Saturday, August 28, 2021

Hugh Perrett: Implementation of Separatism in New Zealand

Together with many other New Zealanders, I must express my extreme concern at Government’s continuing deliberate re-invention of and misinterpretation of the Treaty of Waitangi, seemingly for its own political agenda and benefit, by promulgating what can only be described as Government endorsed Separatism through a Government sponsored system of neo- apartheid - a political structure which for decades we despised and rejected relative to South Africa.

It is almost certain to be extremely damaging to our society, democratic system and democracy.

There is no justification for it, as is seemingly being claimed, in either our history or in the Treaty of Waitangi provisions.

Observably activists inside Government seem to have hijacked collectively, both Government‘s caucus and the Coalition.

They appear to have embedded a sense of guilt in the Prime Minister and to be successfully exploiting it to the full. 


I’m sure these activists are chasing “the easy money” so to speak.

Longer term the “Ward system” in local body politics and the “List-member” provisions for parliamentary elections, would seem to ensure they are not going away any time soon. Additionally, of course, Maori can quite rightly stand in ordinary electorate seats. It could all get very lopsided!

However, the fact that speaking Maori is likely be a prerequisite for employment in the Government Service adds a further dimension to the possible “stacking of” and over-concentration of activist-sympathetic participants in the Government sector and decision- implementation stream.

The Treaty negotiations and settlements have been affected and Government should be making it very clear to these activists that there is no more. The gravy train is over - finito - and make it stick.

Unfortunately, they appear to be taking the worst possible option by looking to withdraw the clause “full and final” with regard to Treaty Settlements, leaving the way open for unlimited continuing and ongoing claims.

I don’t know for sure just what The Prime Minister’s true agenda is, but it is totally untenable and unless stopped and reversed, it will almost certainly be very damaging and could well lead to the destruction of our democracy and society over which process it seems, she will be very happy to preside.

It seems to me the Prime Minister may well basically see us as her “subjects” as opposed to “fellow” New Zealand citizens of equal standing, she was elected to, and undertook to, represent - and that we will “bloody well do as we are told.” We are being “ruled” not governed.

She seems to overlook the fact that it is our country as well as hers. In effect she seems to be governing for, at most, 15 percent of the population. Her real team is a team of 750,000 NOT 5,000,000.

This Government is maverick, and it is hard to guess what the Prime Minister’s real agenda is and how “mischievous” it might be. 

Importantly, the Government has had no mandate for any of these moves, none of which were disclosed to the electorate during the election process. The electorate were “totally uninformed” as to Government’s intentions at the time of the election. In effect we have been “blindsided” insofar as these undisclosed policies, intentions and actions go, all of which are very dangerous to our democratic system and democracy. A realistic question could well be - “are they all legal?”

This only covers a bit of the ground.

Other issues such as the mandatory teaching and learning of Maori, a language without meaningful utility, are of serious consequence, taking up valuable educational time much better utilised for education options far more relevant to one’s future life.

In addition, the dishonest and manipulative reinvention of “cleansing” and re-presenting of our history with a view to controlling our children’s perceptions of our past, with a view to “political management” in their future - a classic methodology used by religions to establish and indoctrinate adherents from a very early age, which, coupled to a reinforcing regime of daily prayer (self-brainwashing and indoctrination) practically ensures at least some level of control for life. 

I see this Government as extremely ill-informed as to the electorate, philosophically highly dangerous, and likely to bring about the destruction of our democracy as such and do very serious damage to our society.

What is their real agenda?

It is anyone’s guess. But I believe they must be stopped from going down the track they are on.

We must stop living in the past and start living collectively as New Zealanders of equal standing, regardless of our derivation, for a common-purpose and to ensure a successful future - collectively as New Zealanders together.

Hugh Perrett, a member of the New Zealand Business Hall of Fame, is the former managing director of Foodstuffs and founder of the Pak n' Save discount grocery chain

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DeeM said...

Great to hear a New Zealander of high standing sharing the same views as most other Breaking Views commentators.
Hopefully Hugh can use his influential contacts and network to spread the word and come up with a plan to fight back against the woke tide that has taken over NZ.

gregd said...

as per DeeM Where are the Nationals?seem to be having silent private conversations,and what about past National Prime Ministers? do they sign a code of silence when leaving politics? I listened to John Key on leighton Smith podcast recently and he didn't show alot of concern on air. Wasn't putting up the sort of argument John Howard would to support the liberal party in Australia

Anna Mouse said...

Nailed it.

If this separatist agenda, indentity politics motivated critical race theory driven ethno-centric government is not reigned in New Zealand will become another note in our 'new' history books and not for all the good reasons that got us here today but just for the destruction of a once admired democratic multi-cultural society.

Terry Morrissey said...

Encouraging to see other people have had about enough of this Governments dishonesty, propaganda, arrogance and sheer contempt for the majority of the population. The biggest problem is getting the message out as the Government has already bought off the media with $55 million, thereby preventing the truth being available and uses TV daily as a soapbox to get the PM face time; with patsy questions, when a statement from one of the talking heads could give the same information without the drama. We do have the opportunity to get rid of them at the next election, but they have far too much time to do a hell of a lot more damage between now and 13 January 2024 and they will. What is the solution?

Ron Johns said...

I agree with your views

oneblokesview said...

While I am opposed to the current apartheid by stealth.
I am not against the teaching of Maori in schools.

Your arguments against Maori being without meaningful utility could be applied to the language of Wales. However I respect that the Welsh live in a bi lingual world while accepting English as the language of commerce and higher learning.

There are many other countries in the world who live in a Bicultural/Bi lingual way. I think of Canada, and Singapore(4 official languages).

But in neither of the examples I quote practice the crazy virtual signaling of the the new Menglish (throwing in the odd Maori word) as practiced in NZ media and government documents.

Either you have an English media using English words, or you have both languages reported in full. Menglish is an abomination.
Let alone the crazy virtual signaling of adding tribal affiliations when referencing a Maori persons name in the English media.

The same can be said about government documentation.
English version. Maori version. I dont have a problem with that.

But Menglish...nope.

Anonymous said...

Great to see someone doing something about it, I am sick of it being pushed, before we know it we won't be New Zealand any longer. It is a huge worry really.
Jennifer Slade

Brian A said...

Well said again Hugh, I fully agree, another awesome artical from you that says it all. We should have you running the country instead of Ardern and her cohorts, she has to stopped.

Ray Peel said...

President Barack Obama is probably the only person in the world at the present time who has been on the receiving end of racial issues ... and ... was in a position to undertake a political campaign based on racial redress.

On page 17 of his new book ... A PROMISED LAND ... he offers his opinion that

" I saw how a political campaign based on racial redress, no matter how reasonable, generated fear and backlash and ultimately placed limits on progress ".

As an elderly impartial observer, I was wondering whether the people behind the current political campaign in New Zealand based on racial redress have a different opinion ... or whether they have little concern as to the fear and backlash which their campaign may cause ?

Phil said...

A teacher in Christchurch has leaked resources being taught to 14 year olds there telling them to experiment with different genders and try gay sex. We currently have a Bill before parliament making it illegal for parents to interfere with the gender orientation or nuances of their children with a possible 5 year jail term. Another Bill enabling people to change the gender on their birth certificate with a simple declaration. The Government was prioriting this and the topics discussed by Hugh and key policies such as Covid vaccinations have been a low priority. I saw an interesting discussion today from Scottish historian Neil Oliver on GB news saying that any Government that tries to come between parents and their children is a totalitarian Government. The evidence is clearly there in New Zealand.

Howard Mansell said...

Sir. I heartily praise you for stateing the feelings of so many average New Zealanders who presently gave no voice. We desperately need the support of people like you who can speak the truth and be heard. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The recent winning picture book for the NZ Book Awards for Children goes along with the current narrative of this government. Polynesians arrived on our shores and "lived as one with the land". The next page shows European ships arriving with masses of rats jumping off and the wording "soon others arrived with a greedy, ravenous hunger". Europeans being depicted as rats! Then the newcomers went on to chop and burn all the trees (which, I accept Europeans did do) and caused the demise of the huia AND the moa. I complained to the NZ Book Awards Trust which initially chose to ignore my email. So I phoned and the administrator told me my sense of history is different from others! They also told me that children wouldn't pick up on the messaging. Needless to say, as a bookseller and keen historian I am still fuming.

Anonymous said...

Question for Anon: What is the title of the book?

Anonymous said...

Kowhai and the Giants - attractive book, but incorrect.

John Mitchell said...

I totally agree with Hugh's views.

The Prime Minister is also making the country too close in association with the Chinese Communist Party. I have a great amount of fondness for the Chinese people be they here or in China but certainly not their Communist Party loud mouths.

Anonymous said...

Hugh, what about addressing this question by way of another Open Letter to the Prime Munster: “Apart from the obvious exception of feminism, how is the separatist agenda of your He Puapua plan different from that of the Taliban in Afghanistan?”

Fiona said...

How do we get the majority of New Zealanders to see and appreciate the massive tribal/apartheid threat to our country, its peace and prosperity. Most of them think the PM is just being kind whereas she's a real wolf in sheep's clothing!!!! And the media is a huge part of the propaganda problem.

Geoffrey said...

I question the suggestion that the PM’s position reflects the wishes of 17%. In my experience, most with some Maori heritage do not agree with the separatist approach. As is their custom, they just do not say so publicly. These are the folk who, with the anonymity of the ballot box, vote otherwise. It was not the Maori vote that brought about the last aberration: it was the fault of the gullible middle