Monday, December 13, 2021

Ross Meurant: You Can Lead a Horse to Water but…

Hon Dr Michael Bassett’s article: Another Maori Power Grab, (1) thrusts into the faces of New Zealander’s how successful the “Woke Broke” government of Jacinda Ardern has been appropriating government assets built over time by contributing taxpayers of every race, creed, colour, religion and belief.

The New Zealand WE created, is being destroyed by the current Labour government.  I urge you to read the link to the article (1) by a man (note the pro-noun) who taught me history at Auckland University and who was an adversary when we were both Members of Parliament nineteen nineties.  Today we are on the same side.

The paragraphs which resonate for me read:

“Recently we saw how the government’s proposed health structural reforms have little to do with improving health care for all New Zealanders. They are essentially a power grab by Maori who will control their own health authority and effectively be given veto rights over the health structure for everyone else.

“Seventeen percent of the population will ultimately control the health of the other 83% of us.” (1)

From water supply to health facilities.  Māori take control.  Your future non-Maori New Zealanders, is in your hands come next General Election.

No government can bind is successor. Put another way, our democracy provides that an incumbent government may repeal any existing legislation and introduce new laws which represent its interpretation of what the nation wants.

From the 1877 decision of Prendergast (2) that ruled: “The courts lacked the ability to consider claims based on aboriginal or native title. The Treaty of Waitangi was 'worthless' because it had been signed 'between a civilised nation and a group of savages' who were not capable of signing a treaty,” New Zealand parliament has repealed and replaced thousands of laws.”

To a contemporaneous example I penned in an earlier article: Irony or Tragedy, (3)

A particular point of conflict focuses on some 200 claims by Maori to ownership of the foreshore and seabed.

The irony of the land grab however, by my assessment, falls squarely at the feet of former Prime Minister Rt Hon Sir John Key and his Attorney General Chris Finlayson.

It was the National government of 2011 which overturned the protection against Maori land grab which had been provided by Prime Minister Helen Clark’s Labour government in 2004 when parliament passed the Foreshore and Seabed Act which deemed the title to be held by the Crown.

Helen Clark made it clear to the then Chief Justice Sian Elias, following the latter’s speculative commentary about the sanctity of Maori Customary law, that the ultimate law-making body in New Zealand was its sovereign parliament.

Helen Clark’s protection was repealed and replaced by National’s John Key via the Marine and Coastal Area Act 2011.

The point I am making is, YOU the voter can change the current “Maori Power Grab”, as Michael Bassett accurately describes what is happening under the noses of YOU, and regrettably, ACT and National who many hoped would be the guardians of what WE and our parents and grandparents, worked hard to build.

So!  Where do WE turn for help?

In the article: No Matter How Long the Night the Dawn will surely Come, (4) I lauded the arrival of Christopher Luxon at the helm of National, but signed off saying that the inevitable rising in polling he will enjoy following a pitiful period of pseudo-Opposition by National is, “Luxon’s to lose”.

Pitiful Pseudo Opposition.

Unquestionably, in my view, National was a disaster leading up the 2019 election after which under the rule of Hon Judith Collins, the absence of any visible stand against this Māori Power Grab, compounded a pitiful performance.

Why Judith Collins did not take a bold stand, baffles me.  That she is married to Samoan heritage David Wong Tung (who was in the police with me and who I took as my guest to an African CRANZ economic conference in Western Sahara where I spoke on sustainable fisheries), assured her of absolute protection from being labelled a racist.

The apparent failure of National under “Crusher’s” regime, to have heard the rising cacophony of concern by the majority of OUR country who are being stripped of their rights in favour of Maori, and to have taken a firm stand, was mindboggling.

The rise of ACT in the polls (in my view, largely by default of National) should have been a clarion to National that they were failing.

So far, Christopher Luxon has trod softly around the elevation of Maori above all others, under the law.   

Regrettable, David Seymour in my assessment, also prevaricates.  Evasive or generic reference to the stripping of YOUR right to equality before the law, is not the calibre of strength that is required to stand against “Maorification” (5) (to use Hugh Perrett’s terminology).

Putting pressure on Labour to return to the rule of law, is a proven recipe for failure. It’s now time to put pressure on Luxon and Seymour. No more obfuscation, prevarication, procrastination. Tell us what you stand for or, it is time to establish a new party.

In conclusion I say that the case being put by Prime Minister Ardern and Hon Mahuta, that Maori have been denied the opportunities others New Zealanders have, is utter rubbish.

Elevating Maori above the rule of law, will not last.  It is law that will be repealed.   As I say above: No government can bind its successor.

We as a nation, must always be treated as equals before the law.

How Maori fix the failure of so many for so long, to have grasped the opportunities others have taken; is not a problem that can be fixed by temporarily giving them superior rights before the law.  The problem is, how to encourage them to perform better.

A dilemma perhaps captured by the maxim:

“You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”

PS And if you think I’m anti Maori and not pro equality before the law for all?  Read this link (6) which tends to suggest that the Minister of Foreign Affairs and I, may be related?

Ross Meurant, graduate in politics both at university and as a Member of Parliament; formerly police inspector in charge of Auckland spies & V.I.P. security; currently Honorary Consul for an African state, Trustee and CEO of Russian owned commercial assets in New Zealand and has international business interests.









Janine said...

We need a new political party. It might take a while to become a serious contender but anything is better than the present incumbents( all parties).
Did anyone seriously believe Chris Luxon was the answer?

Many of us are sick of our rights and freedoms being eroded and nobody prepared to speak up for the average Kiwi. I believe there are many of us.

Also, the new party needs to defund the media, abolish Maori seats, rescind Three Waters and He Puapua, and restore a high achieving education system without token " quotas". Also, restore referendums as a means of achieving democratic outcomes.

One law for all.

Terry Morrissey said...

Just finished reading this very true account of the situation as it was around the time of publishing (1993. remember it well.)
This book should be compulsory reading for ALL first year secondary school students (if they can read), politicians (if they can read), corrections facilities (inmates and staff), Oranga Tamariki staff, Maori institutions and ALL journalists and their editors.
The problem is that they have regressed a whole lot further since then with a whole lot more “woke culture vultures” being taken on board and an even worse lot of kaumatua with pot and meth afflicted brains telling the stories. There are also very dangerous politicians in critical Ministries who are more than happy to push things a little further down the track to reinforce the sense of entitlement.
Since the publishing of the book the education system has been dumbed down so that students do not even necessarily leave school with literary skills so how the hell does that help the situation.
A very enlightening book from someone who has “been there done that.” Wish I had come across it years ago. Certainly explains a lot of past events and present aspirations of the tribal elite.
When they have finished reading that one, they should get a copy of;
“Conversation With My Country” by the same author.

another man said...

Thank you Ross.
I fear David Seymour is not up to the task of his party ACT, even though I voted for Nicole Mckee last time.
Mike Mckee

Denis McCarthy said...

Ross is correct, We, the real ignored voters out here, must start demanding that both ACT and National commit to ending race based laws, racial preference and Maori sovereignty claims. Our country is going to hell and National's incomprehensible lack of action on the above issues is partly to blame.
Established politicians seem to have this quaint notion that it is better that they tell us what we should want rather than listening to us telling them what we want them to do on our behalf.
I say God help the nation if Labour is not kicked out next election but we want their replacements to actually represent our concerns and values rather than listening to the usual donors and pressure groups.
So, citizens, arise from your slumbers and start telling your local politicians what you want and where your vote may or may not be directed.
The politicians have messed things up and the only people who can save us are we ourselves!

Frank S. said...

The first Political Party to state unequivocally that it will repeal all race-based legislation within the first year of taking Office, will win the next election. I won't vote for a Party that does not make that statement. Any other likeminded person should, in my view, email Seymour and Luxon with that statement, as I have.