Saturday, August 28, 2021

Breaking Views Update: Week of 22.08.21

Saturday August 28, 2021 

Fonterra - Being a New Zealand Co-operative, the Māori world view inspires our mindset.

We acknowledge the interconnectedness of all living and non-living things and our commitment to Manaakitanga (care for people), Kaitiakitanga (care for our land and environment) and Whanaungatanga (care for the connectivity between people) drives all that we do.

As an organisation, we want to create a sincere integration and appreciation of Māori culture within our Co-operative. We recognise the value this can bring in shaping who we are and the role it plays in celebrating our identity here in Aotearoa New Zealand and globally......
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More on the above here > Haea Te Ata strategic objectives

“Meanwhile, the Police also confirmed in today’s Justice Select Committee that they are racially discriminating when it comes to the lockdown rules.
“ACT believes all New Zealanders should be treated equally. But Police Commissioner Andrew Coster says the majority of New Zealanders are not able to go fishing under Level 4, but exceptions will be made for Māori who have “customary rights.” Māori are not the only people who hunt and fish.

“Coster couldn’t say what the legal definition of ‘customary’ was. He is a trained lawyer and the Commissioner of Police. If he can’t work out what the law means, what hope do the rest of us have?.....
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Māori Party co-leader encourages customary seafood gathering to get through lockdown
Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins today reminded people that gathering some seafood and associated activity is not permitted under Level 4 lockdown rules, as it “puts other people at risk” but Māori Party co-leader Rawiri Waititi is adamant that many Māori depend on the food source to survive......
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Māori authorities exports rose by 1.8% to $755m in 2020 - Stats NZ
The value of exports rose by $14 million or 1.8 percent to $755 million in 2020 compared to 2019, Statistics New Zealand says.

Kaimoana, including fish, crayfish, and mussels were Māori authorities' top commodities export in 2020 at $311 million.

More than 40 percent of Māori authorities' total exports were kaimoana, compared with just 3 percent of total New Zealand exports......
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Wellington City Council approves representation review
Wellington City Council has approved community consultation for its Representation Review Initial Proposal, a requirement for Council following its decision in May to establish a Māori ward.

Public consultation on the Council’s Representation Review Initial Proposal will start Saturday 4 September ending Monday 4 October with a meeting Tuesday 12 October for oral submissions......
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Public Encouraged To Have Say On Hastings District Council’s Representation Proposal
Hastings district councillors today approved an initial proposal for the ongoing representation of the Hastings district, which will soon go out for formal public consultation.

The preferred proposal will now be notified for public consultation, which will be open from August 30 to October 1......
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Māori Health Authority must enable tino rangatiratanga - feedback
The group tasked with creating a new Māori Health Authority has been told to ensure tino rangatiratanga is embedded at every level and iwi partnership boards have teeth.

"From these engagements, a number of key themes are emerging that include enabling tino rangatiratanga and Te Tiriti partnership at all levels of the system, particularly regionally and locally, emphasis on the whole system needing to address Māori health needs and aspirations - not just the Māori Health Authority," he said......
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He Puapua – What is it? - by NZCPR

'Divisive legislation' only Maori can go fishing under level 4 health legislation

Democracy in New Zealand: A Stocktake – by Dr Muriel Newman

Stepping Off the Bench – Anthony Willy

Positive working partnership with iwi proving a success for restoration 

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Thursday August 26, 2021 

New Plymouth council apologises to iwi after starting construction on car park without consulting 
New Plymouth District Council has apologised to iwi after not consulting them on a new city centre car park.

The council's operational team started work on the site last month, before engaging with Ngāti Te Whiti hapū.

“Upon realising that mistake the council staff stopped all the work going on. We contacted the chair of Ngāti Te Whiti Hapu and the chief executive of Te Atiawa iwi apologised for our mistake.”.......
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Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act 2021
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Two Māori wards suggested by Horizons Regional Council for 2022 election
The unique status of the Whanganui River is one of the reasons why a wider Manawatū council wants to have distinct rohe for Māori-elected councillors.

The number of people on the Māori roll means Horizons would have two Māori-elected councillors, but the council has been working on how those people would be elected......
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Final decision closer for Māori representation on Taranaki Regional Council
Submitter Grant Knuckey told councillors the issue was about Maori sovereignty, and democracy.

He did not agree with Maori representation being decided by iwi boundaries.

“It is about the right for Maori to be represented in a way which is fair to Maori,” he said.

TRC iwi representative Emily Bailey submitted the process of nominating candidates to stand for election was a “strange activity” for Maori.

Bailey said 180 years of colonisation had made Maori uncomfortable with standing for election.

“We don’t like doing it and we would rather be asked by our own people to stand,” she said.

“We actively despise the process. We don't like participating in groups we don’t agree with.....
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Auckland Council to expand under reforms allowing extra Māori seats
Auckland Council could have up to three additional seats for Māori wards from 2025 under reforms being considered by the government.

Cabinet intends to remove the legislated limit of 20 ward seats on Auckland Council, which had previously been cited by councillors as a barrier to creating specific Māori seats in the city......
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$10,000 support packages available for Māori SMEs
Māori businesses based in Tāmaki Makaurau, affected by COVID-19 could now be eligible for subsidised growth and support services valued at over $10,000......
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Laking first Maori medical director for cancer charity
The Cancer Society has appointed Dr George Laking from Te Whakatōhea as its first Māori medical director.

Cancer Society chief executive Lucy Elwood says the appointments demonstrate the organisation’s Equity Charter in action and is a huge step towards aligning with Te Tiriti through jointly appointing a Māori and non-Māori Medical Director......
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Resource Management Act replacement 'erodes democracy', regional council says
The West Coast Regional Council says proposed new laws to replace the Resource Management Act (RMA) will erode local democracy and demote the Treaty of Waitangi.

A planning committee will be appointed – rather than elected – for each region to draw up the relevant plans, made up of one person from each local authority, manawhenua and the Department of Conservation (DOC).

Decision-makers would have to “give effect to” the principles of the treaty, rather than just take them into account, as the RMA requires......
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Hugh Perrett: Open Letter to the Prime Minister

Bruce Moon: And The Lies Keep Rolling On!

Labour must uphold the rule of law – Chris Trotter 

Wednesday August 25, 2021 

College calls for priority vaccines for Māori and Pasifika to prevent health system overwhelm 
The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners supports the call from Te Rōpū Whakakaupapa Urutā, the National Māori Pandemic Group, that unvaccinated Māori and Pasifika must be prioritised to receive their first COVID-19 vaccination.

College President Dr Samantha Murton (pictured right) says, "We know from data that Māori and Pasifika have greater health needs, increased levels of comorbidities, and are often more vulnerable to illness, which means greater death rates.

"It is a fundamental equity issue to vaccinate these communities now because the effects of COVID-19 for them will be more damaging than other groups......
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More on the above here > Renewed calls for Māori, Pasifika to be front of vaccination queue

Māori road safety outcomes report
Our vision is for an Aotearoa New Zealand where no one is killed or seriously injured in road crashes. The release of He Pūrongo Whakahaumaru Huarahi Mō Ngā Iwi Māori (Māori Road Safety Outcomes Report) is a proud step towards achieving this vision.......
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Educating all South Canterbury Health Board staff on te ao Māori
South Canterbury District Health Board (SCDHB) staff are on a cultural education journey to improve their understanding of te ao Māori-centred practice and values, to enhance cultural safety and develop equity of health services.

All staff will attend the three-day Kia Tika te Ara (Correcting the Pathway) course, with the first cohort just completed.......
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Councillor ward seats on the line as Wellington City Council looks to establish Māori ward
Wellington City Council could remove three of its ward seats in order for a Māori ward to be established.

Council staff have released a set of options that outline how the new ward could be established, with the preferred option including removing one councillor each from the Eastern, Onslow-Western, and Lambton wards.

These seats would be replaced by one Māori ward councillor, representing that ward, and two councillors elected “at large”, representing the entire city as opposed to a ward......
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Otago Museum looking at te reo Maori name change
A te reo Maori name change could be on the cards for Otago Museum.

Museum director Dr Ian Griffin said in his report to the Otago Museum Trust board meeting yesterday the museum’s Maori advisory committee would meet mana whenua representatives to consider recommending a Maori name......
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Māori concerns debated in water bottling consents appeal
Māori opposed to Christchurch water being bottled and exported seem to have made some headway in the Court of Appeal.

But one of the three Court of Appeal judges, Justice Mark Cooper, on Monday said that if tangata whenua were concerned water was being bottled and leaving the rohe (area), it was an issue potentially relevant to consider......
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New Plymouth district councillors approve $570,000 shared path around historic pā site
New Plymouth councillors have approved plans for a $570,000 shared path around a historic pā site.

People walking over the hillock at the end of the Weld Rd Reserve, near Oakura, have long been a source of iwi complaint because of the damage being caused to Hauranga Pā.......
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Baby brand Haakaa now 'deeply sorry' for 'disrespectful' branding after denying any link to Tikanga Māori
Haakaa, which specialises in baby products like silicone breast pumps, was founded by Morgan Van der Harst and her stepmother Shu Ting Zhang. The company now sells its products internationally in Australia, Europe, Asia and North America.

But activist Te Hāmua Nikora approached the company early last year questioning what the name of the company "even means".

In screenshots of messages shared with Newshub, Nikora informed the company he was a Te Reo and Tikanga consultant, and directly translated: "Haa means 'breath', Kaa means 'on fire'".

"How does this make sense? Why are you using my language and culture to sell your product?" he asked.......
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Walking as a pathway to knowing

Tiny New Zealand airport that tells Māori love story in running for global design award 

Sunday August 22, 2021

Negative response to proposal for two wards

Voters in this week’s web poll overwhelmingly oppose the proposal to create two separate wards for Gisborne district the preferred option by the district council.

They were asked if they agreed with the council’s decision on the proposal to split Tairawhiti into two wards, one general (eight councillors), and one Maori (five councillors).

From 351 respondents in the poll, 80.06 percent (281 voters) indicated they were against the GDC’s new representation option.

Only 14.25 percent (50 votes) expressed support while 5.70 percent (20 voters) were undecided.

Comments from the negative camp included:........
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Health experts say the Government has failed to protect Māori and Pasifika from the latest outbreak, calling it "our worst nightmare"
Health experts say they warned the government Māori and Pasifika vaccination rates needed to be prioritised but the Ministry of Health failed to respond. Now, those at-risk communities are even more vulnerable to the highly contagious Delta variant of Covid-19.

Te Rōpū Whakakaupapa Urutā, the National Māori Pandemic Group, said the Government has failed to meet high Māori and Pasifika vaccination expectations because the Covid-19 response operates in a health system set up to benefit Pākehā .....
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Police roll out reassurance patrols to enforce bubbles
Deputy Police Commissioner Wally Haumaha says there’s no call for iwi road checks in the current lockdown - and in fact, with Delta COVID on the loose they’re a bad idea.

Police yesterday asked an unauthorised road check at Manaia to stand down and took over the task of stopping outsiders from heading on to the Coromandel Peninsula.......
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Harbour-inspired wards proposed for next Porirua election
A Māori ward honouring the original name for the area, and two general wards named for the two arms of our harbour is the plan proposed for Porirua City for future local government elections......
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Disunity and Division – by Dr Muriel Newman.

Maori social and economic indicators under colonization: A picture of progress – Lindsay Mitchell

The disturbing case of Moana, the heavyweight influencer and the judges – Karl du Fresne 

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Ray S said...

Are Maori and Pacifica population at greater risk than the general population ? Doubt it.
Failure to follow the procedure for arranging vaccinations is their own fault. No one else is to blame.

Ray S said...

South Canterbury Health Board are to have a "cultural education journey" Probably compulsory with job at risk for failing to comply. When will it ever end?

Ray S said...

Saturday 28
"Māori Party co-leader encourages customary seafood gathering to get through lockdown"
Everyone else id banned from this activity.
Thats looka racist from where I'm sitting.

DeeM said...

Fonterra - don't they make you thoroughly sick!!!
Yet another big corporate grovelling at the woke altar in the hope that there business won't be affected.
They've probably Maorified all their business departments and come up with made-up Maori names for them all.
I wonder if the milk-tanker division is now called Waka Miraka.