Saturday, August 20, 2022

Denis Hall: My response to the Fire and Fury propaganda video

This will jump out at you a bit - because there is a lot going on.

Yeah - and it’s long - so all Paramedics stand by with the oxygen.

Read it for the read of it - not the speed of it.

This week in politics - has a significance that may not be fully recognized for a decade or so - but the time will come when we look back and say:- “Yeah ---- right! - I remember!

Yeah - that’s when it began - 2022 - among the smoke and flames in the grounds of Parliament - when an unknown young woman with a cellphone on a stick - got more views than “The Professionals” - at TV One News.”

But also this week - came this astonishing taxpayer funded propaganda piece - styled as a “documentary”.

…….SPLAT! Fire and Fury! And the people who made it - slithered away out of sight behind the Port-a-loos.

The few of us that watched this shameful ‘Fire and Fury’ - ‘documentary’ - saw other things in it that we weren’t meant to see - and perhaps the most important is actually - that it is intended to soften the New Zealand people up for a full fronted legislative attack on our freedom of speech - and the other was - that they pointed out for us an individual that really does represent a very serious threat - not to New Zealand of course - but to the Leftist Marxism cabal alive and well at the moment - in the beehive and the government.

Look people - I know I’m a bit of a maverick - a bit rough round the edges - and not that well educated - and when I speak with my mouth - I can be a bit foul mouthed and blunt - as can be seen in the odd videos I make - but when I speak with the written word I am a different person. I place enormous value on the written word - and the way words are assembled - and what they actually say. So I do exercise a little bit of restraint - but I still have to state my case - and that is what I’m going to do here today; - speak firmly - but with courtesy towards my readers - but not necessarily showing respect to the people I’m discussing.

They are there in the public eye - and - you know - we all know - that people like me - keyboard warriors - come with the territory …….. we just do! I am real too.

If I don’t respect them - I say so - and if I do respect them - saying so is even more important.

So now I have to note - that something else came along with that Fire and Fury drivel - and that was these propagandist’s recognition of an important future political figure.

The lady with the Cellphone on a stick: Chantelle Baker.

It’s the third week of August - 2022 - a year out from New Zealand’s elections - and maybe less - or perhaps - like any government lacking in integrity - the leftists might try to postpone the elections. And we out here - as unimportant as we are - can all feel the political earth quaking beneath the foundations of the nasty Green-Labour-Marxist-communist-incompetent-corrupt New Zealand Government.

Yeah! Smile! We can all feel it.

Do we think they realise that the next epoch of our New Zealand Political History is forming up before our very eyes?

The hint of a new movement perhaps?

To illustrate what I am about to say - the leftist greens - aided by left leaning and disingenuous Main Stream Media - have thrown caution to the wind - and themselves under the bus - and shown their true colours in the most subversive and nasty taxpayer funded political propaganda hit video “Fire and Fury” - in our history.

NOTHING - to compare with it that I can remember - and I am 81.

Mainstream Media - as bitter as they are - embroiled in and blinded by their incestuous affair with the Labour Greens - have finally overstepped the mark.

A very long - but carefully considered sentence coming up. It might be my longest - and most significant long sentence yet.

Please try to forgive my flippancy - and take a deep breath.

Breathe IN NOW……!

And there she was - Jacinda Ardern - the image of the Left - and Nania Mahoota - the substance of the Left - sitting on the edge of what passes for their thrones - the Queen Bee and her hench-person enforcer and neighborhood political bully in their beehive - is our world famous twitchy witchy woman swaggering around the world in an air force jet - followed by a grossly overpaid and completely compliant and accommodating media contingent trying to think up positive spin - while all her grubs and cockroaches and maggots and pack rats that make up her gang of nasties - keep diligently gnawing away at the beating heart of our democracy in the Parliament - also followed by the local contingent of creeping and fawning sycophantic arse-kissing so called “Main Stream Media Mob” - the ones who are not quite acceptable enough to travel on the jet - funded by tens of millions of dollars of the taxpayer funded “Responsible Journalism Fund”- being paid to sing her praises to the high heavens - dot dot dot dot - when they seem to suspect she/they - are on the cusp of being politically eclipsed by a young woman armed to the teeth with a cellphone on a stick.

……….. A cellphone on a stick?

Get ready people.

It’s Chantelle Baker.

You see? The thing about long sentences - is that they have to justify themselves by bringing an important message - and here comes the point of the message.

I sense that Chantelle doesn’t quite know it yet - because she does have some humility to go with her intelligence - and maybe she doesn’t think she’s ready - but my political future vision tells me that Chantelle Baker will play a pivotal role in New Zealand politics for the foreseeable future.

Yeah - I said that - and I’m not the only one who can see it.

The Ardern government - and those nasty people in the media can see it too - and that’s why they spent all that money - not to mention Sean Plunket - who after thirty minutes on the phone with her - offered her a slot on “The Platform.”

Sean Plunket could get lucky - and some say Fire and Fury cost over half a million.

Seriously Chantelle - that’s why they spent two hundred thousand dollars - going after you in their ‘documentary’ “Fire and Fury” - producing an ill-conceived - mainstream Media hit piece - aimed - straight - at – you!

(I heard three hundred thousand quoted yesterday and today I heard half a million)

Talk about a political hit piece turning into a political gift for the enemy before their very eyes.

I love it!

I’ll say it again: There were two very obvious targets that justified a spend of all that money - that could have brought houses for the Homeless. They are Chantelle Baker - and Free Speech.

Gawd - I do go on…..

But they tried to put her in the cross-hairs - but instead put her center stage.

A lovely wholesome woman and her Dad Leighton Baker - attacked out in the open by …….?

Okay okay okay!

Now just stop for a moment - and ask yourself: Who do we think it was who set that process in motion? No matter who it was that approved the script - Jacinda and the Mahoota will be having meetings this week about the fallout from “Fire and Fury” - for sure. There’ll be fire and fury all right - all night - down there on the ninth floor of the Beehive.

It’s the Midnight Oil that will be burning.

They (the makers of this nasty video) - oh - and - should I mention its name again - ‘Fire and Fury’ in case you missed it - flouted all truth and journalistic integrity and convention in the first couple of minutes - by making Chantelle Baker appear to be proclaiming subversive dictums from on high - photoshopped - superimposed - on to giant billboards on the side of tall buildings - when in fact they (the makers of this video) were (unknowingly) in the process of giving her a government funded leg up into the wider world of political discourse.

Did I mention her name yet? Chantelle Baker?

Ill-conceived it was - (Fire and Fury,) and ……. BOOM - it blew up in their faces! I can sense the slime and maggots of this media slip-up dripping off Jacinda’s shiny smile as we speak.

(“Quick Mahoota - pass me the Jeyes Fluid - the shine on my teeth is tarnishing in real time!”)

But - fortunately - Chantelle was wearing the flack jacket of common sense and dignity and plain old fashioned decency that she learned from her parents - and not only was unharmed - but strengthened by the fact that the idiots in the media would see her as such a threat to leftist government - that they would spend all that money and time and expertise - trying to make her look bad.

Weeeeeeee!!!! SPLAT! Gawd - I love this stuff!

One thing we do have to understand - is that some of these media people really are actually able to recognise a winner when they see one.

Chantelle Baker - the lady with the cellphone on a stick - getting bigger audiences than TV One News? She is for sure - a winner for the future - as long as she doesn’t accede to all the flattery and agree to lead any micky-mouse - started last year - wanna-be political party.

Do you think I’m getting myself out on a limb saying al that? I don’t think so - but this “Fire and Fury” Propaganda Video has sure put the government AND the media that supports them out on a limb - and in the process they have highlighted just how threatening to their subversive Marxist policies this lone young woman with a cellphone on a stick actually is.

And I’ll say it again! According to this government funded video - she - Chantelle Baker - with her cellphone on a stick - has been getting bigger audiences than TV One News.

Hmmmmmmmmmm - time she started interrupting herself with commercials.

So - what’s actually going on here. What was the rationale for making this blatant and very obvious piece of propaganda?

Well - first of all - what it shows is that this government believes that the people who vote green and labour - are too unsophisticated and reliable as voters - to see propaganda for what it actually is.

Second of all - its purpose is/was - (I believe) - intended to pave the way into the rather soggy minds of the impressionable New Zealand public - for the propagation of the idea that - “Curbs on Freedom of Speech” - are not just needed - but justified and in fact - DESPERATELY needed. This video - (Fire and Fury) is the pointy end of the Leftist Green Labour Government’s upcoming campaign to get New Zealanders to accept government control of Free Speech - Social Media - and the Internet.

Think about controls on the Internet and what that will mean.

(Will they give themselves the right to open your emails without telling you - and look at the History on your computer - and when they do will they tell your wife you’ve been watching porn again?)

Well - You know how it is. Government policemen control the Internet - and your privacy sweetheart - will be - HISTORY.

(POOF! - ssssssssss.)

Aside from the obvious - Government controlled Internet - with thousands of blocked websites - puts us in the same basket of nations as North Korea - and China - - and Cuba maybe.

Can we ask - is that what the Marxists in government have learned by us buddying up to China?

Now - (I’ll say again) (in a slightly longer sentence,) I’ll put what I have said about Chantelle Baker in perspective - there was long experienced Sean Plunket - that doyen of past radio - with his own online “Talk Show” (good on him) called “The Platform” - and in HIS response to Fire and Fury - he invited Chantelle Baker in for a roasting about her part in the “Riots” at Parliament back in whenever that was.

In the space of just 31 minutes - Chantelle Baker had not only mastered seasoned journalist Sean Plunket and won him over with plain unadulterated common sense - BUT HE OFFERED HER A SLOT ON HIS SHOW - and he made that offer unambiguously - ON AIR!

Watch that episode of his show - and tell me that Chantelle Baker is not an extraordinary political talent.

And no - I have never met her - or talked or corresponded with her - but I did talk to her Father once lately - for less than three minutes - and he said I should just get on with it and say what I wanted to say.

I call that “integrity.”

Then there’s THIS!! - This below is what’s going on in the minds of those people on the Left - when they think of Chantelle Baker.

Jacinda Ardern was a political phenomenon - she just was. She was their wonderkid!

Ask yourself why!

She was slim and attractive - looked good - especially when she smiled - prettier than the Mahooota - and she could express herself well - was commanding in behavior - so of course people were going to vote for her. LOOK AT THE CHOICES! Can we even remember who was standing for National - and were they asleep at the wheel? She was a political opportunity looking for somewhere to burst on the scene - and she did - and that was also recognized outside New Zealand. She was/is the darling of the global Left.

(Well they sure needed a political star in Jo Biden’s world.)

Big and genuine looking smile - with white white teeth - and bright red lipstick - against a background of black hair and some red clothes.

But she doesn’t really have the approachability - and genuineness - and authenticity of Chantelle Baker.

And voters are an unsophisticated bunch - and like it or not - image always wins over substance. The thing about Chantelle - is that she is the image - AND the substance - and the voice. Watch that video on her Facebook page talking with her father about Fire and Fury. She’s her own voice all right!

What do we all not get about that?

So think about all this - and tell me how Chantelle Backer doesn’t measure up to all that and more - because as I see it - she can easily do at least as well as Jacinda - even without a million dollars worth of spin doctors and door openers - because even with all the rest of her attributes - she is actually a nice person - from a nice family - and it shows.

She’s a shoe in - and all these micky mouse parties on the right of the spectrum - they need to recognise that she will get the votes that those guys can only dream about - but all she would do is make a small party look slightly better - because even God is not going to save any of them and make them real. Everyone knows - that the nation is in a dangerous place now - and people want a guaranteed return for their vote.

It is one of the major parties or nothing Chantelle.

Chantelle is a natural political animal - and she is at the beginning of a stellar Political career - and from what I have seen attributed to her - she might not have realized that herself yet - but she will.

Join the National Party - or Act Chantelle - and think hard about how they might deal with THAT eventuality - they might be dammed if they accepted you - but really dammed if they didn’t. The possibilities have great potential. It’s making me smile just thinking about that.

But anyway - even if her mind is not made up - I can see a movement forming around her - and there is no person on the right who comes even close to bringing that one off.

Enough Denis! You’ve said enough.

So to give myself a little plug - and further discuss that Fire and fury video - I want to tell you this: What I usually do is sit at home - away from the Virus and the Vaccine - think up good lines - and write them into essays - and pat myself on the back if I get a hundred likes - but in the case of this horrible propaganda video I couldn’t do that - because the thing I wanted to comment on - this Fire and Fury thing - one of the most egregious videos I had ever seen from government - goes on for an hour - a whole flamin’ hour - and with some commentary from me I knew I was looking at at least three hours - and once I got started - it was so easy to pull apart it did in fact turn into almost four hours.

Seven YouTube clips! I was obsessed with the stupidity of it - mine and theirs.

Yeah I know - Who is going to watch four hours of political diatribe - nobody - but that isn’t actually the point.

My almost immediate reaction when I first saw this amazing piece of government propaganda - was to get two of my computers together on my desk - looking at each other.

(They’re friends - and they turn each other on. --- Well - you know what I mean: Click on one and the other opens its eye.)

I used the old one to run that Fire and Fury video - and the other to video it and make yet another series of videos about it - and expose all the massive holes in it - with me using the pause button to stop the video to insert my rough and ready comments. Never tried that before - and it went on and on and on for four hours of video.


I bit off more than I could chew you think?

Well yes! I was knackered at the end of the day - but I had it done - and all these videos ready to go on Youtube - and they are blunt and to the point - and I just let myself have free reign.

I said a few bad words.

Thursday 18th August - and I put the last one up there today. Seven altogether I think.

I know of course --- that millions of people are never ever going to watch them – but……

The thing was - that aside from the fact that there needs to be a record and resource somewhere to do what I have done to eviscerate and disembowel this disgusting propaganda video - there also needed to be an independent copy of Fire and Fury that the government cannot just delete - as I suspect they might do with the original Fire and Fury thing when they realise how damaging it is (and what a piece of extraordinary political history it actually is.)

It must be preserved - so we can show people where leftism and greens go when given the opportunity.

So it’s up there on Youtube - on my Youtube channel called “MILTON SMIRK”.

Sometimes I pretend I am he.

Denis Hall describes himself as an old man and an artist - a thinker - a writer - and a commentator. He does what he does - for the love of it


Anonymous said...

YesI follow chantelle baker and her father leighton baker who is your typical kiwi bloke and good sort dad who cares about nz and the future. He was in politics for a bit so knows his stuff. Her whole family seem really really lovely and not the river of filth the govt said about the protesters. I also have wellington friends who are both professional accountants who were at the parliament protests every day. They said that there were doctors, nurses, .lawyers, accountants, and ex police there and loads of normal evrryday families, yet the msm media stood with the politicians on the balcony and called them all the rivers of filth and other names in their reports. There were police who resigned after the protests, saying this was not what they signed up for. Many of them were also mandated out of jobs. This is not nz.

DeeM said...

I saw some of Chantelle Baker's live reports from the parliament protests and was impressed by her passion and dedication to uphold freedom of expression, the NZ Bill of Rights and the right to protest peacefully.

I think we have to be careful we don't heap too much pressure on her. Heralding someone as the saviour of New Zealand is a terrible personal burden to get saddled with and I don't think it's healthy for them or us, as a nation.

Sure - we need leaders. But to put all your faith in one person is naive and unrealistic. And very unfair to them, almost certainly ending badly.
How would we each handle pressure like that? Not very well, if we're being honest.

What we need are more people like Chantelle, willing to work together and share the burden.
I don't know what Chantelle's political leanings are, other than she believes in free speech.
Is she Left or Right or something else?

She is most certainly a great communicator and appears very genuine. Mind you, politics has a way of knocking all that good stuff out of you, as we've seen recently in Dr Sharma's expose of the toxic parliamentary environment.

If Chantelle decides to run as an MP, and from what I've seen she would make a good one, then being selfish I would hope her political beliefs take her towards ACT who are the only mainstream party openly espousing freedom of speech, equal rights for all etc. They also appear to have the best, closely-knit team of MPs who support each other. Of course, it may be different below the surface!

Why don't we just let Chantelle decide in her own time and stop lauding her as Jacinda Mk2, without all the bad bits.
I think we've had enough of that, haven't we?

Ben Waimata said...

"Fire and Fury" did an excellent job of highlighting the way journalism should be done, by contrasting the sycophantic foolish uninformed opinion-pieces of much of NZs biased media with a real journalist on the ground, Chantelle Baker.

I would hate it if Baker went into politics, she is far more valuable as the peoples voice of reason and integrity, observing and reporting on real issues instead of spouting the state-funded woke narrative.

Phil said...

Otago University held a public discussion on Freedom of Speech this week with various politicians giving talks. It sounds like Labour and Greens refused to attend the event so their MPs didn't talk. It shows they are very sensitive around this topic and have something to hide.

Anonymous said...

Chantelle baker's fb page has been shut down. Not by her. Why?

Robert Arthur said...

The Platform currently runs a level headed interview of Kelwyn Alp. Several of those irrational legally trained articulate females in F and F could have found a huge alternative outlet for their glib "logic" if they had taken Maori Studies. The players in F and F seemed to consider democracy to be at great risk. Yet no direct mention of the single greatest threat to democracy in NZ ..the moves to co governance.
As with the 1981 Springbok riot in Hamilton, many of those "protesters" physically attacking appear to be maori youth simply seizing an opportunity to indulge in tikanga violence against Police.
It would be refreshing if Stuff and the msm compile a similar thoughtful questioning documentary on the current maori takeover.
It is unfortunate that the players in F and F and their pet themes are commonly associated with the Right. The connection will cost the Right many rational votes. And the more publicity the extremists receive the more Right votes will likely be lost.
I have a conspiracy theory of my own. I suspect many of the less rational so called rightist viewpoints posted on websites such as BV are probably placed by left wing activists striving to shatter faith of moderates and swinging voters in the Right.

Robert Arthur said...

Apparently the way out "protesters" accuse Paula Penfold of biassed reporting.Incredibly on RNZ she in all seriousness argued that the current msm is objective! Presumably she has not read the PIJFund conditons, or waded through the Letters to Editor rejected. Will they print Winston's recent speech? Or anything from Don Brash or Basset?