Monday, March 25, 2024

Michael Laws: How Did Joshua Green Walk Free?

Michael Laws talks about the case of Joshua Green on the Platform - How did Joshua Green walk free? 

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Writer and former broadcaster Michael Laws, who served as an MP and Mayor, is now a councillor on the Otago Regional Council, and talkback host on the Platform.


Anonymous said...

Dear Michael Laws-

May I suggest, that upon returning to your home, that you -

- prepare s sun lounger on the back deck
- place high stereo system at hand/ with appropriate CD's of Classical Music
- then go to liqour cabinet and pour your self at 'least 4 fingers of good Scottish Malt Whisky' - you may add a tad of cold water/ as required
- take said class back to sun lounger/ put a classical CD on, recline/ take a soothing sip of the Malt and
- scream - " where has NZ Legal system gone wrong are we following the current American Model" [which appears to be doing the same thing with serious criminal cases - unless you are Donald Trump]- which has many American's 'shaking their heads', just like you have done here.

So can ANY New Zealander going before the Court, now, can they tell the judge that they -
- suffer from the sudden onset of ADHD
- were distracted by a social media posting, they were reading, at the time of offense occurring
- will suffer loss of Mana if convicted
- their family will suffer emotionally & financially, and may have to move residential location if sent to prison
- suffer a loss of income & social status, if convicted

Yup Michael - know how you feel - so will many other K One W One's, after hearing this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Michael. Unbelievable situation! The country is going nuts…

Robert Arthur said...

An Oscar performance.He and Winston (and me!) sterling examples of judgement and abiity of the elderly. A few like that on TVNZ and audiece would rocket.

Terry Morrissey said...

It will take some time and more than a little effort to get rid of the insidious introduction of apartheid into the justice system, and every other ministry left by the socialist Ardern cult. Let this be a lesson for future elections.