Sunday, September 26, 2021

NZCPR Weekly: A Dangerous Time for New Zealand

Dear NZCPR Reader,   

In this week’s NZCPR newsletter we reflect on the danger to New Zealand caused by government funding of the media and we share our interview with Sky News, our NZCPR Guest Commentator Bruce Cotterill outlines why a free and independent press is a critically important foundation to a democracy, and our poll asks whether you trust media that have received funding from the Government’s Public Interest Journalism Fund.

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Phil said...

Case in point is 3 Waters. Considerable recruitment is already happening. The Government is nearly operational with the new entities while pretending there is a consultation process with councils. The real consultation with Iwi is already done. The media are deliberately ignoring what is happening.

Phil said...

I see Christchurch City Council voted to reject 3 Waters today. Strangely the story didn't appear on TVNZ news tonight.