Thursday, August 5, 2021

Heather du Plessis-Allan: I'm swinging behind the Wellington businesses


This news has made my day, it is game on over transport issues in the capital.

And if you’re frustrated in your part of New Zealand, this might be the template for how to get action.

So what’s happened is a group of Wellington businesses and industry groups have taken out a full page ad in the dominion post, slamming the latest stupid roading idea in the capital.

This idea is to drop the speed limit, put in traffic lights and erect a raised pedestrian crossing on Cobham drive, the road to the airport.

This is proposed order to make it safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

But here’s the thing; that’s State Highway 1 they’re planning to stop cars on, and there are 35,000 vehicles that use that road every day that they’ll be slowing down.

This nonsense has been going on in the capital for what, 6 years now, since the Let’s Get Wellington Moving idea was first proposed.

But, no roading projects of any significance have started, heaps of cycleways have, and a plan to ban cars on in the central city from 2025. 

So, clearly what’s happened is that this collection of Wellington businesses and industry groups have had a gutsful, and instead of continuing to only bang their heads against a brick wall begging bureaucrats behind the scenes to see sense, they’ve gone public to ramp up public pressure.

And I’m all for this.

We have had years under local governments, and now four years under this Labour Government.

Of no roads.

Just gridlock. 

Just cycleways.


And planter boxes. 

And raised crossings.

And paintings of insects on major roads.

I’m up to here with this nonsense.

So I am all for business leaders being leaders on this and I’m swinging behind them. 

I reckon enough of us are so frustrated by it, moves like this will get a huge amount of support and build a huge amount of public pressure.

So, if the politicians at local and central level are not going to listen behind closed doors, make it public.

Heather du Plessis-Allan is a journalist and commentator who hosts Newstalk ZB's Drive show.

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