Friday, May 17, 2024

Mike's Minute: The Greens are a basket case

Do you get the feeling the only moderately normal person in the Greens left the building a couple of weeks back, and he is sitting in his new corporate financing job feeling a new lease on life?

Surely as he read, as I did, the tale of Darleen Tana on full whack doing virtually nothing and his good mate Tory "let me bugger Wellington up" Whanau, he must be feeling just a bit guilty about hanging out with such a bunch of no-hopers.

This is not about politics. Politics is their wacky policies that bear no resemblance to the real world. Politics is about them not actually being a Green party, but more a collection of activists who want to control your life and thoughts.

No, this is about who basically they are as people. There is something not right about them.

For a comparatively small collection of people, too many of them are flaky and therefore in trouble and unfit to represent anyone at the highest level.

Metiria Turei was you first major calamity and so it has slowly, but surely, unravelled.

In the Tana case it is not just the questions around her behaviour and alleged treatment of people. It’s the approach the party's leadership has taken to getting to the bottom of it.

This has dragged on for week after week after week.

We have rung them a myriad of times. We got as close to them saying "any day now" before, after several days, they reverted to "a few more weeks". A few more weeks has turned into many, many weeks.

What is the lawyer doing? How much is it costing? Have they found a treasure trove of skulduggery, because what else could take this long if there is nothing to see?

All the while Tana sits on our money doing diddly squat.

In the meantime, Tory Whanau has overseen the destruction of the city while breaking the rules having her dog in the office and while having a drinking problem that embarrassed her and shamed the council. Now she's not really that bothered with meetings on boards of assets that are worth quite a bit of money.

They don’t care. They are not professional. They are not dedicated. They essentially take the piss and we pay for it.

They are not normal.

Explain to me, if you dare and if you support any of this, if you voted for this kind of ineptitude just what is it you see in them?

Mike Hosking is a New Zealand television and radio broadcaster. He currently hosts The Mike Hosking Breakfast show on NewstalkZB on weekday mornings - where this article was sourced.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately they have many voters in the brainwashed highschool and uni students who see the greens as freedom fighters against the awful white colonists. I would not be surprised if the greens get in next election.

Anonymous said...

We know Wellingtonians vote for them in spades, seem to have no qualms with the ‘Wellington Let’s Go Broke and Grind to a Halt’ policy, and never work a full week as can be seen out shopping in their droves on a Friday morning and/or dining out in the weekends at really expensive eateries (the kind where a main is $50 excluding vegetables). I know, because I’ve saw them when holidaying there last week. Young, working aged well-heeled people, and lots of them, walking up Lambton Quay at 10am. I suspect Darleen is one of many. Clearly far too many people are being paid far too much down there for doing far too little - which is a sharp contrast to my working life.

Anonymous said...

And 10% still think they are the best option.
It's not promising for the world.

Anonymous said...

And the deathly silence from the green voters is the sound of a thought rumbling around their empty brains.
They have no idea why they vote for this pack of no hopers. Idealistic fools most of them but very dangerous as well. Just ask the Wellington businesses driven to the wall due to Julie Ann Genters obsession with making Downtown Wellington a skate board park for cyclists!

Don said...

How did the Greens get away with wearing Palestinian scarves at the opening of Parliament? Anyone can see that the Palestinians are being used as human shields by Hamas and virtually taken hostage by them. To protest on their behalf is to take the Hamas bait . Protest should be against Hamas. Sadly protest against Israel strengthens Hamas and does nothing for the Palestinians who are the meat in the sandwich. Truly the Greens are what one commentator described them recently: " a varied assortment of nut jobs."

Anonymous said...

All very valid comments. Mike I too am trying to understand how the nutters think.

You basically have to operate at a lower level and have questionable ethics to be a leftie.

They certainly are incompetent and don't care about the destruction they leave behind.

Anonymous said...

To anybody reading both this article and the posted comments, I have a question for you?

"Can anyone state where the Green Party (not the NZ Version) started, the year, Country and who were the 'backers' of this founding Group (note the use of the word group) - as they were not a political party then".

Look forward to reading answers!

Anonymous said...

To anon @ 8.10 pm.

No....and I think you might be on the wrong forum. Have you bothered to read the title of Mike's article and the people mentioned in the article?

Imo Mike is being far too kind calling the greens basket cases, they are far worse imo.

If by some chance you are upset with the greens smeering the green name why don't you approach them and ask them those questions? Start holding them to account for their actions and behaviors.

Anonymous said...

Response to Anon @ 11.13 AM - 18 May -

I read Mike's comments correctly - but then again ignorance is bliss, to which you missed the point re question - "origins of the Green Party".

If you knew and/or know the answer - you would under stand the statement "basket cases". Clue - it is a International disease for them, look at the Green Party in Australia and you may get the point!

Anonymous said...

To anon @ 5.21. Incorrect again. I'm here to talk about Mike's article. I don't give a hoot about your questions.
It is you that has popped up here talking about some organisation not related to mikes topic.

Just to make it simple for you - Mike is talking about the green party ( nz version). Check the names he mentions...they are all members of the green party (nz version) . He has called the green party (nz version) ' basket cases'. He doesn't make reference to where the green party (probably the one you are talking about) started....because it's NOT relevant. We are talking about the NZ Green party, surely you understand that?

Rather than talk in riddles just advise what you are trying to achieve, as it should be obvious to you by the massive number of replies to your post that no one else appears to give a hoot about your questions either.