Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Hugh Perrett: Open Letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister,

Many, many of we New Zealanders are heartily sick of and extremely annoyed at your Government’s ongoing campaign to bring about a change in our country’s name from New Zealand to Aotearoa. 

This has obviously in effect involved instructing Government Departments and major media (at least) to continually push the name Aotearoa in association with or, increasingly, at the expense of our country’s name, New Zealand. 

We, as a country have spent billions of dollars over many, many years promoting the name New Zealand and giving it identity and meaning internationally. 

It is our Brand name in the same way as names like Coca Cola, Colgate, Persil, Watties, Palmolive, Milo, Vegemite and many others are brand names instantly conveying the identity, positive benefits and positive consumer associations with them. 

None of these brand owners would for a second contemplate changing the name of these branded products. 

I was particularly annoyed to see a segment on Seven Sharp on Tuesday in which a number of children - aged I would guess about 7/8 years old , being asked leading questions about what they thought about the name Aotearoa. 

Clearly, it seemed to me, almost all the children asked were of Maori descent and clearly there had been a significant process of “brainwashingpreconditioning involved in the process, I’m sure to ensure the “required”/ “desired answer was given. 

This is shabby stuff indeed. 

Your Government stands accused by many, including me, of having been hijacked by Maori activists within your caucus and within your coalition partners in parliament, together with yours and their associates in the community. 

Your Government’s whole agenda in this area is TOTALLY WITHOUT MANDATE. 

It is insidious, devious, manipulative and dishonest. 

In my opinion it is directly comparable with and reminiscent of the approach taken by the Goebel’s campaigns conducted in Nazi Germany before and during WW2 and is  increasingly divisive of our society - even deliberately so. 

Our democracy is being more and more threatened by your Government’s agendas. 

It is our country as well as yours Prime Minister and I am asking you to back off before irreparable damage is done to our society, country and way of life. 

Yours sincerely,
Hugh Perrett

Hugh Perrett, a member of the New Zealand Business Hall of Fame, is the former managing director of Foodstuffs and founder of the Pak n' Save discount grocery chain

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Anonymous said...

Well said Hugh, a good letter, I fully agree with you. As a government employee we are constantly bombarded with Te Ao Maori along with eLearning modules and 1-3 day training sessions, to be completed all at the taxpayers expense. It will be interesting to see what they do if we do not complete these modules or training!!

Terry M said...

I certainly hope you get some response Hugh but I would think she will just ignore your letter in the way she ignores any negative critisism.Maybe a whole lot more Open Letters from other people of high profile could work.Or even Open Letters to the Governor General requesting that she invoke The Reserve Powers and dismiss the Prime Minister as this could surely be considered extreme circumstances.

Margherita Medici said...

The present Governer General will in September be leaving the post to a Maori woman as far as I understand from the other side of the world. The confusion and totalitarianism which emanates from my dear Homeland is deeply saddening and frightening especially as so many people pay at least lip service to so called Te Ao Maori. It is a great shame that the opposition party is so voiceless although nominally National unable or unwilling to protect the nation we sang of so proudly at school all together: God of nations at Thy feet in the bonds of love we meet God protect New Zealand. Now old friends and relatives write to me with love from Aotearoa and adding incomprehensible phrases presumably Maori. More than one person I know is considering emigrating from NZ. Tragic highjacking of a country so admired all over the world for equality and excellence in all fields.

Margherita Medici said...

In response to Mr Hugh Perett's observant comment yes we are kiwis,New Zealanders from New Zealand the country where the best kiwi fruit, the best rugby players, the best sailors come from. In Italian Nuova Zelanda. It is unthinkable that that whole world change this name and what is more start to use Maori terminology when the whole world speaks English and envies those whose native language is English. There are over 4 million New Zealanders who live outside New Zealand. What do the government suggest we be called?

CXH said...

Dear Mr (I have been forced to chose a pronoun as you have not indicated your preference, if it is incorrect please accept my apologies) Perrett

Thank you so much for your letter. I can assure you I am kind and thoughtful to all New Zealand people. I do hope you can say the same.


THE Prime Minister

Frank Newman said...

The Reserve Powers of the Governor-General may be viewed here (copy and paste into browser):

John Penman said...

Well stated Hugh Perrett. You are stating what many of your fellow NZ citizens think. This is very useful in a public debate that the NZ Labour Government, seem to be so desperately wanting to avoid.

Unknown said...

Fantastic, we are all behind this letter..

Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful and heartening to hear true words spoken with courage. I hate the direction this country is headed in and genuinely concerned about my childrens future.

Anonymous said...

So sad to see the freedoms that we took for granted now being manipulated and trampled in the dust in exchange for Totalitarianism, surveillance and control. What will happen when 5G is switched on?

Pete said...

Well spoken and thank you for saying the things most of us feel and think . Changing BRAND names to something unrecognizable, is not only dangerous economically , it removes a basis for local pride . It happened here in the Far North recently . A well known tourist attraction , Kauri Kingdom in Awanui , was recently purchased by a local iwi . It was a very popular attraction and displayed some most amazing kauri furniture and carvings . Upon taking over , the name was immediately changed to some unpronounceable maori name and displayed by way of a large sign on the roadside . Tourists drove by , as there was NO kauri Kingdom in view . After several months , the maori name was dropped in favor of KAURI UNEARTHED . Close , but still not the BRAND name known locally and nationally and promoted by I sites throughout the country .It has been shut for the past year .Tourist buses no longer visit and the fresh water vehicle wash (get rid of 90 Mile Beach sand underneath for $2 ) no longer available . During the Easter long weekend , (NZ busiest weekend) We visited Cape Reinga on the Monday , as did thousands of others . The nearest cup of coffee was Waitiki Landing , a combination motel. backpackers , restaurant , bar , takeaway , general store and and petrol pumps . It is managed by the local iwi . AND , it was closed ! On then to Pukenui , where we expected to get a meal at the local restaurant . Upon arrival , hungry and thirsty , we found the restaurant closed ! The local Four Square was open as was the Liquour Store . On arrival home , I looked up the Pacific Restaurant WEB site and found this explanation for the closure by the manager : " I felt the staff needed some time off , so we closed " The busiest weekend of the year . Management is not a strong part of the character being part of the Far North community . As we are seeing within our current govt , giving way to legislation and management (as well as heaps of money hell bent in one direction) to an ethnic group , purporting to be the indigenous species of New Zealand , is becoming so one eyed and anti democracy , it is frightening . We need true representation by our elected MP's . Ask ANY local maori if their iwi or tribe, asked them what they would like their leaders to do or how to act or in what direction they should be taking , I will guarantee 99% were never asked . Tribes are a long way from Freedom or Democracy . Just ask the women of maori descent .

Alexandra Corbett Dekanova said...

Thank you very much for giving us a bit of hope.

Alexandra Corbett Dekanova.

Unknown said...

What is being inflicted on New Zealand?

In recent times John Key promised the country a referendum on a new flag for New Zealand.

In due course this referendum took place and lost.

Suddenly now in very short time we have suddenly had;

Government Departments dropping their English names and replacing them with Maori names.

Government programs appearing with Maori names. This is an almost underhanded way of hiding what is going on. Unless one can get a translation for the program name, one has no idea what is happening and just who in mandating it.

All media suddenly using both Maori and English names for any thing they publish or broadcast.

Now just as quickly they are only using the Maori names and are dropping the English names completely.

TV and Radio announcers/personalities and reporters are using Te Reo to lead into their pronouncements which needs to be subtitled so the overwhelming majority of the New Zealand population has any hope of understanding what is being said,

Even advertising – the Mobil advertisement before the Sports News on TV1 for example – is totally unreadable to the population at large.

This all seems to have New Zealand “Hell Bent” on becoming Aotearoa without the consensus of the population at large. John Key was at least honest enough to ask the entire population for consent to change the flag.

When, I might ask, is someone going to commission a new National Anthem? And when suddenly is a new official Aotearoa Flag going to appear on Government flag poles nationwide?

I for one, along with everyone one of my friends that I discuss these matters with feel in the strongest of terms that New Zealand is being subject to an unmandated social change on a huge scale, and we have never been consulted as a Nation.

If the proposal to change the flag had been successful, then we could have gone along with it knowing that the majority of the population favoured it.

This suddenly inflicted change is on a colossal scale by comparison and is being done without the population’s consent.

I wish my voice to be heard in the strongest possible terms as a request to return immediately to the Status Quo, and for whoever or what ever is driving the current path to have the decency and honesty with the New Zealand population to initiate a referendum on the subject.

Who is it who thinks they can simply and swiftly change the name of the Nation?

Until now I believed we lived in a democracy.

David Francis

Unknown said...

we agree with this and thankfully people are speaking out against this régime which currently has no opposition other than the people of New Zealand.

Ian Hawken said...

I could not have put the current situation New Zealand finds itself in any better. Thank you and hopefully you will get a response.

Doug Longmire said...

Thank You Hugh for a very timely and to the point article/letter.
Many of us ordinary citizens are appalled at the urgent rush to destroy the democratic nation of New Zealand, and replace it with the Socialist Republic of Aotearoa. led by the Child Poviddy Minister - Comrade Cindie.

Doug Longmire said...

I agree completely with David above. As a (recently retired) pharmacist, we came under pressure from the Pharmacy Council to treat Maori customers/patients differently from all other nationalities. In Palmerston North, where I worked, this was totally inappropriate, because we have many migrant people settling here, who need help with English instructions on medicines. But we pharmacists were being told - ignore these people. Maori are a higher needs cohort !!

greg d said...

well done by Hugh! Exacatly what most New Zealander's are thinking. Just need another couple of well qualified and respected New Zealanders such as Hugh, to bring these issues into the public arena.Add example- community newsprint coverage for non radio people -explore joining in with Groundspell for november activity, together with the current online forums and radio personalities already on board,then just need a politician who is well up to handling Adern, Robertson,and Mallard.{the old crusher}

Don said...

Take heart fellow New Zealanders. Our best hope is the quality of our young people. With 50 years teaching under my belt I can assure you that attempts at their indoctrination into Maorification will not succeed once they are tired of having it jammed down their throats and have applied their intelligence to the awareness of the manipulation to which we are being subjected. Just exercise patience and the upcoming generation will work out the truth for themselves and the lies and misinformation will sink in the quicksands of history.

Greengrass said...

Well said Hugh.
When the will of the people is ignored, then the present government need to take note of history.
When the government does not respect the people, then the people will not respect the government. The people must register their displeasure at the next election.
If democracy does not prevail, then certain elements of the population might get the idea that the French had the right idea.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité

Now where did I put that Guillotine?

Anonymous said...

What is being inflicted on New Zealand?
It’s Critical Race Theory (CRT) through its Woke praxis.
What do we do?
We disengage from CRT.
How do we get all keen NZers to start this process?
I’ve put together 9 simple steps we can all take to start this important journey.
(Hint: it’s all about the language).
It’s another of my long articles but please have a read and see what you can start doing today.
Effi Lincoln: breaking views nz blog 20 August (9 ways to disengage from the Woke praxis of Critical Race Theory in NZ)

John R said...

Well written Hugh. Thank you so much for expressing the concerns of so many NZ rs. If I could convince my wife to come with me I would have already departed NZ. I hate the idea of living in a communist country owned by a group of people who claim to have Maori ancestors.
John R

listen to reason said...

For goodness sake, when will middle NZ start to understand the insidious encroachment into our democratic processes socially engineered by Jacinda, the Labour Government, and Maori. If I was a conspiracy theorist, I could almost believe that the current Level 4 lockdown was engineered just so that Jacinda could get on her podium again.
The sad fact here is that Hugh's comments do not just apply to the topic he has focussed on. There are a whole host of things Jacinda is pushing through and each one introduced is covering up and obscuring the former ones, to the extent that our useless media reps not only miss opportunities to highlight issues but also do not take the time to ask really important and relevant questions.
The current political environment is a masterclass in public and media manipulation towards a seriously socialist agenda. And I am sad to see we NZers being laughed at by the rest of the world. ($3m gift to the Taliban?!! And this reported worldwide on international news? How can we stop this?)
Sad, sad days for New Zealand.
Hugh, and everyone, do all we can to fight this.
I am more than happy to sign this off as myself, Robbie Caldwell from Queenstown

Unknown said...

Well said Hugh wish we had more like you having the guts to speak the truth and what a large majority of kiwis are thinking but to scared to say

Anonymous said...

The TOW only has legal effect to the extent that it has been incorporated into domestic statute. It is not a binding treaty in international law because no body politic capable of ceding sovereignty existed in 1840.

Steps to dismantle the edifice of Treatyism:

1] Abolition of the racist Maori seats.

[2] Removal of all references to race/cultural affiliation/ethnicity from the statute books.

[3] Removal of all references to the TOW and its fabricated "principles" from the statute books.

[4] Legislation making English the only official language. No more tax funding for the teaching of Maori language, culture, and 'history’ and no more tax funding for Maori immersion schools at all levels. If brown supremacists want these things let them use their Treaty settlement money to do it privately.

[5] Defunding and dismantling of all parallel social service delivery systems to Maori. If brown supremacists don't want to use the services available to all NZers, let them use their Treaty settlement money to do it privately.

[6] Restatement in statute that seabed, foreshore, and water are in Crown ownership and held in trust for ALL NZers.

[7] All Maori incorporations to be taxed at the company tax rate with no 'charitable' exemptions allowed.

[8] All communally-owned Maori land to be brought into the Torrens Title system by creating limited liability companies with shares issued to beneficial owners on a pro-rata basis. Shares can be bought/sold/traded with anyone of any race, thus allowing the motivated to build up a majority shareholding to move forward with land that because of current ownership structure cannot be used as security for bank finance. Maori Land Court to be abolished.

[9] Local authority rates to be levied on all Maori land -- including marae and kaumatua housing -- with standard enforcement procedures applied in the event of non-payment. No more free riders on non-Maori ratepayers.

[10] Immediate repeal of the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975 and abolition of the racist Waitangi Tribunal, with brown supremacist claims of any kind against the Crown to be dealt with in the Courts and proper evidential procedure applied.

[11] Immediate restatement in statue that the proper – and only – name of our country is New Zealand.

[12] Re-writing the Education Act to change the mission of our universities from being "the critic and conscience of society" to "required to provide intellectual balance and rigour, and equal space for conservative and libertarian viewpoints."

[13] Immediate renunciation of UN membership, and repudiation of all international agreements that have not been endorsed by a binding public referendum of 66% of eligible New Zealand voters.

Of course, any downstream proposal that the brown supremacist beneficiaries of state-sponsored identity politics revert to being treated the same as everyone else will make such groups squeal like stuck pigs. As Thomas Sowell reminds us: “When people get used to preferential treatment, equal treatment seems like discrimination.'

Unknown said...

Well said and I would like to add my concern over the lack of information on the team of $55 million. This lack of information and comment appears to indicate that most of the media have jumped on the gravy train. I have also noted there has been a moderation in Jacinda's Hitleresque rants, she must have received the message.

Anonymous said...

Hello Hugh.An excellent open letter that reflects the opinion of many proud New Zealanders.The trouble is we have elected the worst Government in New Zealand’s history.A bunch of unconscious incompetence.Who couldn’t run a fish and chip shop.Never mind a country.
Thanks for your effort.Unfortunately this bunch of Socialist have their own agenda,and will probably ignore you. Effort
Graham Evans.A past competitor from days gone by.

Gray said...

Totally agree with your letter Hugh. Very saddened to see the current direction of this government .Its all downhill from here.

Tallman said...

The more this is talked about the more it will be squashed...surely we are not that stupid for this name change to happen..I will move overseas if it does..this country will change and not to my liking.

Unknown said...

Great letter - thank you Hugh.
I have emailed my local MP regarding a referendum on our country's name, which is indeed NEW ZEALAND & I am proud to be a NZ'er. When will we the silent majority get heard? The TV is off most days as one just cannot be bothered with the inserts of maori. Extremely so when Ashley Bloomfield peppers his chat with maori when making nationwide statements. Help Us before this hijacking goes any further!
Carron Burn

Kiwilifestyler said...

Cannot agree more!! There is simply not respect or Mana in this floundering leaderless Gov't. It sides with gangs, penalizes Business trying to servive. Has lost control of housing and the pandemic. It has solely stuffed every peice of legislation its touched. It has delivered hours of propaganda but zero results in any of it's fiscal policies. To make matters worse the are now attacking the very foundations of our great leaders like Winston Churchal,distrespting our heritage and many other groups like ANZACS,ROYAL CORES, THE QUEEN,EVREY ENGLISHMAN,EVERY JEWISH FAITH,right down to evry person who suffers depression that aspires to greatness.This trojin of a leader and Gov't needs to be VOTED out never to return. NEVER HAS SO LITTLE BEEN DONE BY SO MANY. The greens the labours of this current World will be soon forgotten as a bad joke, but WINSTON CHURCHILL TAKEN DOWN AND PUT AWAY GATHERING DUST WILL ALWAYS STAND TALL AS A LEADER.

Vince said...

I have never learned Maori but have been picking a few names up, mostly from the context in which I see them being used.
I am pretty sure then that ‘Aotearoa’ means … land of the wrong white crowd

Anonymous said...

I congratulate you Hugh, you have written what so many of us are thinking and discussing.
I love the Maori language and I love that we live in a democracy where we get to choose what language we wish to learn but lately it is being rammed down our throats on TV1 a government owned channel and I feel my choice is being taken away, that I have no say. My choice is not to watch it anymore…because I have a choice. I identify as a New Zealander always have been, always will be.

Jeff A said...

I totally agree with you all, however I haven’t read one solution, so hear’s mine. Just reminding you all that it’s your chance to change this government next year at the ballot box. If the Nats haven’t got their act together I’m sure David Seymour will only be too willing to stand up and be counted. I for one will be giving him that chance.

Concerned Kiwi said...

Well that was well worth the read and all the comments that followed. As I can't add a link to another site I'd like to ask all the readers if any of them know about Jacinda Ardern's involvement in the United Nations Agenda 2030. It might explain quite a lot of what she and her cohorts have been up to for the last few years. Taking on board this Agenda without any consultation with New Zealanders is bordering, in my humble opinion, on criminal.

Tom Spratt said...

Time to start calling Aotearoa for what it is - a nickname. Cute to a few and offensive to most.

Chris Strickett said...

Great Letter-well written Hugh
I find it to be a sorry state when people who add comments to this blog do not identify themselves and prefer to use 'Anonymous' are these people too scared to identify themselves under the current socialist government regime for fear of retaliation? We all need to stand up and be counted as Hugh has done.
I was an avid supporter of the National party however on reading "in the Jaws of the Dragon" updated 2020 version I am looking for a change in the current Labour/National parties as they have sold us out to the Chinese. We should be very concerned about the amount of Freehold land, residential housing & businesses that they own.
Its about time Maori stood alongside the rest of New Zealanders to fight the real enemy which is China. If not we will just be tenants in our own country. The government welcome Chinese investment to NZ however we cannot even buy freehold land in China only lease it under current trade agreement.
On the flag issue, yes good on John Key for having a referendum. John Key was subject to pressure from some top Chinese officials to change the flag ie remove the British Insignia because it stands for Democracy which communist countries despise.
Labour/National have been guilty of appeasing the Maori purely for votes and at the same time destroying our democracy.
The party that stands up and says no to any further Chinese ownership and separatist agenda to drive a wedge between Maori and the rest of us will be getting my vote.

K said...

Yes, but don't overlook the 3 Waters proposal being foisted onto ill-prepared councils. Half of the 66 councils so far aren't happy.

Anonymous said...

I like many were jolted out of the creeping cancer of Maori rhetoric that we are forced to accept as any comment is always met with the standard racist flag. I know and respect many Maori for their acceptance within the family of New Zealanders. There is a considerable move by this current government to grab by whatever means a majority share of all that exists in this country, a country that has been built up by all races and all immigrants, of which the Maori race was also once an immigrant. The damage that they carried out in early days to our natural environment and lands is not a subject this government wants to reflect upon. As an example for language change, The recent legislation regarding the "3 waters" legislation being forced through parliament as promoted and spoken in Maori on TV1 with English subtitles, what on earth are we coming to. Letters from all government departments are headed in Maori and the weather forecast and City and township place names now lead with Maori, who understands this or thinks they have the right to shove it down our throats. This clear process to promote such division within the peoples of this land will only lead to disaster and away from democracy and freedom of choice and the demise of this land to everyone's loss. Where is all the money coming from and going to promote these ideals. Does this government seem to care ? Many many promises made and little kept.
"Hear our voices we entreat, God defend New Zealand."
Signed; English immigrant of some 60 years devoted to building the fabric of the great land.

5th generation Kiwi said...

Our beloved leader has now proclaimed that Maori are not subject to the same covid restrictions as the rest of us Aoterions are, Maori can go fishing, diving and white baiting because it's a customary fight!. Of course this news didn't recieved hardly any media coverage at all.
God help us are we really that stupid to put up with this continued slide into la la land.

Anna Mouse said...

Is it a surprise. We know what is going on.

Sloaneranger said...

Well stated Hugh and I absolutely agree wholeheartedly with every word.
Apart from a very small number, the media in NEW ZEALAND are so totally “woke” they don’t have the ability or intestinal fortitude to put forward the facts that most NEW ZEALANDERS are rightfully very concerned with.
Congratulations and thank you. Alan Most.

Anonymous said...

Change by stealth - pidgin English

The Prime Minister’s response to the terrorist attack followed up by stricter gun control provided a thumbs up on the local and international scene that she well deserved. Her initial response to the pandemic was another example of sound leadership and once again received deserved local and international recognition.

But kindness and empathy need to be reinforced with discipline and a long term view of where some kind and empathetic traits may end up.

For some time now there has been a ground swell for greater recognition of things Maori. The encouragement to learn the Maori language. The broader understanding of Maori cultural and spiritual actions and beliefs.

While this, in itself is good, both academically and socially, the way in which the current government are introducing it is locking in changes that require longer term considerations.

In particular take the introduction of Te Reo words and phrases into our English language - the first language of New Zealand. While this may seem a novel and kind way to provide recognition in our communications to our indigenous forebears it has the likelihood of muddying the English language as taught in New Zealand. In other words a pidgin form of English.

Already Government Departments and communication organisations are being instructed to use certain Te Reo terms and phrases in their normal English written and verbal communications. With radio and TV it started with Maori language week once a year now its every day.

Where will this end and at what cost to our developing country.

English is an international language. Most of the largest countries in the world have English as their first language - the USA, Canada, England and Australia. It is now the second language of all European countries and, due mostly to tourism, other countries, including most Asian countries, are encouraging its use.

Therefore we as a country, totally relying on international trade and tourism, need to take a closer look at what is happening to our first language and ask the question
‘is this a wise move?’.

Instead of peppering our first language with another language we should concentrate on keeping both languages as pure as possible. We should be providing clear guidance to our educational bodies that English is our most important language nationally and internationally. Teaching English in written and verbal form, from primary to tertiary education, needs to be a one of the prime responsibilities of the education department.

Recent research has identified that many students at tertiary level struggle to express themselves clearly in our first language. This has been predominantly a problem since the ‘new schools’ officialdom of the late1900‘s.

It’s simple really. Instead of providing kindness by attempting to encourage the cultures to officially mix their language we should strongly encourage the teaching of both languages in their most pure form - but, for obvious reasons, English must be our first language and therefore compulsory with Maori an optional extra language which all students must have access to.

If we prefer our news and entertaiment in Maori then Maori TV and Radio provide
excellent and informative coverage.

Anonymous said...

I am a 3rd generation NZ/Aotearoa citizen and have no objection to our wonderful country being referred to as either, I am proud of this country under wither banner however I do agree that we have enough trouble being recognised around the world without compounding it by changing our name let alone the costs associated in doing that. It's great that our countries indigenise people are recognised (I am proud of our Maori heritage) however I feel disappointed that my Maori relatives with the same Irish/Scottish/Welsh/English heritage as myself don't feel the same.

Brian Fletcher said...

Thank you Hugh for saying what many people are saying but not always having the courage to speak out.What you say is not racist but sound common sense

Anonymous said...

I think we can have both names quite happily Aoteoroa - New Zealand, or vice versa. I have always thought Zealand was a but random anyway (or Nieuw-Zeeland as it would have been) I think there are issues with your comments about brand and promotion- a huge amount of the promotion of this country relies on images and cultural depictions of Maori, including brands like the All Blacks, the haka, music, the repeated use of kia ora in ads, airlines mag etc - I don't think you can just cherry pick the bits of Maori culture that serve you and not the others. We're an amazingly adaptable country and can pick up language easily, lots of evidence of this. Let's have both.

Unknown said...

Yes you are 100% correct the majority of kiwis would agree with you but many dont have the guts to stand up and be counted J,Griffin

Anonymous said...

Thank you Hugh for a well written letter, one which I certainly agree with, as do the majority of people I am associated with. The actions of this Government are causing massive diversity between Maori and the other many different ethnicities in New Zealand. We are all Migrants, even Maori, so there should be, as the Treaty of Waitangi States: One People, under one Flag, and One Sovereignty. Yes I have read the Treaty of Waitangi (The Original) and the letters preceding it. It was bought about for the benefit of all peoples of New Zealand. Aotearoa was never used by Maori as a name for New Zealand, it was a British Surveyor who came up with that name. Maori referred to the North Island as Nu Tirana, and the South Island as Pounamu. Todays Government Ministers need to read some of the many books regarding New Zealand's history.

Jana Bott said...

Dear Hugh, Thank you so much for standing up and being counted. I think keeping Maori language should be kept alive but it should not be insinuated into our English language. We all should have a right to choose whether we learn Maori or not. Most of us would I assume prefer not too. When history is introduced into school, will it tell the history of Maori pre European or only the glossy version that Maori are pushing.
Please start a group that will stand up to the rubbish that this government is perpetrating on our country.
If only National had a backbone.

Jim Radich said...

All non English speaking people who have migrated to New Zealand who want their mother tongue preserved have the responsibility and duty to themselves to do so. The same with Maori people. It is NOT the responsibility of any other residents of New Zealand and definitely NOT the responsibility of the New Zealand taxpayer. There is nothing wrong with the Maori language nor any other language but the main language of New Zealand is English and furthermore every New Zealand born person grows up speaking English. And the Country's name? Abel Tasman called it in Dutch meaning New Sealand. Maori did not have an overall name for the country nor did they have a form of central government. They and the millions of other New Zealanders made the country we have today New Zealand. Finally there are thousands and thousands of New Zealand headstones in war cemeteries all over the world telling that the New Zealander who is buried there gave his or her life for a free New Zealand. Keep the name.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hugh

Your letter was forwarded to me by a friend. I read it with a huge sense of relief and respect that, finally, someone has the courage to write the sentiments that most of the population of New Zealand (not Aotearoa) espouse. I am not anti-Maori and enjoy their company but I am oh so fed up with listening to introductions, salutations etc etc in Te Reo with which I am unfamiliar and really have no wish to use or understand. My pronunciation and accent would surely prove disrespectful to Maori culture. Reading articles peppered with this language is ridiculous, and communication from any Government department is now conveyed in two languages at considerable cost. What a total waste of time and money - to achieve what? I understand that money has also been invested in Auckland museum to label exhibits in Maori in addition to English and unbelievably to re-classify plant names in the same way when the international understanding is Latin. We may not speak it, but it is the accepted method of classification.

In short, I would encourage you to enter Politics (perhaps you already have). How refreshing it would be to have someone with worlds of experience to approach issues and debates with confidence, influence, commonsense and determination. I for one would vote for you!


PS I lived in the UK (in Wales) at the time the Welsh insisted that the Welsh language should be taught in Welsh schools and all road/travel signs were in Welsh; in addition to all Political/Council documents were printed in Welsh and English. It was introduced and still exists, but has it enhanced Wales' position internationally (or even within GB)? Answer NO. Let's not go down a similar route and waste so much more money.

Anonymous said...

Two books I've recently read were 'Phantom Major' and 'Typhoon pilot' In the first, I learnt about the NZedders who formed the LRDP the Long Range Desert Patrol which was the forerunner of the SAS, The second was the 'Typhoon Pilot' which is about Desmond Scott DSO. OBE. DFC and bar, and also mentions the 120 NZ pilots who fought in the Battle of Britain, all heroic young NZ boys. What would they think of your Government today? and those that died, was it worth giving their lives for? These books should be required reading in your schools. Over here in Oz we have a similar problem with the part Aborigines, however as they never evolved past the hunting and gathering stage, their 'culture' is being exaggerated and much of it is untruthful. Again little is said. I wish we had someone like this man to speak up so scholarly against the similar sad path Australians are being led down.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Hugh for your letter . Further to the mention of the Battle of Britain Pilots, my father was one. And I have heard myself saying in the last months how grateful I was that he wasn't here to see what is happening in NZ and to it's society, It's not what he defended. As to the change of name for NZ I can only say that for years (and even now) some people around the world have not known where it is, they'll never get their heads around Aotearoa let alone find it! I think the Government should mandate that just because something can be done, it doesn't necessarily mean it has to be!

Anonymous said...

Oh Hue.
Christchurch have the best aged care facility for yourself and your friends.
Another of your heroes resides there already.
A creep Mr Tarrant.
Whom I believe you would love and idolize for his weak actions towards defenseless unarmed people.
You're nobody.
He's nobody

Rosina Hauiti said...

Goodness, so many of you unwilling to publish under your own name. Not me. I don't agree with Perrett, but at least he bats openly for his beliefs while the anonymous brigade remain gutless. I am unsure of why so many pakeha feel disaffected by the use or Reo Māori in public settings. Do you feel the essence of who you are is under attack? Surely that's a flaw in you if the only way you can maintain your validity is to quash and denigrate my culture. Don't imagine that National will back track any on Labours efforts if they get back in. I feel nothing but pity for you all.

Steven Kennedy said...

Rosina, what a change from much of the racist rhetoric posted previously. Somebody even commented “ Instead of peppering our first language with another language we should concentrate on keeping both languages as pure as possible” . I think many feel that the English language they use must be the exclusive language everywhere, without thinking that maybe some would also like to speak and hear te reo. Perhaps they’d also prefer to keep the white race pure? Least they forget, te reo is the only official written language of Aotearoa New Zealand .

Anonymous said...

Of course the Maori language should be preserved. However, it is the language recorded by the missionaries and others that should be treasured. The 20,000 words recorded not the 200,000 that have been made-up since. An ancient language as spoken by the users should be treasured not bastardised by phonies.

Unknown said...

K Reeves

Some maori academic recently stated that the maori language should NOT be used by everyone & it was special to the maoris alone - sounds a tad racist to me but there you go. There is a bastardization of the English language taking place, as you say the peppering of maori into English, which I might add is not at all helpful when matters of great importance are being spoken or written about e.g. bad weather coming , road closures etc I am confident that a great deal of maori would rather have their own language to themselves, well go for it, those who want to learn & speak can, but watch out for your elites who mention that it is so special. There are a great deal of maori out there too that would prefer to keep their race 'pure' whatever that means in New Zealand? There has been so much inter-racial marriage that we really are one breed are we not?
Not too sure of the comment that maori language is the only official language of NZ - There are only what 17% of you. Far too much virtue-signaling occurring in this country.