Monday, September 27, 2021

Clive Bibby: Our Country - our place New Zealand

What is it about race relations in this country that we allow the slow creep of woke agenda to permeate every part of society without a reaction to this “cancel culture“  inspired move toward changing our identity.

It is pretty obvious that we are capture to the whims of those who are intent on eliminating every part of our history that offends or isn’t slavishly adhering to the revisionist version of our heritage.

What have we become? - a pathetic bunch of lame brains who are content to see the distorted rants of radicals supplanting the records of those who fought and died in defence of a proud multi cultural upbringing that offers equal opportunity for all.

Why are we not pushing back against this current attempt to change the face of who we are. We are New Zealanders - not Aotearoeans We are all part of a multi cultural society that has added some of the best and worst aspects of foreign cultures from whence we all originated.

For us, it has been a relatively short process of assimilation compared to the histories of other countries that have been subject to multiple bloody invasions which effectively wiped out centuries of building structures for peaceful co-existence.

While on the subject of nation building, it is pertinent to acknowledge New Zealand’s development history and the key events that contributed to making us who we are today.

I am probably going to establish myself as a candidate for “burning at the stake” with my next comments but that isn’t a good enough reason for denying the truth about who we are or not referring to the timeline of how we got here.

If it is so important to selectively acknowledge the importance of one of our main contributing cultures at the expense of the other, then surely it is fair to also reflect on the dark part of that same culture that required the introduction of the other to save itself from self annihilation.

Contrary to the woke version of this nation's history which presents everything Maori as wonderful and everything else as destructive, the truth is that Maori tribal warfare (musket wars) had effectively destroyed the Morioris as a sovereign state and reduced the total population of Maori living in New Zealand from an estimated 100,000 souls to about 60,000. Maori achieved that milestone all on their own. The only contribution from foreign countries to those statistics was via the colonial forces invited here by Iwi leaders in order to stop the carnage.

Yet we are being told that the Maori history is the favoured one which deserves recognition in all its glory - while the European influence remains only as a blot on the landscape for which we continue to pay never ending compensation.

It is farcical. As a pakeha kiwi, l am ashamed that we should even be contemplating the possibility of a name change.

Like so many proud New Zealanders, my family lost relatives who died fighting in both world wars on the battlefields of foreign countries.

Their mission was simple. It required the supreme sacrifice of so many relatively innocent souls of both Maori and Pakeha decent who embarked on these campaigns in the full knowledge that they offered the only protection of our version of a free society for future generations.

We should not be participants in a move that besmirches their memory in favour of adopting a cosmetic change that lacks moral justification.

We have more important things to do that involve working together.

A name change isn’t one of them.

Clive Bibby is a commentator, consultant, farmer and community leader, who lives in Tolaga Bay.


Janine said...

When filling in forms and given an option for ethnicity I put New Zealander. I encourage others to do the same. If Maori are not like all other " New Zealanders" then I am definitely not "Pakeha" or "European". I am proud to be an indigenous New Zealander.
That is, indigeneous: from the Latin indigena meaning native of or entitled citizen of the land which one is born in.
I was born here and welcome all ethnicities who come from elsewhere. They are all entitled to the same benefits as me if they are now New Zealand citizens.
We all have a voice and it can be surprisingly powerful. We have a vote.

DeeM said...

It's certainly depressing to see our current government following exactly the same path as other Western countries which are riddled with the popular self-destructive woke craze.
But they must be immensely proud that they're doing something none of their UN buddies have managed yet. Not only rip apart and divide their countries by race and gender, and any other human trait you can think of, but to actually try and rename the country as well! Typically displaying the ability of a stick insect to come up with ground-breaking and unique ideas, this one must have given our lunatic-Left a doozy of a brain-ache.
The sad thing is that you only have to look at the chaos in the UK and Europe at the moment, around their atrocious energy policies, to see where little ol' NZ is heading. Unfortunately for us, the Left cannot admit to themselves the catastrophic failure of their whole woke agenda and will have to be removed from office rather than change course on their own.
While we are still living in democracies, that means only the public can do this. So, WAKE UP and take an interest in where your country is heading and do something about it in 2023.

Terry Morrissey said...

Come on Clive. These sycophantic socialist politicians, are, under cover of “Covid Crisis”, pandering to the tribal elite, the culture vultures, the critical race theorists, the woke brigade, and the Greens. Practicing nepotism, buying the media, mongrel mob gangs and books about alpacas. All the time obfuscating and generally being more than somewhat economical with the truth. So, I can see that they may find it a little difficult to find the opportunity to deliver on the “open and transparent government” and” Labour will continue to protect the integrity of New Zealand elections” the PM promised. Still, I stopped believing in the tooth fairy decades ago.

Unknown said...

Clive. Thank you for your many posts and the clear thinking logic around the disastrous issues facing this country and our democracy.
There are many posts, besides yours, that call on the people of New Zealand to wake up and take notice. So once we've woken up the public and they are taking notice, please provide a very clear and understandable path that each and every citizen of New Zealand can follow to actually make a difference. What are the actions to follow? Without a clear path and an instruction on how to follow that path, most people just sit frustrated. Not apathetic, as many would suggest, but unsure of how to actually make a difference. There needs to be a very clear and understandable action that the public at large can understand and take action up.

DeeM said...

I can suggest the first step on the clear path you are seeking. DON'T VOTE Labour or Greens at the next election.

Secondly, spread the information on sites like this to all your friends and encourage them to do the same. Knowledge is the key and our media have abandoned their duty in that respect so you can do your part.

Thirdly, ensure you write a submission against any divisive government policy. On a local level, contact (email addresses for all council reps are on the NZCPR website) your local councillors/mayor to express your disagreement with policies that support this divisive government.

That's it, for starters. Just a suggestion.

Alexandra Corbett Dekanova said...

To DeeM and Unknown, agree completely with suggested steps that I have tried to follow thus far, plus have written emails to journalists, editors etc. Wouldn't we have wider outreach in social media like facebook etc. though I personally hate the idea to join them
Alexandra Corbett Dekanova

DeeM said...

I'm sure social media would help. It can be a bit of a free for all but it's certainly a way to reach a lot more people, albeit by accident, than specific websites like this.
I'm not a social media animal so it's not for me. Debates usually degenerate pretty quickly based on what my wife shows me.
I know NZCPR has a Facebook group.
Good Luck

Anonymous said...

The Govt by perpetuating these ridiculous divisive issues are strangling themselves. Election in 2 years time will reflect this.
Hoist on their own petard so to speak.
As Barry Soper stated.”they are running out of fingers to fix the dyke”!
Please someone! Anyone! Tell me exactly what they have done during four years of governance to improve the economy, to improve people’s general state of health!
Hospitals, businesses, farmers, house prices, roading, and more have required Govt attention. And what have we received?
To quote Greta …blah, blah, blah

Geoffrey said...

The path to regaining a well balanced democracy is frought with difficulty. It is easy to say don’t vote for Labour or The Greens but to be effective your vote ha to be FOR someone. National’s recent insane commitment to Te Treaty of Waitangi in its manifesto rules it out for me. Act is looking very much on song at the moment but is yet too smal to be able to govern without substantial reliance on the old Nats. Maybe NNP will evolve to Te point where it can fill the gap.

Peter van der Stam, Napier said...

Sorry whoever,
Social media is NOT going to help. I call it ANTI social media, because they decide what they want and don't want to publish. SO, don't keep up your hopes on those.

Unknown said...

Well said Clive.

Russell said...

As the quote goes" good times produce weak men". As I have said many times before, every cause requires a leader, until one turns up nothing will happen. Real men are very much in short supply, perhaps too busy looking at themselves in the mirror, like the animal kingdom, the pretty ones are males.

Geoffrey said...

Yes indeed Russell, a true leader is required., because s/he he will be immediately confronted by a formidable steam roller. Mahuta has gathered considerable momentum in the vacuum allowed her by Labour’s weak caucus. Though it may be numerous Labour’s caucus is enfeebled by its wokeness and in my view is incapable of any longer stopping the monster. Required is a champion with the wit, courage and perception to be able to use the stratagems that foil all bullies; ridicule and focussed power.
Whoever that person is, s/he needs to start becoming visible that we New Zealanders might rally behind the colours.

Unknown said...

"A ruler over the people must be righteous. Ruling in the fear of God." This is a biblical requirement but I do not see it in this country or in very few others.