Saturday, September 4, 2021

Clive Bibby: Prepare for the backlash

Although the next election may be years away, recent evidence suggests that the move for change is growing by the day. I suspect it will reach unstoppable proportions come November 2023.

Local body politicians who are complicit in this betrayal may well be given their cards somewhat earlier.

My feeling is that nothing will escape the nation’s wrath!

Simple truths learned from past campaigns are being dusted off and revisited in the hope of finding strategies that will prove a winning formula against a government that appears fixated in its own sense of righteousness. Even the atheists and agnostics among them believe that God is on their side. If so, how could they possibly fail.

They are on a mission but like all missionaries, continue to forge ahead apparently oblivious that the path they have chosen could be built on false promises that will eventually end in tears.

All the signs are telling us that Jacinda and Co have over promised, abusing the privilege of being in government while underachieving primarily in the areas that affect the majority of citizens. The have lied about their true intentions, deliberately omitting most of their controversial programmes from their manifesto during the last campaign. These are deceptions rarely contemplated by even the most dodgy political party vying for a place on the treasury benches. And we’ve had our share of them.

This behaviour is neither forgivable nor forgettable. And kiwis don’t forget.

You can’t selectively choose to promote the interests of one group of society at the expense of another and expect to be lauded as heroes by those who are being ignored in the process.  It simply doesn’t add up, particularly when there is little justification for the measures adopted in order to address the perceived problems of a minority. ie Maoridom.

We are witnessing legislation being passed that will surrender authority to Maori that was clearly not envisaged even by the Chiefs who petitioned King William lV with a request to send colonial troops to help stem the chaos resulting from the musket wars.

Current legislation is based on a false interpretation of the original Treaty documents signed by an overwhelming majority of Iwi leaders that clearly stated the terms of the deal reached between the Crown and Maori.

The fact that parts of that agreement were, in subsequent years ignored by the Crown - although reprehensible, does not in itself justify the creation of a separatist society in compensation for the “sins of our pakeha forebears.”

The establishment of the Waitangi Tribunal and the implementation of most of its recommendations by successive governments have gone a long way to redressing the advantages obtained during those years when “might was right” and Maori suffered accordingly.

How things have changed.

In fact, here on the East Coast where l live and have worked with Maori over the last 40 years, the asset based share of the local economy has grown consistent with the national equivalent to the point where it represents a financial base that enables local Iwi to solve most of its problems whenever or wherever it chooses to do so without interference from the State. They would simply prefer that we (rest of New Zealand) just get out of the way and let them get on with it. This situation is a result of deliberate attempts by successive governments to magnanimously address claims of Treaty breaches. Maori’s position in society is a far cry from the days before these negotiations began. The nation as a whole is the better for it.

In almost all cases the negotiated settlements have been accepted as full and final. And there are even clauses that allow for significant “top ups” in order to maintain relativity.

Throughout the country the result of our reconciliation process is much the same.

The giants of Maoridom - ie. the major tribes like Ngai Tahu, Tainui, Kahungunu, Ngati Porou et al -currently control assets that represent $70 billion dollars as their share of the asset based national economy.

It is arguable that the Maori population immediately post the Musket wars could not have survived to represent the position of strength they now enjoy had the governing strategies over the last 100 years been a continuation of the failed paternalistic policies towards indigenous minorities that have been adopted by virtually every other country of the free world.

This country is recognised internationally as the one that got it right.

Unfortunately, that perception may become a false narrative if we do not stop this cancer that is destroying our reputation as “the jewel in the crown” from within.

I believe the moderate, compassionate majority of our society will, next chance they get, reject this imposter just as quickly and emphatically as they overwhelmingly endorsed it at the last election.

Ironically, the Prime Minister has already coined the most appropriate description of her own government. Referring to the Mosque murderer she said “ You are not us.”

I agreed with the sentiment wholeheartedly when she spoke those words just as l do when they are expressed in a reference to her own government.

We have had enough. Prepare for the backlash.

Clive Bibby is a commentator, consultant, farmer and community leader, who lives in Tolaga Bay.


Jigsaw said...

Hardly surprising that Ngai Tahu are such an asset rich iwi. Although they didn't lose a single acre of land -except to invading tribes -they have managed very well with 6 settlements so far. How is that justice?
They don't pay tax on their business investments- how is that justice?
Their 1944 settlement was full and final -but then they tried again. How is that justice?
Of course these tribal entities do not wish to see and end to the settlement process- why would they?

Peter said...

Backlash there is and will be Clive.

The only problem is a united front to the backlash. There isn't one.

Last election Labour made huge gains in the rural sector because so many were dissatisfied with National. National was once their staunch supporter.

Now we have a National leader who is so far down in the polls. She refuses to believe in her party; only in herself.
ACT has an outspoken leader; but lacks a party to support him.

i wonder if the lashing will do any thrashing??

Dave Witherow said...

I'd like to think you are right, Clive. But the sheep are showing a remarkable capacity to tolerate the dismantling of what was once a democracy. The treaty settlements were originally supposed to be completed by year 2000, within a "fiscal envelope" of one billion. That's just funny-money now, and with new claims being invented right and left it's obvious this rort will never end (unless the sheep finally wake up)
I wouldn't hold my breath.

Russ said...

Well stated Jigsaw, but unfortunately maori greed shows no bounds.

5th generation Kiwi said...

I would love to think you were right regarding a backlash, however I fear you may underestimate the size of our dumbed down population who have had 20 odd years of Marxist indoctrination in our education institutions plus our complicent woke media. Most Kiwis believe the answer to most woes is to simply print more money and aunty Cindy will tell us what to do and when to.
When we have an eventual realisation that we are like some 3rd world broke tribal racist rules by Marxist dictators it may well be to late.