Thursday, August 19, 2021

Paul A. Nuttall: The Queen of Woke

As she backs Churchill’s cancellation, it’s time to ask: is Queen of Woke Jacinda Ardern the world’s most insufferable leader?

The achingly right-on New Zealand premier says she doesn’t care about parliament’s decision to remove a portrait of the wartime leader. If there’s a woke cause, you can guarantee Ardern will jump on it, like an overgrown student.

New Zealand’s parliament has taken the extraordinary decision to remove a portrait of Sir Winston Churchill from its public gallery. As a result, he will now be hidden away from the public like some shameful reminder of the past. Not glorious, as he once was, but an embarrassment who is out of kilter with ‘modern day’ opinions and attitudes.

Unsurprisingly, the move was precipitated by the Greens, who are in coalition government with Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Party. Indeed, Ardern said she “didn’t care” about the removal of the portrait. She added: “I care about what we do in this place [parliament] – we have got a responsibility to look after New Zealand in the massive crisis that we are facing.”

Luckily, there seems to be someone talking a bit of sense in New Zealand’s parliament. The leader of the Opposition, Judith Collins, said Churchill “belongs in parliament because, if you know your history, he was one of the very few political leaders who were prepared to stand up to the Nazis and fascists in World War 2.” She continued, “I just think the Greens are uninformed by history. What do they want him replaced with - do they want Stalin up there?”

Well sadly, she might not be too far from the truth there, as Ardern is the former president of the International Union of Socialist Youth. And after all, Churchill did say in 1948 that “socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy.” I can’t see that sitting well with Ardern and her Green allies.

However, this is not the first time the legacy of Britain’s great wartime leader has been besmirched by a foreign leader. Indeed, one of the first things Barack Obama did when he became the US President was to have a bust of Churchill removed from the Oval Office. When Donald Trump entered the White House, he had the bust returned, only for Joe Biden to have it removed again.

I must say that I am not surprised this has happened in New Zealand because the country is run by a woke zealot in Ardern. I regularly roll my eyes when she pops up on the TV, as I find her excruciatingly bad. If there is a woke cause, you can guarantee that, like an overgrown student, she will be at its vanguard. Whether it is climate alarmism or apologising for past misdemeanours, she’ll be there. It’s no wonder she has become the darling of the metropolitan liberal left around the world.

Her latest hobby-horse is an attempt to push through ‘hate speech’ laws, which seem to be so popular with left-wing governments at the moment (see Scotland for an example of this). In response, David Seymour, the leader of New Zealand’s ACT party, has claimed that Ardern’s proposals, which widen the scope of hate speech and increase fines and sentences, will “put cancel culture on steroids” and only benefit the “Twitter mob and the perpetually offended.”

What sticks in my craw about all this is Ardern’s rank hypocrisy, as her wokeness does not extend to China, with whom she is more than happy to deal. For example, last year she broke with New Zealand’s traditional allies to prioritise trade with Beijing. It led to questions being asked about whether her country could remain in the Five Eyes intelligence network, which consists of the UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Indeed, the Daily Telegraph was so infuriated by her actions that it labelled her the “West’s woke weak link.”

Now I don’t condemn Ardern for putting the interests of her own country first. After all, that’s what Brexit was all about. However, it seems odd to me that someone who apologises for her own country’s crackdown on South Pacific island immigrants in the 1970s, is prepared to turn a blind-eye to Beijing’s suppression of civil liberties in Hong Kong and the disgraceful treatment of the Uighur Muslims. Yet no one on the left picks her up on this. For some reason, and we all know why really, she gets a free pass.

Ardern’s hypocrisy was also on display recently when she played the climate alarmist card. In June, she announced that the world was facing a “life or death” scenario if governments did not enact policies to deal with climate change. Yet she is happy to deal with a country that is building the equivalent of a coal fired power station every single week. Now come on, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t claim to be at the forefront of fighting climate change whilst cosying up to the world’s biggest polluter!

Anyway, back to Churchill. If it weren’t for him and his determination to stand up to Nazism, the world would be a very different place now, and a far worse one at that. And who knows, New Zealanders could now be living under the jackboot of Japanese tyranny. He was also a far greater man than those politicians who he seems to offend in New Zealand’s parliament.

I think it’s time that these modern day politicians showed the great man a bit of respect. He was not perfect, but then again, who is? He was a man of his age and his opinions and actions reflected that. Indeed, attempting to impose today’s opinions on historical figures, as many on the left do, is just childish.

What is not up for debate, however, is that the world, including New Zealand, owes Churchill a great debt. And he will be revered long after this obsession with wokeness has passed and politicians like Ardern have thankfully left the stage.

Paul A. Nuttall is a historian, author and a former politician. He was a Member of the European Parliament between 2009 and 2019 and was a prominent campaigner for Brexit.


DeeM said...

Paul, most people in New Zealand who view this website would wholeheartedly agree with you.
The Queen of Woke, or Her Royal Kindness, is insufferable to many right-thinking Kiwis.
She criticises everything that made NZ the country it is and is doing her damnedest to divide the nation by race and gift half of everything to our so-called indigenous Maori minority. While most countries are moving away from tribalism and race-based politics, Jacinda thinks it is the perfect way to create a new Aotearoa (a made-up name for NZ that Maori never used but which the woke elite have latched on to and want to adopt as the nation's name).

She dons a hijab at the drop of a hat and drones on interminably about how much NZ can do about climate change when we account for 0.16% of all emissions and are already way ahead of most other countries in terms of reducing our emissions per capita.

She, and all her other cabinet ministers, are woefully incompetent at running the country. Her best buddy, the Finance Minister, seems to think borrowing tens of billions in the name of Covid then doling it out to every half-arsed, left-wing, woke cause under the sun is the way to make the country successful.
If it wasn't so sad it would make a great comedy show.

Like you, I can assure you there are many Kiwis, growing in number, who want rid of St Jacinda. Quite possibly shaping up to be the worse PM in living memory.

Graham Wright said...

So the portrait of Sir Winston Churchill is removed from the public gallery of the New Zealand Parliament in Wellington.
I was 8 in 1940, and living near London, I recall the pall of fear and apprehension that hung over the country. The BEF lay encircled at Dunkirk, and RAF fighter stations were pounded by the Luftwaffe.
In London, the Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, was sick and ineffective. Lord Halifax, his potential successor, proposed negotiating with the Nazis. Then, as if by a miracle, Winston Churchill was elected Prime Minister and immediately spoke to the country. I have a vague recollection of his blood, sweat, and tears speech. It was as if someone had flicked a switch; determination and hope returned. Wherever he appeared, he was greeted by cries of "Good old Winnie". The rest is history.
The woke, cancel culture proponents cannot, do not, compare with people of Churchill's calibre. Had it not been for him, they would probably not have the freedom to promote their radical views. History will endure.

RogerF said...

Perhaps one of the reasons for the removal of Churchill's portrait lies in the fact that he was an ardent supporter of the Jewish cause. He endorsed the 1917 Balfour declaration and was a keen promoter of the creation of a Jewish home state in Palestine. This led directly to the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948.

Sven said...

I am surprised it has taken this long for the socialists and Marxisms to remove Churchill from the peoples house, worst part is very few people give a dam, we have forgotten the past this will lead to our down fall.