Friday, August 6, 2021

Bob Jones: Foolish Academics

The utter foolishness of so many academics is constantly brought to our attention. But it’s never been more disgracefully displayed than by Auckland university hierarchy’s sheer mind-blowing stupidity in condemning five of their number for speaking the truth, namely there’s no such thing as maori science. Science has no ethnicity. It’s a system of hard facts based on evidence.

My favourite outburst emanating from this stupidity and definitely the overwhelming gold medal winner, came from an ecologist, Dr Tara McAllister, specifically, “…we (his maori ancestors) did not navigate to Aotearoa on myths and legends”.

Take note Tara. For your ancestors to navigate to New Zealand they must first have known of its existence. Failing that they were simply adrift at sea.

This disgraceful episode showed loud and clear that the word “academic” must never be confused with intellectual. In New Zealand, in so many cases, they’re poles apart as well demonstrated by this shameful episode.

Underlying all of this is the current cult of maori wonderfulness.

Meaning well is no excuse for dishonestly. But in fact it’s terribly harmful to maori betterment in promoting a sense of entitlement, fictional historic achievements and being short-changed by colonialism.

The recent episode that maoris “may” have been the first people to visit the Antarctic, the basis for this claim being mythology and the ability to sail a boat, took a lot of beating, but the Auckland university hierarchy have undoubtably bested it with this maori science absurdity.

How long before one of these bogus academic clowns announces maoris have swum non-stop underwater across Cook Straight, based on mythology and the ability to swim?

It will happen and the shameless disgraceful Royal Society will endorse it.

Sir Bob Jones is a renowned author, columnist , property investor, and former politician, who blogs at No Punches Pulled HERE.


DeeM said...

It would be interesting to see how many of our so-called academics could pass a simple test in basic historical and scientific knowledge, sound scientific practice and statistical analysis.
I suspect most would fail because they specialise in Woke Studies which requires, and indeed encourages, none of the above. You just have to prostrate yourself in front of the first minority group you can find, preferably an indigenous one, and then quote as fact from some ancient oral accounts of what they claim to have done.
I'm waiting on a research paper which claims that the North Island really was pulled out of the Pacific Ocean by Maori while sailing the South Island back from a fishing expedition in Antarctica.

Alexandra Corbett Dekanova said...

I watched The Hui of 2nd August this year where a sociologist Melanie Mark-Shadbolt was one of the guests in the debate about science and matauranga Maori.
She said that her problem was not so much with the individuals who signed the letter about science and matauranga Maori published in Listener but the institutions that allow these people to operate in them. According to her it is a sign that there are bigger issues, that people are allowed to have these views and it is dangerous not only for current academics but for future academics.

Her words incite two groups of questions:
1. What is so dangerous? That academics are and hopefully will be exposed to opinions other than their own? That they will have to search arguments to defend their opinions instead of thriving on repeating the propaganda phrases? That they will have to use reason and logic to prove their arguments? That they might be even exposed to the truth?
2. How do they want to achieve that all people at universities will have the same opinion as them?

I lived in communist Czechoslovakia and was working at university during the communist era. Every university, each faculty and each department (as well as each institution, factories, farms, shops etc.) had its own communist committee that controlled everything: the curricula, courses, subjects, the number of the students, the number of employees, their political and ideological background, the research programmes and projects, who could undertake postgraduate studies, the salaries etc. We had to write plans on how we were going to apply the principles of the communist education in every subject and then write the reports on how we did it. We had compulsory ideological and political courses every month. Marxism-Leninism with its philosophy, political economy and scientific communism (something like futurology) were compulsory subjects for all students in all forms of studies. And, of course, we had had compulsory Russian language since we started school up to postgraduate studies. All you wanted to publish went through ideological censorship.

Do they really want mutatis mutandis something like that? Is she aware that what she was calling for is ideologically motivated purge of universities, that it is beyond the contest of ideas, it is about censorship and execution of power in the places where freedom of speech is condicio sine qua non? And this is truly dangerous.

The danger is not only in the loss of the freedom of speech but in the atmosphere of fear, suspicions and lies. The life we were living under communism was the life of schizophrenia. You knew the truth but you had to comply with the lie and this had a damaging effect on individual morality that the post-communist countries had to fight with for a long time after communism fell.

In 1968 we in Czechoslovakia were hoping to open our country to democracy and were really surprised to find that student protesters in Germany and France were marching under the portraits of Che Guevara. That was the generation that afterwards started to propagate "cultural Marxism" whose child is also the Critical Theory with Critical Race Theory as its part. And believe me, it is very sad to see the dangerous tentacle of this communist hydra growing here in New Zealand. The compulsory te reo, the alleged principles of Treaty of Waitangi being pushed everywhere, the requirements for students who want to be teachers, the white privilege courses Te Hurihanganui etc., etc., etc. The only thing that they are going to achieve this way in the wider society and even in people of good will is resentment. People will get fed up, will become sick of all things Maori, will make jokes, will mock them. Do they really want it? Do Maori really need to imply this morally perverted Critical Race Theory and its ammunition of accusations of racism, white privileges, appropriation etc.? Do they really need to imitate the US?

Alexandra Corbett Dekanova

Barend Vlaardingerbroek said...

I hope everyone reads Alexandra Dekanova's piece above.
It shows that people like yours truly are not just crying wolf when we draw parallels between what is happening in our societies and totalitarian regimes.

Anonymous said...

Given Maori clearly did reach Antarctica because Maori folklore is now scientific fact, the following article from Stuffed is clearly fake news:

"Five people spent about 40 minutes awaiting rescue in the water off the Taranaki coast after the vessel they were in capsized.

"They were assessed for mild hyperthermia following the Sunday rescue and one person was taken to hospital.

"Around 8.30am, two waka ama crews were paddling outside of Port Taranaki, near Belt Rd, New Plymouth, Taranaki police SAR coordinator Senior Constable Vaughan Smith said.

"One of the waka, of club Otaikokako, capsized and its crew of six ended up in the water, Smith said."