Friday, May 21, 2021

NZCPR Weekly: Political Dishonesty

Dear NZCPR Reader,   

In this week’s NZCPR newsletter we reflect on political dishonesty and the fact that Jacinda Ardern did not inform voters during the election campaign that if elected she intended to introduce a radical separatist agenda that will lead to tribal control of New Zealand, our NZCPR Guest Commentator John Bell believes the public must take action if this threat to our democratic system and way of life is to be stopped, and our poll asks whether New Zealand needs a “recall election” provision to protect the public against a dishonest government.

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paul scott said...

Words will avail us nothing. You are now living in a Communist country. In ten years Ardern's grooming will take her to lead the UN, and you will be a minion vassal in a Police State. Fury and Action are required. Repeat>> Action.

Anonymous said...

If a New Zealander feels a bout of passion coming on he... goes and paints a fence. Can't remember who said it. People overseas are well aware of the situation here, hence the political hell hole comments which are .. so true.