Thursday, September 9, 2021

Leighton Smith Podcast: Muriel Newman on Democracy, Three Waters and He Puapua

On this week's podcast:

We ask whether you think democracy is under threat. Are Three Waters and He Puapua compatible with democracy? We don’t think so. But how much do you care?

Muriel Newman takes a dive into the subject with us.

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DeeM said...

Go Muriel!! Great interview with lots of passion.

Phil said...

Great interview, Muriel.
We have had a well timed lockdown during the period of Council consultation on this. If the Government has any integrity they will delay the process.

Kiwi kid said...

Muriel, an excellent interview.
Your calm good sense is inspiring.
People like you, and Dr Elizabeth Rata, are the Elders we need to hear more of.
Don't ever think your work isn't valued. It is. Tremendously.
Many quiet New Zealanders support you.
To those of you awakening to the reality of this new (Zealand) dystopia, I encourage you to visit the NZCPR website. When I first came across it I remembered its name by thinking how Muriel's work is in fact providing NZ with CPR: Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation - and boy do we need it!
Go to the top bar and open the Archives section. Then click through to the "NZCPR Weekly" which has the newsletter index. It is beautifully set out and contains a treasure trove of articles.
Then take a journey through the archive of Guest Articles; another trove of New Zealand thinkers' observations and opinions - most hidden from mainstream media (or, more accurately, BY mainstream media) for exploring unpopular truths and alternative ideas.
Once you immerse yourself here your understanding of the issues facing New Zealand will significantly deepen.

Geoff said...

Great interview and fantastic to see Three News leap to Jacinda's defence. Correct, "about 16%" isn't the same as "about 16.7%". Perhaps Three News should be rebranded "Izvestia NZ"