Thursday, September 9, 2021

Derek Mackie: Is the tide turning?

Well, well! A leading newspaper, the NZ Herald, has published, in full, David Seymour’s response to the predictable woke furore that erupted all over the mainstream media outlets and on social media after he criticised the issuing of Priority Access Codes for Maori to get the Covid vaccine. 

As he points out, the codes themselves were already widely shared on social media, and yet only he was singled out for the social justice backlash. I wonder if that’s because he is the leader of the only political party in NZ to regularly and consistently take the government to task over its blatant racial preferment. 

His article is a scathing indictment on the government’s separatist policy, described fully in the He Puapua report, to divide NZ by race, creating two classes of citizens - Maori and the vast majority. The first class, in every sense of the word, gets more power, rights, justice, wealth, land, water and, ultimately, a veto over every decision the vast majority tries to make. Everyone else has to bite their tongue and say thank you. 

 And it’s all driven, apparently, from some deep sense of shame and guilt at the supposedly terrible injustices visited on Maori since colonisation by Britain. It conveniently overlooks the atrocious practices and injustices that Maori were visiting upon each other prior to colonisation and ignores the considerable benefits Maori have gained since 1840. In other words, it’s a one-eyed, one-way version of NZ history which paints Maori as living in harmony with each other and the environment only to have it all snatched away by the evil white man. 

Some people really do believe the tale I’ve just told above. They are typically non-Maori, left-wing politicians, academics and journalists who have been suckered into swallowing the sob story that a tiny minority of extreme Maori activists have been cultivating for decades. These gullible, eager-to-please individuals are ripe for the picking by savvy opportunists who see huge benefits for doing nothing more than claiming to be indigenous and hard done by. 

The Treaty has effectively been rewritten to include the concept of “partnership” and “principles”, giving credence to the claims for joint governance and rights by racial group, rather than by proportionality which real democracies use. But if you read the Treaty, which is very short, there is no mention of partnership or principles. It’s basically a contract in which Maori cede sovereignty to the Crown in exchange for the rights of British subjects - nothing more. 

 What I find interesting in all this is the decision by the NZ Herald to publish Mr Seymour’s article. The typical response, over the past couple of years, is for the MSM to reject opinion pieces like this which criticise the government, on the grounds that they are racist or offensive.  To protect their readers or listeners from hurt and dismay they censor them. 

 This article pulls no punches and does not confine itself to the vaccination program but covers the whole gamut of the separatist agenda. Are there sectors of the media who are starting to bite the hand that feeds it? Are cracks starting to appear in the Public Interest Journalism Fund? It would be nice to think so. 

 Perhaps the media can sense an upwelling of public discontent and don’t want to alienate a significant proportion of their readership. 
 In other words - is the tide turning? 

Derek Mackie is a geologist with a keen interest in current affairs.


Janine said...

What an independent bystander finds so strange with our media is that they seem to see their readers and viewers as "the enemy". Instead of informing us that one group of the population is receiving preferential treatment, they are outraged that it was outed by a member of parliament.
By the way, when filling in feedback on Three Waters and suchlike, I am now ticking the " other " box and putting New Zealander as I feel this negates the racist agenda.

Anna Mouse said...

We live in hope, at the very least. It has got to the stage where they do not even attempt to hide their contempt for their readers.
That is a sign they are corrupted by government propoganda funds.

Ray S said...

Fingers crossed, MSM might continue or even expand on what is going on.
However, why would you bite the hand feeds you, even if you know what is happening is wrong and should be reported.
Would like to see articles about all the things and the progress made since the arrival of the first european colonists.

llloyd said...

A deliberate distraction from the vaccination propaganda. The issue of vaccinations was treated in Seymour's article as given. Once all the population are vaccinated and receive their vaccination passports, Puapua will come out in full force. The population will be too demoralised to resist At least that is the plan unless we resist.

Pete said...

Since the day the Northland Age printed an article by Mike Bassett who was defining Kiwis lack of continued democracy and the Herald banned anymore publications by Bassett , the public have been short on printed words regarding racism by learned people . Perhaps there is an underlying current of change within some parts of the media , lets hope so . In reality , it is the advertisers who normally help set the editors attitudes toward content . Pressure on the likes of Ford , Hyu8ndai , Suzuki , Toyota , Macdonalds , Burger King etc etc would have a big affect on the attitude of the media , with threats of ad removal for failing to support democracy , under which capitalism thrives and consequently these very successful companies manage to earn their profits . Public withdrawal of purchases has a huge effect on large public companies . A concerted program aimed at one company would have a domino effect on the others .

Anthony said...

I am pleased to see a newspaper has been brave enough to print David Seymour's statement yesterday. He is after all the leader of a significant political party and any responsible paper should be prepared to print it. The editorial of the newspaper I get every day, the Timaru Herald, however prefers not to to bite the hand that feeds it and cringes with the headline "Seymour's stunt could backfire" and goes on to say "this foolish political stunt may do lasting damage to both Seymour's image and ACT's brand". I think only the left wing woke activists would like to agree with that and fortunately they are greatly outnumbered by the vast majority who do not want to be categorised by race or ethnicity.

Empathic said...

As the proverb says: 'One swallow does not a summer make'. A sitting MP's piece was published but we see little in mainstream media of other people's erudite writings published through Dr Neuman's NZ Centre for Political Research and elsewhere, because those writings challenge the new woke orthodoxy. For a long time now journalists appear to have been trained to see themselves as social-change agents and propaganda merchants before they have sufficient maturity and wisdom for that role. The Ardern government's bribery of media can only have added to this trend when it comes to toeing the party line about fictitious 'treaty principles'. We currently have the most corrupt and dangerous government NZ has ever seen but it's unlikely that we can rely on any mainstream media to inform the public about this. Unfortunately, as some hint of groundswell started to arise questioning Ardern's undemocratic racism, she eagerly took advantage of media exposure opportunities provided by a new COVID19 outbreak (pretending to be an epidemiological expert) and another terrorist attack. One might even suspect some government role in bringing about these political rescues.

Empathic said...

Men's issues continue to face even greater difficulty getting mainstream media exposure. For example, since the COVID19 outbreak hit NZ in 2020 there have been 27 deaths attributed (rightly or wrongly) to that virus. Over the same period there have been about 700 male deaths to suicide, being almost 3 times greater than the female suicide rate and more than the total male and female road and homicide tolls combined. What mainstream media has mentioned this at all or has ever highlighted the degree to which suicide is a men's issue? (The true suicide figure for men and the true male:female ratio will almost certainly be even greater given that a proportion of other deaths attributed to road and other accidents are actually suicides and men are more likely to use violent methods to dispatch themselves.)