Friday, September 10, 2021

Kate Hawkesby: James Shaw is a complete hypocrite


For a government obsessed with optics, it beggars' belief that more thought wasn’t given to James Shaw’s decision to travel all the way to Scotland for a climate change conference in 8 weeks' time. 

I mean, let’s get past the glaring carbon footprint of all that travel and look at the other hypocritical aspects of this. 

This is a party who objected so strongly to Parliament being resumed in person that they refused to attend; such was their horror that travel should take place during Delta. That same sentiment seems to have conveniently been overlooked in this case. 

Add to this, the fact that he will take up an MIQ spot which has magically appeared for him at the end of it all. 

So that’s a spot he’s taking that could have gone to someone else. There are people in virtual queues for months on end with a variety of excellent reasons as to why they should get an MIQ spot, yet James Shaw just magically jumps the queue and gets one. 

Optics? Not good. 

But then, for a bright guy, James Shaw seems to make a lot of bizarre choices. 

Remember the Green school debacle? That controversy raged last year after he supported handing millions of taxpayer dollars to a private "green school", much to the alarm of his own base. And surely that same base is aware that lowering carbon emissions is a tenet of Green party politics, as opposed to increasing them by zipping round the world for, of all ironies, a climate change conference? 

On top of that, optics wise, is the fact that we have been locked down or closed in with shut borders for so long now, that it’s a rare day politicians rub it in our faces by gallivanting overseas. Trade Minister Damien O'Connor travelled to the UK and Europe this year, he’s the only one.  

The PM was meant to go to Australia, but that trip got canned, and her upcoming sojourn to the UN in New York looks unlikely too. So why is James Shaw so special? Why does he deserve privileges here? How does he justify being only the second Minister to depart our borders since the government slammed them shut? 

But actually, prior to them being shut, he was a big fan of the international travel too. 

Data from 2019 showed Shaw spent more on international air travel than any other minister, more than even the Prime Minister. No other minister's international travel expenses came close to Shaw's total, it was reported at the time. 

So, we know he likes a jet ride, and let’s be frank, like many of us he’s probably been itching to get on a plane and get somewhere. But you can’t have it both ways. It’s got a touch of Harry and Meghan about it. You can’t be an active and vocal campaigner against the stuff you then go and do. 

It looks, and is, hypocritical.

Kate Hawkesby is a political broadcaster on Newstalk ZB - her articles can be seen HERE.


Ray S said...

No surprises there. A common trait among the extreme left.
Lets see if apology is forthcoming from him or his party.

DeeM said...

Is James Shaw a hypocrite? - absolutely. But no more than any other extreme greenie. They enjoy all the perks, conveniences and benefits of a modern, energy-dependent society but preach to the rest of us about how bad we are and how much we have to give up to make the world better. Better how exactly? They never define how their world will be better when all they advocate is everyone doing without all the stuff that makes a modern civilization.
James must know this makes him look bad but this is the pinnacle of his career. He's Climate Change Minister and he's getting to go and meet all his woke, virtue-signalling heroes in person. He doesn't care - he can't pass this up. Screw Zoom!
Hopefully Ardern will can the trip at the very last moment, just as he's put his seat belt on in first class, ordered his wine, and started watching his favourite movie, An Inconvenient Truth.

Steve said...

Guess what DeeM …. it ain’t gonna happen ….Taxinda will allow Shaw and the Greens as much freedom as they choose (and the Greens know this) because Labour is absolutely out the back door at the next election without them.

DeeM said...

You're probably right. Mind you, Jacinda hates to be seen in a bad light. She's already backed off the cycle bridge and I think she's locked Faafoi up in her cupboard at the Beehive to stop him making her government look any worse than it already is - he's been MIA for a while now.
Maybe we should all email her and point out the hypocrisy of Shaw's trip.
Hold on. I've just had an epiphany!!
Why don't we say nothing, let Jimmy have his time in the sun - OK it's Glasgow, so maybe the rain. Covid is pretty hot over there. Imagine if he contracted it then caused a breakout infection from MIQ. That would be very hard for the media to sweep under the rug!

Kahikatea said...

I think the correct phrase is 'a big fat hypocrite'! 🤣

Kevin Hearle said...

We need to also identify the cost to the tax payer of attending this COP26 Jamboree given that 25 previous COP's have not changed the increase in CO2 nor changed the temperature of the Earth. The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different result. If Shaw is 'bright' perhaps he should consider his level of sanity in making the decision to attend COP26. The estimate for the effect on temperature of the earth if all countries meet their commitments to the Paris Agreement is on average 0.11degrees C in 2100 an insane and unmeasurable amount. Why is the Government spending even a $ on this fantasy.

fightingtemeraire said...

Och Aye the Noo!!!

We Jimmie Krankie has to go to Scotland to bring back the Geln Moranjie and Glen Grant etc for Dear Leader who loves a touch of the Aqua Vita.

Sven said...

If he was a real believer in would have been in his stone carved waka months ago paddling like hell to make it in time, welcome to easy street easy come easy go

Unknown said...

The people in governments do not really care how much money they spend or whether or not there is any benefit from this spending because


Eamon Sloan said...

If Judith Collins had chosen your word "COMPLETE" instead of "BIG FAT" she would have not had any trouble over her S Wiles outburst.