Thursday, August 18, 2022

Bob Jones: Global Warming

A quarter of a century ago I wrote a comic novel “Full Circle.”

Last week I re-read it for the first time in at least a decade and came across this passage.

The speaker is a young oceanographer.

“I’ve decided the global warming hysteria is nonsense. Maybe the earth is warming and maybe humans are causing this, but so what? Listen to the scaremongers and the one thing which comes through is their underlying misanthropy. In the context of the environment they talk about the human race as if it’s alien to the globe. Yet by far the most environmentally destructive forces are earthquakes and floods and volcanic eruptions and typhoons, yet they treat these as simply parts of nature. Well so are people.”

As I said, that was 25 years ago but the salient points remain, namely the Greens like all leftists, are essentially misanthropic and that the human climate effects are no different than the volcano eruptions and the like. We’re told the Tongan eruption has been a major factor in this year’s heat waves, for example.

That said, of course we should continue nullifying the numerous human factors contributing towards global warming but what’s happening is no reason to panic. Let’s have an end to this blather that humans are destroying the globe. It’s gone through ice ages and massive geographic changes on numerous occasions in the millions of years it’s existed, long before humanity evolved, initially in the sea.

When the first of our ape ancestors dropped from the trees and eventually stood and learnt to walk, you can be assured there’d have been a gibbering timid faction remaining tree-bound, clutching one another and crying alarm. Their fear-ridden ancestors live on today, behaving exactly the same in their advocacy for collectivist security.

Every human advance has been attributable to an individual, often pilloried at the time by the mob or religious fantasists. Such is the story of human progress.

The two age-old human failures are religious superstition and warfare. Humans will not destroy the globe but unless militarism is finally abandoned, they may well destroy themselves.

Sir Bob Jones is a renowned author, columnist , property investor, and former politician, who blogs at No Punches Pulled HERE.


Robert Arthur said...

Of course mere humans are not likely to destroy the Earth completely. But through over population, CO2 generation, nuclear war and other trends of nature over which humans have influence, they can relatively very quickly transform Earth to a state when very few humans could survive and lead lives vaguely as wealthier countries do today, including alongside the majority of plants animals of today.
When millions of climate refugees descend on NZ the few local survivors will likely wish they had done more to encourage drastic CO2 counter action by the rest of the world. It will take more than maori dominaton and haka on the foreshore to deter invaders.

Rob Beechey said...

Thank you Robert Arthur, you are a prime example Bob Jones is referring to and must say it’s very brave of you to reveal yourself to this platform. You are also a great credit to Stuff and their blind commitment to this religious crusade where open debate has been banned for fear of discovering that the emperor is butt naked. I strongly suggest that you do your own research and stop reading the Press.

DeeM said...

Robert, that really is the biggest load of CO2 emissions I've heard in a long time.
You could get a top job with Extinction Rebellion.
Not sure what nuclear war has to do with climate refugees but I'm not a climate alarmist so don't possess the ability to stitch two completely unrelated things together.
As Rob says, do some research and you'll be very surprised. Stop watching OneNews and reading Stuff - that's a good start.