Saturday, September 11, 2021

Breaking Views Update: Week of 5.09.21

Saturday September 11, 2021 

Taihape teaching farm transfer: Ombudsman says Education Ministry 'unreasonable

The Chief Ombudsman has found the Education Ministry was wrong to take a small farm used for agricultural lessons off a Taihape school.

Taihape Area School still has access to the farm but cannot get it back as it has now been shifted into the Treaty settlements landbank.

Subsequent attempts to "un-landbank" it have hit a brick wall, with the government ruling that out earlier this year.....
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Rates on Māori freehold land
Rates are payable on Māori freehold land, unless the land comes under one of the exceptions in the rates legislation, or Council decides to remit (not collect) or postpone collection of rates for the land.

* Examples of non-rateable Māori freehold land

* Wholly unused Māori Land is non-rateable.

* Nga Whenua Rāhui Kawenta land.

* A Māori burial ground or Urupa.

* Land used for the purpose of a marae.

* A Māori reservation.....
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Oranga Tamariki decision to be appealed by birth mother
The birth mother of a young Māori girl in the care of Pākehā foster parents is going to appeal a judge’s decision that the girl should stay with the foster parents.

Earlier on Friday Ngāti Kahungunu leader Ngahiwi Tomoana said Māori children must be with Māori caregivers and he would support an appeal.

The head of Ngāti Kahungunu iwi, Ngahiwi Tomoana, who had supported the Ministry’s application, believed the decision should be appealed.

“The days that judges can tell us we’re not good enough any more are over. This is just another case of other people thinking they know what’s best for Māori,” Tomoana said.....
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Members of new Energy Hardship Expert Panel announced
Five welfare, electricity, hardship and health leaders have been appointed to the new Energy Hardship Expert Panel that is being set up to recommend policy priorities and actions to government.

Dr Amanda-Lanuola Dunlop (Samoan, Ngāti Maniapoto, Waikato-Tainui) is chief executive of Vaka Tautua, a charitable trust that aims to improve the health and wellbeing of Pacific peoples.

Helen Leahy is the pouārahi/chief executive of Te Pūtahitanga o Te Waipounamu, the Whānau Ora Commissioning Agency for the South Island.

Keri Brown (Ngāti Raukawa, Ngāti Whātua, Ngāti Mahana) is a councillor at Hutt City Council where she has led work in homelessness,.....
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Religion or Nation

Heather du Plessis-Allan: The irony in the response to David Seymour releasing the Maori vaccination code

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Friday September 10, 2021 

Fallout over critical Māori Council letter 
A group of leaders named in a letter to a Cabinet Minister alleging irregularities in the Māori Council election say their names have been used without permission and against their wishes

A top government advisor has attacked the integrity of the Māori Council elections, but several of those claimed as his supporters weren’t aware their names had been used to back his allegations.

Matthew Tukaki was the leading name in a list below a letter to Māori Development Minister Willie Jackson, alleging irregularities in the elections for the Māori Council in March. But some of those named as supporting the allegations were not aware of the letter, did not know their name was being used and did not agree with the letter’s assertions......
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Judge dismisses Oranga Tamariki's bid to remove Māori girl from Pākehā couple
A Famiy Court judge has ruled that a traumatised and neglected Māori girl will remain in the care of her Pākehā foster parents, and has slammed Oranga Tamariki for putting ideology ahead of a child’s best interests.

The case concerns a six-year-old girl, who for nearly three years has been living with the couple in a safe, healthy, loving environment in rural Hawke’s Bay.

Oranga Tamariki/The Ministry for Children and the girl’s iwi wanted her removed because they didn’t think the couple could meet her cultural needs.....
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National MP Paul Goldsmith doubles down on Maori knowledge in education views
National MP Paul Goldsmith has doubled down on his views about including Māori knowledge in education, expressing concern about Kiwis kids keeping up with the world.

In a Facebook Live with National MP Christopher Luxon, Goldsmith said it was "quite right" to ensure there is reference to Māori knowledge in education, but he fears the Government is "taking about five steps too far".

He accused the Government of "trying to impose it on science and maths and a whole lot of other subjects, whereas I want our kids to keep up with the best and with the rest of the world; not what we call science, what the rest of the world call science".......
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Is the tide turning? – Derek Mackie 

Thursday September 9, 2021 

Immediate relief available for Māori and iwi 
The Government has reprioritised up to $5 million to provide immediate relief to vulnerable whānau Māori and communities during the current COVID-19 outbreak Minister for Māori Development Willie Jackson announced today.

The COVID-19 2021 Whānau Recovery Fund will support community driven, local responses to gaps in access and provision of critical services.

“Funding will initially focus on those areas hardest hit by the higher COVID-19 alert levels; Tāmaki Makaurau, Te Tai Tokerau and Northern Waikato,” Willie Jackson said........
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Rangi Matamua to head Te Pūtahi-a-Toi at Massey University
Rangi Mātāmua will move to Palmerston North for his appointment as a professor of mātauranga Māori at the university's School of Māori Knowledge, Te Pūtahi-a-Toi.

Mātāmua, an expert in Māori scientific knowledge, astronomy and navigation, would lead the graduate school programme at Te Pūtahi-a-Toi, the university said in a statement........
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Feedback for Aotearoa New Zealand’s histories
The Ministry of Education releases the public consultation documents and its feedback for Aotearoa New Zealand’s histories

Kiwi students are another step closer to learning about Aotearoa New Zealand’s history at school, Deputy Secretary for Early Learning and Student Achievement at the Ministry of Education, Ellen MacGregor-Reid says.

The following four reports are now available to view on
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Workforce Development Councils
WDCs will honour te Tiriti o Waitangi and support Māori-Crown relationships

All WDCs will work to honour te Tiriti o Waitangi and support Māori-Crown relationships. WDCs will co-ordinate to ensure a cross-WDC approach to establishing organisations that have a strong foundation in te Ao Māori.

This will include gathering insights from Māori industry and iwi business about their skill and workforce needs to ensure their success…...
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Horizons Regional Council proposes two new Māori wards
Horizons Regional Council is proposing two new Māori constituencies for its local election in October next year, each with one elected member......
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David Seymour: Why I published the priority access code for Māori
The breathless furore from certain politicians, journalists and commentators about my publishing a "Priority Access Code for Māori" has itself been illuminating.

I've done more to promote Māori vaccination than the Government's taxpayer-funded advertising this week.

The new history curriculum teaches the next generation that "Māori history is the foundational and continuous history of New Zealand".

Three waters assets are to be put under co-governance between Māori and the rest.

You may not have heard about the Plant Variety Rights Bill, but it will set up a special Māori Plant Variety Rights Committee. Apparently Māori are born with a special connection to some plants that other people don't have. I wish I was making this up.

The Natural and Built Environments Act, set to replace the RMA, will require that all land and resource use decisions "give effect to" the principles of the Treaty.

Most of us recognise all of this for what it is......
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Maori radicals wearing pseudo-army uniforms at Covid-19 checkpoints

Leighton Smith Podcast: Dr Muriel Newman discusses Democracy, Three Waters and He Puapua

Debbie Ngarewa-Packer: David Seymour's Māori vaccination code attack misguided 

Tuesday September 7, 2021 

Ruapehu Māori ward bid short 
A Ruapehu District councillor is disappointed his fellow councillors voted down his bid to increase Māori representation.

Elijah Pue had asked that the representation review increase the proposed number of Māori ward seats from two to three.

He says even though there are now two Māori on the council in general seats, Māori have made a clear statement they want direct representation......
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Taranaki council's lack of consultation for consents 'not good enough' - iwi representative
Bailey told the meeting the lack of consultation with iwi and hapū was not a new problem.

She said council was approving applications for consents without consultation being complete because cultural impact assessments -- which were often a statutory requirement -- had not been done.

"We don't want to go to court over this, but it's pretty clear there is a block with the director of consents. All iwi are saying this, you know, we are completely frustrated.....
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Iwi say checkpoints with police are reducing non-essential traffic
Checkpoints run by police and iwi volunteers around Northland are helping to get the message out that people should stay at home, organisers say.

Tai Tokerau Border Patrol has run four Far North checkpoints alongside police, although the checkpoints had to pause on Monday morning while police investigated a fatal crash near Kaitaia.......
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No point in unofficial checkpoints says MP
Mr Davis says the police working with Ngāti Whātua at the edge of Auckland have the situation under control, so there’s not need for people further north to break level three rules so they can stand by the side of the road.

“The best thing people can do if they want to stop traffic is stand at the end of their own driveways and stop people leaving their houses. There is no point having non-official people driving around Taitokerau because they are basically the only ones on the road other than those people who are delivering goods and are essential business,” he says.

Mr Davis says the checkpoints aren’t doing any harm, nor are they doing any good.....
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Act's David Seymour under fire over Māori vaccination comments
Seymour encouraged his supporters not to book in for a vaccine and instead use a code reserved for Māori sent via confidential email.

Seymour tweeted an image of the code, which he said was sent to him, and said: "If you're worried about vaccination waiting times, you no longer need to make an appointment. All you need to do is use this access code."

"The virus doesn't discriminate on race, so neither should the rollout," Seymour said in a press release........
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Māori Party opposes anti-terrorism legislation bill
No repeat of Tūhoe raids

He says this is why the party opposed the bill because there wasn't enough due diligence to ensure the correct phrasing and protections were there for Aotearoa's marginalised communities, as well as tangata whenua who become targets in the event of a terrorist attack.

“Who determines whether somebody is up to any terrorism activity? These are the issues that the Māori Party has and we will continue to challenge back to ensure that the legislation is a true fit for Aotearoa.”.....
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Māori at risk in terror attack crackdown
Greens co-leader Marama Davidson is wary of rushing through anti-terrorism legislation in the wake of Fridays attack in New Lynn.

She says the legislation now before a select committee would not have prevented the attack, and it still needs proper scrutiny.

“Rushing through legislation may not be the answer because we are still reeling from (the) Tūhoe (raids), we are still reeling from Māori being over surveilled for generations if not centuries so this is why as tangata whenua we need to be really mindful at who gets over-surveilled it has been brown people, it has been indigenous people, it has been Māori, it has been environmentalists, Ms Davidson says.......
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Monday September 6, 2021

Ngāti Paoa Takes Auckland Council To High Court Over Unlawful Conduct

Judicial Review proceedings were filed today by the Ngāti Pāoa Trust Board against Auckland Council and others in an attempt to seek justice for Ngāti Pāoa after years of alleged unlawful conduct by Auckland Council against Ngāti Pāoa. The Trust Board is represented by Karen Feint QC in its judicial review application.

At the heart of the Trust Board’s claim is Auckland Council’s decision from late 2013 to refuse to recognise the Trust Board’s mandate to represent Ngāti Pāoa in respect of Resource Management Act (RMA) matters.

The mandate had been given to the Trust Board by the iwi of Ngāti Pāoa in 2009, and was also the subject of a section 30 determination and order by the Maori Land Court confirming the Trust Board was the appropriate representative for Ngāti Pāoa in relation to RMA and local government matters (MLC Order). Despite the MLC Order, over a five year period Auckland Council refused to comply with the MLC Order or to recognise the Trust Board’s mandate......
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Māori Land Fund
The purpose of this fund is to support Māori landowners to preserve and grow nature. These projects will need to demonstrate strong employment outcomes and make a significant local contribution to indigenous biodiversity.

Projects will need to occur on Māori owned land or land owned by iwi or hapū Treaty settlement entities......
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Associate Minister of Health Peeni Henare promises priority for Māori should COVID-19 vaccine stocks run low
He said he will "push" for priority access for Māori, should the deliveries lag behind demand.....
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A No Booking Approach For Māori and Pasifika Now Required
Māori and Pasifika must be given equality of access to vaccination clinics.

Whānau Ora Commissioning Agency CEO John Tamihere said this is the solution to lift the poor numbers of Māori being vaccinated and informs that as of tomorrow all Whānau Ora vaccination providers will institute this policy.....
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Time to pull the plug on Three Waters – by Dr Muriel Newman.

Te Reoglish: the Negation of New Zealand English

Do your council’s representation arrangements fail the equal rights test?

Graham Adams: The battle over Plunket heats up 

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