Monday, September 20, 2021

Clive Bibby: Lockdowns and Opening Up

My sense is that Kiwis are beginning to recognise the true nature of this administration - particularly the mechanisms that have become standard practice for maintaining control.

History tells us that the modern version of totalitarianism is little different to the previous ones that seized control of countries then set about dismantling all the democratic institutions that underpinned individual freedoms.

The current government has another thing in common with those abusive regimes.

It is the speed with which they have cancelled the civil liberties of any group or association that dares to challenge the validity of their authority.

It is as if we are powerless to defend against the extinguishing of human rights our forebears fought and died to uphold.

Who could ever imagine that it could come to this in a country that has led the world in its championing of lawful dissent, the public expression and protection of minority opinion.

Not any more.

Our government has decided that what it can’t achieve by persuasion will be taken, if necessary by force - legitimised only with the backing of new laws introduced with little if any, consultation.

We are seeing the transfer of power to minority groups based only on racial identity.

There is no avenue for redress - the courts and educational institutions are so politicised that they function now as just another arm of government.

Even if you have deep pockets, your ability to successfully challenge the State is rarely an option in this climate of fear and intimidation.

How else could a government hell bent on changing the face of this nation beyond recognition get away with such a betrayal of trust.

Simple really - under the guise of “keeping us safe”, we meekly allow the assumption of powers to restrict the civil liberties of law abiding citizens irrespective of whether the threat can be proven to be real or not.

Same goes when introducing measures in mitigation against climate change.

To the best of my knowledge, the basis for the draconian measures recommended by the IPCC in the defence against global warming is still an unproven link between human activity and the relatively recent warming of the planet.

Yet our government expects us to adopt an unequal share of the blame for this debatable phenomenon when the likely culprits are too big to offend and unprepared to admit guilt.

The end result is farcical. Especially in those countries who, like us, who are being asked to destroy their own economies in a senseless, unachievable, even immoral campaign to save the world. Why do we continue to tolerate this madness?

Same again with the pandemic.

Our government gives the finger to those countries who are showing real evidence of successfully using strategies that work while learning to live with the virus.

Most respected opinion appears to be recommending the adoption of policies that concentrate on getting to a level of vaccination where herd immunity takes over.

Evidence suggests we can expect that this virus will end up being something the vulnerable groups vaccinate against annually, like the common flu.

Deaths from the virus will become just another fluctuating statistic - perhaps much less in total than the number who die on our roads every year.

So, what to make of all this disruption to our daily lives. For me, it has passed its “use by date”.

Should we not be directing the government, rather than the other way round, reminding them that the powers they seek to needlessly lay waste to what’s left of society should only be used in the most extreme circumstances where it can clearly be shown that we have no alternative. Surely those circumstances no longer exist - if they ever did.

In case they haven’t noticed, the real world is waking up to the fact that we do have options and unfortunately for this lot, their Marxist ideas have been tried and found wanting.

I believe there is a “groundswell” (watch out Prime Minister) of opinion that simply wants to get back to normal where we can deal with each problem on their merits. It’s also called “opening up!”

Of course, normalcy as most of us understand it, is an environment that lacks fear and intimidation - obviously not the place where dictatorships flourish.

But they had their chance and they blew it.

Here on the East Coast, a drover’s dog could have done it better. Those animals deserve our affection and gratitude because they concentrate on working for the common good. A lesson here perhaps.

Clive Bibby is a commentator, consultant, farmer and community leader, who lives in Tolaga Bay.


Janine said...

Exactly right Clive. We,the people,should be driving this not the other way around. We should have had an open debate about two years ago when this pandemic became known overseas. There could have been informed discussions with economic and medical experts to reach a consensus on a course of action which would provide the best outcome for New Zealand.
Instead we have other agendas being furtively pushed through, unknown to the general public, most of whom are glued to the PMs pronouncements on TV.
What is the point of having a MSM if they do not tell facts and truth? We might as well sit around watching cartoon shows for all the use these people serve. Why should the taxpayer be paying for this propaganda?
We need to know exactly what our candidates stand for at the next election.
The government should not be funding the media.

Anonymous said...

Kiwis have always been proud as a people but modest as individuals, but now there is a mood of pessimism about our long-term future.When citizens lose ownership of their personal destiny and self direction they will also lose any sense of participating in the collective Labour myth. Evidnec has proven thatt a government's shadowy actions will create a generation that is weak and corrupt. They can't fix that problem without fixing moral standards and if they dont fix that the risk of catastrophe will be very high. My rear is that this government is decaying from within.

Terry M said...

Yep Clive and a drovers dog would in most cases be a lot more intelligent and less likeley to bite you.

Tinman said...

In October last year New Zealand disgraced itself.

Only by the people rising up, dragging the filth out from the gaps under rocks they inhabit and forcibly demonstrating the people's dislike of the policies of apartheid, forcible climate economic suicide and communism can they, the people, redeem themselves.

To do this the people will need leaders.

Aye, there's the rub!

Ewan McGregor said...

“the courts . . . are so politicised that they function now as just another arm of government.” Perhaps Clive could substantiate that alarming claim.

Sally said...

Clive i hope you are right re "deaths ... will become just another conflicting statistic" The information I am seeing from a number of Doctors and biologists is this will not be the case. e.g Jonathon Couey PHD lost his job as Research Asst Professor at Pittsburg School of Medicine for speaking out. Couey "sees a world where biology has been distorted and oversimplified. This contortion has then been utilized for ulterior motives like profit. It is not religion or secular law that is the foundation of society. Biology is the only solid firmament upon which a just and righteous society can be built, where health and well-being are the central tenets of motivation and action."

Valuable information is available at Gigaohm Biological for us to understand Jonathon's concerns. IMHO it ain't over yet if we keep on forcing the non-sterilising immunisation. If haven't taken the shot DON'T. we need to reset the blind faith in authority and protect our children.

Peter van der Stam, Napier said...

Biology does let us know what is what.
Also physics has something to do with it.
Here the reason I do write this.
The experts know what I am on about, but don't agree with it, for the simple reason: Don't bite the hand who is feeding you!
So a little bit of physics and biology in one go.
Microbes ( we call them bacteria) can be seen with a decent old microscope ( even the cheap Chinese made ones) in high school.
Measured in microns.
The face masks mesh is measured in microns.
Viral part are NOT visible with a microscope, you need an electron microscope for them.
They are measured in Nano meters, which is some 1000 times smaller than the micron.
In other words: they get through the mask, no sweat. Face masks are worthless.
Find overseas new, even voices for freedom will give you some worthwhile news.
I get most of mine ( European and American) news from rair foundation. Totally independent.
But Clive, you ARE right: a drivers dog has more brains than the lot governing us.
Once upon a time mayor Yule of Hastings dared to write in the Hawkes Bay paper: leave the decisions to us, we know better than you lot.
isn't that what this PM is also saying?