is a journalist and commentator who hosts Newstalk ZB's Drive show HERE - where this article was sourced.


Anonymous said...

Steven Joyce should run for parliament, he always has such great commentary on the government. He should have a crack at being the leader of the National party.

TJS said...

"He should have a crack at being the leader of the National party."

You know he probably should. But he's not a WEF globalist selected by Klaus is he?

What is it about NZers and taxes? It's just awful and shows absolute bad taste and disrespect to wage earners trying to earn a decent living. Why should we all pay more for such atrocious unacuntable spending that we've seen in the last 6 years. How can these people have the absolute bad manners to beg for more? Bloody disgusting. Aren't we all sick of it? It's time for our government to do some work for us for a change, not the other way around. If they use their brains and I think these ones have a few more clues than the last pathetic bunch they will get on with it.

Anonymous said...

TJS, I think Joyce has already had an unsuccessful challenge for the leadership. It failed and this lead to his resignation from parliament.

Anonymous said...

All governments waste money.It is well established that high taxes & high govt spending results in low GDP/more poverty.