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Guy Hatchard: The Biotech Tipping Point

We have been wondering where all this is going. As time goes by, some longer-term outcomes are becoming apparent.

Excess all-cause mortality is rising around the world, especially in countries with high vaccination rates like New Zealand, Australia, and Portugal.


Curiously, resolutions, good or bad, might not be a matter of political decisions or scientific research, but largely a matter of rapidly worsening health outcomes. If all cause mortality continues to rise, there will be a tipping point beyond which what is currently considered normal will no longer be viable.

Our Situation Here in Highly Vaccinated New Zealand Allows us to Examine Possible Scenarios.

As reported previously, Kiwis are seven times sicker than before the pandemic. Businesses are struggling to find workers, some have closed their doors forever. The hospitality industry is reportedly on its knees all over the country.

School attendance has fallen. More than half of the country’s school students failed to attend class regularly in the first term of the year, a record. North of Auckland for example only 34% of students are regularly entering the classroom, compared with 64.4% in 2019 – the year before the pandemic hit.

A survey of more than 900 doctors has revealed that our health workforce is at risk of ‘catastrophic collapse’. Their letter to Jacinda Ardern reports:

“So many [doctors and nurses] are off sick that we have to close areas of the department or work there on our own with no nursing support…”

4,000 people have been waiting for more than a year to see a specialist.

The Government and the Health Service are in Denial

Andrew Little, Minister of Health, responded to the doctors in July

“I’m satisfied that we have the means to get on top of the issues.”

Since then, the winter Covid wave has subsided, but the health crisis has not gone away, it has got worse as all-cause mortality climbs steadily past previous records. Last week recorded all-cause deaths were 946, 35% above the long term average and trending up.

At what point will people ask why are they constantly falling sick and why are they finding that others are in the same boat? Few people are aware of the rising death rate because the government is not analysing the figures and mainstream media is not asking questions, but it can’t remain hidden forever and in any case its influence will be felt whether we realise the cause or not.

As we reported last week, UK ONS figures show that the health crisis is predominantly affecting the vaccinated. If the unvaccinated are excluded from the workforce through mandates, we are shooting ourselves in the foot. Their long term health is the least affected by the pandemic.

Tipped Over the Edge by Biotechnology

A global Covid inoculation scheme has drawn billions of people into what is essentially a biotechnology experiment whose outcome was unknown.

The resulting health crisis has no precedents—it involves genetic manipulation of the immune system function. Is it reversible? No one really knows. We have entered uncharted territory.

The immune system makes quintillions of decisions and effects repairs in our physiology everyday. More than 70,000 daily repairs in each cell for example, and we each have 37 trillion cells. From the outset, believing that immune system function could be fundamentally altered without compromising our health was a pipe dream.

The Extent of Long Term Outcomes is Almost Unimaginable

Increased rates of all cause mortality and greater numbers of sick people imply that longevity is being reduced. This implies fewer people in the workforce.

More sick people means that a larger number of people are involved in looking after them, which reduces overall productivity and economic output.

The nature of increased illness is important. Cancers, heart disease, and neurological illness all have larger longer term effects and require more carers.

Even small changes in the balance of social indicators, especially health outcomes, can have huge effects on macroeconomic conditions. Currently, changes are accelerating and snowballing. Citi Bank predicts that UK inflation will hit 18% next year. it would be a mistake to assume this is solely due to energy pricing.

For almost three years there has been a large measure of Covid pandemic uncertainty, fear, and stress networking itself throughout society and the world. It is driving irrationality, panic buying, price gouging, profiteering, and misdirected anger.

Can Politicians, Medical Professionals, and Our Press Change Gear?

They are not doing very well at present.

We still don’t know the full extent or duration of the problems associated with mRNA vaccination. Does it cause cognitive decline or is it increasing cancer rates in the general population? If so, by how much? There is a growing realization that health authorities and governments have pushed these questions aside.

In some cases, data has been deliberately withheld or manipulated. See for example this video from GB News (watch from 27 minutes to 40 minutes) which contains footage of a zoom meeting between Israeli Ministry of Health officials and researchers in early June about an official investigation verifying serious adverse effects whose concerning conclusions have remained hidden from the highly vaccinated general public.

The findings in Israel verified a causal connection to mRNA vaccination. The adverse effects got stronger after each successive vaccination. Long lasting neurological effects for example were found to be related. Serious menstrual irregularities can persist for over a year.

Despite warnings from the scientists involved in the investigation that the current Israeli government public safety narrative was highly misleading, key findings were omitted from the final report. In fact, incomplete and unrepresentative data was released by the Ministry of Health with the apparent intention of making the adverse effects appear rare or short lived. Minimisation that appears to have happened in a number of countries.

The search for curative health strategies for those affected adversely by both Covid infection and vaccination will have to involve a multidisciplinary approach that must range outside the comfort zone of modern medicine.

Lifestyle Factors are Known to Positively Affect Covid Infection Outcomes

We have already discussed published research studies showing vegetarian diets, regular exercise, some traditional herbs, and sufficient rest all significantly reduce Covid hospitalisation rates by up to 70%. Will they also alleviate the immune deficiency associated with Covid vaccination? We don’t know, but we have to find out. It’s urgent.

DNA sits at the interface between consciousness and matter. Researchers have found that meditation can influence genetic expression. Gene expression is the process which enables the DNA to produce functional proteins. A 2016 study by award-winning cancer researcher Dr. John Fagan, a former colleague of mine, presented at a Belgrade conference, reported improvements in long term meditators:

* Reduced expression of genes involved in the Stress Response

* Reduced expression of genes linked to Inflammation—which could be of importance in reducing incidence and/or severity of Covid, heart disease, arthritis, and atherosclerosis.

* 19 genes linked to Cardiovascular Disease were altered in their regulation

* 2 Tumour-Suppressor Genes were up-regulated

Is there reason here to hope that deep meditation could help correct the immune deficiency associated with Covid mRNA vaccination? Possibly.

Will more people adopt such lifestyle changes in their search for better health? It is hard to say how long people will cling to their faith in biotech shots before the truth sinks in that they are only making matters worse.

What Could Happen?

Doing nothing is not an option. In addition to rising all cause mortality, we are facing regional conflict, supply chain issues, food shortages, and global recession. A catastrophic fall in human immunity could be enough to push the world past a point of no return.

The collapse of essential services, including emergency healthcare, education, and workforce stability are not out of the realm of possibility, as we are seeing in New Zealand.

If central government fails to take a lead in charting sensible rational responses, local non-governmental initiatives, contacts, and informal safety nets could become increasingly important. Expect to see local area groups organising alternative health initiatives and food coops and banks out of necessity. Hopefully before it is too late.

Misguided attempts to mandate more biotech health measures will only intensify problems. Why is the UK government funding the new bi-variant Moderna mRNA shot without any adequate basis in scientific assessment?

On the other hand, if rational discussion becomes possible, increased cooperation in the face of challenges could lead to the cessation of any further risky biotech experimentation which is at the root of the current health crisis. It could also allow currently unforeseen solutions to germinate.

If current pandemic policies are continued regardless and genetic medicine continues to be used in defiance of obvious and ballooning safety issues, the tipping point will be passed. The potential outcomes are at best uncertain. If we continue to place our faith in discredited notions, what we remember as normality may no longer be available.

Dr Guy Hatchard is a former senior manager at Genetic ID, food testing and certification company. This article was first published HERE

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Charles said...

The "immunity' was rather short lived since we now see victims having accepted these experimental 'vaccines' in the thousands around the world getting re-infected, killed or dreadfully affected by them. Predictably they are in denial about what they have done to themselves. Hopefully when reality sets in and it becomes common knowledge that they have been duped, the anger will drive those that inflicted this ghastly experiment for profit will be hounded into penury. Even now the ignorance, stupidity and hubris of our 'leaders' and their advisors cannot permit them to acknowledge the errors they have made and they continue to push these useless jabs onto the populace.I find it inconceivable that Ardern and her coterie of psychotics are not aware of the situation. I fervently pray that when the truth becomes available to all in spite of the propaganda and lies spewing forth from politicians and their media muppets those responsible will face a jury and a death penalty.