Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Wendy Geus: Tim Roxborogh Wears His Bias Loudly

Luxon wears his religion loudly, according to Tim Roxborogh on the weekend collective. My first reaction was: Tim Roxborogh wears his bias loudly.

I went to church and Sunday school as a child, but am not religious. I do not judge others for their religious beliefs.

We can only surmise that, for Roxborogh, religion, particularly Christianity, is a dangerous thing.

Christopher Luxon is a Christian who doesn’t attend church and said in his maiden speech in parliament his rationale was: “it’s good to believe in something bigger than myself”; however, he is apparently a threat to us in some way, as he “wears his religion loudly”.

Roxborogh may like to elaborate with evidence of the “loud” aspect as I have not heard Luxon referencing it apart from his maiden speech.

Enter Labour MP, Adrian Rurawhe, a very personable and widely welcomed new Speaker of the House, also a Christian. Going by Roxburgh’s interpretation Rurawhe possibly wears his religion ‘louder’ than Luxon. He is a Christian, grandson of Tahupotiki Wiremu Ratana, methodist and founder of the Ratana church.

Since entering parliament, each year until 2020 he walked beside Ardern onto the Ratana church marae when Labour (and National) visited. Covid stopped that visit.

We can only surmise wearing your religion ‘loudly’ is a bad thing, so what have Roxborogh and his colleagues got to say about a Speaker of the House with enormous influence, the 3rd most powerful person in NZ, and a practicing Christian? No doubt radio silence. It’s traditional to denigrate National, but not so often do we hear criticism of the left’s beliefs.

However, one has to ask how much more of this hypocrisy can we take from the tone-deaf, biased media commentators, who selectively choose who to torment based on subjectivity and emotion, not reason or logic?

The media went nuclear when the abortion debate erupted in the US, weirdly pretty much blaming Christopher Luxon for America’s woes; they were adamant Luxon had voted against Ardern’s abortion law which somehow influenced the American Supreme Court outcome.

Like the left-wing media in the US, our media are quick on the trigger and regard research with disdain, copying copious ‘content’ off CNN which is famous for using sources of sources. If in doubt reference a ‘source’ and hope for the best. ‘Feeling’ something is true suffices but did not work out so well during their four-year campaign against Trump when president.

It turned out Luxon was not an MP when the law was passed in NZ so he could not vote, and did not vote against the law.

Adrian Rurawhe was an MP and did vote against Ardern’s abortion law.

Is he going to have a negative influence on the House as a Christian with an anti-abortion stance in the same way as the media believe Luxon will as PM? Of course not, just like Bill English’s beliefs did not prevent him from being a highly effective Finance Minister and PM.

A number of other Labour MPs voted against the radical new law which allows abortion up to full term, most due to religious reasons; the media gave them a wide berth and concentrated on smearing Luxon and other National MPs, who apparently deserve their disdain and publicity for their personal beliefs.

So, we look forward with anticipation to hearing the media ‘loudly’ call out Rurawhe for his ‘unpopular’ beliefs which, like Luxon, could be detrimental in some way, yet to be determined.

Don’t hold your breath.

Kermit said, “It’s not easy being green.” Copy that: It’s not easy being a National MP.

Wendy Geus is a former speechwriter and generalist communications advisor in local government. She now writes for the pure love of it. This article was published HERE


Anonymous said...

You are SO Right Wendy

CXH said...

Assuming National get in next year they should just keep the media bribery fund going. The media is so spinless they will change tack to National good - Labour bad without any compunction.

Anonymous said...

CHX I would bet money on it that Natz will keep the fund going but will hopefully change the application requirements. No Te Reo or Tiriti.

gregd said...

I allways listen to the Weekend Collective on ZB as i like Tim Beverage,but unfortunetly loud mouth,turbo tongue,Roxborough is the other half of the show.He can't stand National or ACT and has no respect for using christian names for members of those parties.Tim Beverage is overpowered with expert advice on most subjects and when Cris Luxon does appear on the show it is embarrasing with Roxborough's questioning or after discussion.