Thursday, March 28, 2024

Cam Slater: Imagine If the Sign Said ‘Colored Only’

There are some folk who haven’t realised that Kiwis rejected racism, separatism, and segregation at the last election. The parties which promoted those policies, Labour, Green and Maori, got bundled out of office. Now a storm has erupted over a sign at Auckland University.

Act got into the debate, as has Winston Peters:

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Imagine if that sign said something different:

This is the exact thing that Winston Peters warned about in his State of the Nation speech, which the media widely condemned, but most people agree with Peters.

Now, I could have some fun, get all camera’d up and go in there and wait for the ensuing fuss to occur, at which point I will point out that I am actually Fijian.

The response from other parties is as sad as it is predictable:

Labour’s tertiary education spokesperson, Dr Deborah Russell, said there is a long standing need to ensure more Maori and Pasifika students enrol in university education and complete their qualification. “If providing spaces where Maori and Pasifika students can meet helps with enabling them to complete their degrees, then it’s worth doing so.”

Green Party Maori development spokesperson, Huhana Lyndon, said: “We support designated safe spaces for tauira [students] to gather to freely express themselves and their cultural practices in an academic setting. This is integral to supporting student well-being and academic achievement.”

A Te Pati Maori spokesperson called ACT’s assertion “damaging and inflammatory“, and an attempt to misrepresent tangata whenua and paint a picture of preferential treatment for Maori. Safe spaces for minority groups in university aren’t new, the spokesperson said. ”Creating safe spaces to empower minority communities to thrive and achieve whilst creating a sense of interconnectedness should be celebrated.“

Their responses are racist, disabling, patronising and pathetic. They actually want segregation and access based on race!

It says that Maori and Pasifika students are so dumb they need “safe spaces” because they are “special”.

Winston Peters speaks plainly:

New Zealand First leader, and Deputy Prime Minister, Winston Peters said that if true, the setting aside of space for a group “is the seed of segregation”. Some universities have become “a haven of woke cultural brainwashing” and “try to justify their actions by attributing it to some sort of ‘moral cultural crusade’ and wilfully ignore the direct comparisons to the KKK and the apartheid way of thinking where we are divided by race”.

There is no place in New Zealand for this nonsense and Auckland University needs to pull their collective heads in. The Government should look at any and all funding Auckland University gets from the Government and they need to communicate with Auckland University that the funding is at risk.

This crap needs to stop and stop fast. It is creating division when there is no need for division.

Enough is enough.

Cam Slater is a New Zealand-based blogger, best known for his role in Dirty Politics and publishing the Whale Oil Beef Hooked blog, which operated from 2005 until it closed in 2019. Cam blogs regularly on the BFD - where this article was sourced.


Hazel Modisett said...

Given the amount of wokeness at uni's today, couldn't you just claim to identify as a Maori & use the room ? I mean if men can use women's bathrooms then anything is fair game, unless of course DEI is actually not inclusive at all...

Anonymous said...

Cam as always you are spot on. Let's make 'European only' spaces. Everywhere. It will be safe spots as there can't be any crims there, well certainly fewer. Fairs fair. When the European only safe places become the place to be all those political nutters on the left you mentioned in your piece will call to have the European safe place disestablished because it's racist. Go figure

Ray S said...

Perhaps Auckland university should have a 'whites only' space.
Stand back and watch what happens.

That would be racist, not Maori and Pacifica evidently.

Anonymous said...

With APARTHEID masquerading as co-governance (which is the most pressing issue facing New Zealanders ) and racing towards it’s 2040 He Pua pua tribalism government takeover, this coalition government, six months in, is moving as slow as treacle in doing anything about this agenda.

All hui and no do-ey isn’t getting the job done. What are they afraid of?

Anonymous said...

The apologists for safe spaces are talking such crap - nothing prevents them from getting together as much as they want - it's the NOTICE that betrays their racist stupidity.

Anonymous said...

The same university also has a space for men who ‘identify as women’ which generously allows women to enter too. The obvious misogyny, just like the obvious racism of a designated Maori & Pacifika space, is clearly too high brow for these faux intellectuals. They miss the fact that what they’re doing has been done since the dawn of time; their regressive policies are undoing hard won equal rights. They are not just absurd, but dangerous & unfit to be anywhere near a university. But they’re not alone - Grant Robertson not only committed economic terrorism on us all without consequence, but as an obviously very unfit man whose knowledge from sport has come from an armchair, managed to make himself Lord, Saviour & protector of mentally ill men’s rights in women’s sports, deliberately stomping on & ignoring basic biology & the views of sportswomen. This latest issue is all part of a bigger problem that should never have been able to gain traction in a modern, democracy with a proud multicultural & suffragette history. A few years ago we would have laughed at the suggestion that anyone would think such preposterous ideas could become a reality. Yet here we are. Let’s hope under this govt, thanks to NZF, we can turn the clocks back & regain some sanity & common sense.

Anonymous said...

Once again, I see that 'so called green & pleasant land, oft referred to as the green oasis in the South Pacific, inhabited by very friendly people', picking up an idea or concept, that has already been tried in American Universities and applying them here in New Zealand.

I would say well done the Academic's of Auckland Uni - or is the 'radical, left leaning, with association to the Gay community' who are the perpetrators?

In the mean time 'main stream' NZ citizens carries on as normal, working under the premise of who gives a s . . .', at the moment probably more worried as to who 'Razor' will pick for the next All Black team!

And devising strategies' on 'how to beat the TMO'.

Anonymous said...

The stated objective of Otago University (or whatever it's been re-branded to this week), is to be the most "indigenous University in the world".

Can we expect to see more divisive things than signs for coloured study rooms - maybe lectures only for coloured people ?
Lectures only in te reo ?
Higher fees for White people ?
Lower pass marks graded on how brown the student is ?
All science and maths courses in matauranga Maori ?
Fully supported by Robertson justifying his $600k salary ?

You ain't seen nothing yet with all the nutters in charge of academia.

Wake up NZ - stop passively watching NZ crumble into full blown apartheid