Saturday, March 23, 2024

Guest Post: Are You Concerned About the New Coalition?

Rod Kane writes as Guest Post on the BFD

One of the good things about getting to your 70s and still having enough ability to walk or ride a bike and enough nous to argue in comfort, is the fact that we no longer care what you think.

We didn’t get to this age because we rode motorbikes drunk with no helmets, or gave in to the demands of people that we have zero respect for. We got this far because we have miles of common sense and now have a lifetime of experience to lean on.

So when some self-entitled little brown or white snot tells me that they are more entitled to this country than I am, they won’t even get the trouble of a reply. Maybe a sneer or a caustic laugh but that would be it.

The fact is there is not an indigenous person in this country that exists unless you count us all in. All the previous inhabitants are dead, including those that arrived thousands of years before Maori but became part of their menu.

So at this age we oldies are probably more indigenous than anyone, having trampled the national sod longer than anyone else. Not that it matters one jot.

The left are having their own personal crisis. All the blowhard trumpeting from the likes of Rawiri and Packer means exactly 100% squat. In reality, they represent 2.7 per cent of the population and all extreme racist nutters at that. Who cares?

The Greens are even more dire. Has anyone else noticed that the butt-horrible Marama has gone dead quiet? This is because they are falling apart at the seams, which were very badly stitched in the first place. Golly and the other self-entitled trougher did us all a favour.

The entire left has just driven itself into a massive bog, all by themselves and with nobody to winch them out. All the ideology and all the billions wasted on harebrained schemes came to absolutely zero. However, it has to be said that the Maori activist elite like Jackson, Tamihere, underpants Tuku and Mahuta and any Labour-appointed, brown bureaucrat will be laughing all the way to the bank while ‘their people’ get nothing. So much for their ‘kindness’.

They were ably assisted by what has to be the worst and most evil Prime Minister this country has ever had the misfortune to endure, plus a conspiring caucus and cabinet of troughers looking after themselves and their mates at the expense of our country.

They now moan and whinge about the winding back of their terrible racist policies, but they introduced them in the first place and without consulting us.

I have to say this new coalition seems to be on top of the job in spite of some childish gaffes from the PM down, but over all they are what this country needs to fix the mess.

But one question for you coalition heads…Just when are you going to roll back this Maori language, signage and Aotearoa garbage which was a major reason why we voted you in? I think Luxon actually goes along with it. So does Wayne Brown. Get on side you guys because we won’t be putting up with it.

Get on board or lose your jobs.

And as for the media howling about job losses, they are a major reason why we have this pigsty of a shambles in the first place.

They supported the death of this country and still run articles and letters from correspondents who consistently write sugary puke and left-wing ideology.

Same for TV. The reporters revel in taking this government down while wondering what’s happened to the watching public, their support and their jobs. DUH…!!!!

I have only one thing to say to the media…Oh dear, how sad, never mind.


ihcpcoro said...


Robert Arthur said...

Certainly identify with the first para. Do not even have to worry about cancellation. With very many decades of experience, and clear recollection of accounts of earlier times from parents and grandparents, we are far more mature commentators than are the children of the msm.
The stone age te reo obsession must represent a huge drain on NZ efficiency. It is absurd that a purchase of a course in te reo (or aromatherapy, or line dancing technique etc) ranks as a contribution to GDP the same as money spent qualifying a house for rental, or work on a vehicle to extend life scores of thousands of km etc.

Anonymous said...

Good one Rod.

I'm from the same generation but as far as I'm concerned the only person to walk into a parliament with good intentions was Guy Fawkes, so I'm not holding my breath about any political saviors. After all, our successive political saviors created the mess in the first place.

N B H said...

At last some one poeting an article exactly how the majority of NZ people feel including your take on Luxton, they need to go hard or go out.

Tinman said...

We didn’t get to this age because we rode motorbikes drunk with no helmets ................. We got this far because we have miles of common sense and now have a lifetime of experience to lean on.

You might not have but I damned sure did

In fact the first time I hit 100MPH was on a Suzuki 500 2stroke wearing shorts, a singlet and jandalls. The only other thing was a grin - from ear to ear.

I'm still alive.

The reason I can talk from experience is because I took risks, most I knew did and yet only one of my group died from an accident (a surfing mishap) and none were maimed.

May of us now suffer from old injuries that didn't quite heal - but the fun was worth it.

Most of us also gave ourselves an education, reading extensively, and learnt how to think

Having done that New Zealand was blessed with a string of right-ish-wing governments despite the continuing World's love affair with communism.

That thinking would be handy nowdays (now education is about why not to think) as it enables the lucky ones to recognise biased (usually communist, racsist or woke) crap for what it is.

Don't bother railing against so-called "journalism", remove it from your presence and loudly tell the world why.

Only then can New Zealand start to become a better place!

Doug Longmire said...

Excellent article and very much to the point.
I know exactly what you are saying and agree 100%

Ray S said...

Perfect summary Rod.
I go back a bit further than most.
When I reminisce I am almost brought to tears thinking about earlier times and comparing with today.
Motorbikes, Morris eights then V eights. Real cool stuff at the time.
Steam trains, trams in the middle of the road (Auckland) Council operated traffic cops, always fair game.
No racial or woke stuff.

If all this woke and racial stuff is not sorted very soon, our youngsters will face a very bleak future with civil unrest they could never imagine.
Not just here but worldwide.

Anonymous said...

Too right Rod. Well said. We don’t fear the woke.

Anonymous said...

I am of the same generation, have written in the same vein to politicians, including Luxon, but won’t be holding my breath as to anything changing, anytime soon-more’s the pity! All those NZer’s who agree need to make a stand and fight for equal rights for all.
Join Hobson’s Pledge if nothing else.

Vic Alborn said...

Thank you Rod. Yes, I too am an "oldie". I am concerned about the Co-alition, particularly as Luxon and Willis continue with the catastrophic "climate change" mantra and all of the downstream financial and production costs involved. I also agree that the Te Reo/Aotearoa nonsense needs to be forcefully terminated. As a matter of personal contribution to this latter imposition, when addressed in English in any correspondence, my response contains a "Thank you for addressing me in English" note. Otherwise, I address them in Malay, French or Mandarin - depending upon my mood at the time. BTW, at 83 years, I still ride my Kawasaki - but never drunk. Cheers

Kiwialan said...

Tinman, I was similar to you though on a Yamaha but wearing a helmet coz my Dad was killed on a scooter with no helmet when I was 14, so I always wore one to keep Mum happy. Left school as soon as I turned 15 and worked ever since but took time to educate myself, travel to work in other Countries and used the opportunity to make good money. These righteous woke communists who tried to destroy our Country with racism and hate should be treated with the contempt they deserve. When anyone non maori addresses me in maori I ask them why they are speaking a hobby stone age language just to see the shock on their faces, I visit my local MP's office to complain about not using New Zealand but the stupid Aotearoa and all the other te reo crap forced on us. United us oldies can make a difference and maybe Luxon and the other youngsters will grow some balls, maybe even stand up for the majority of Kiwis who voted for a change. Kiwialan

Gaynor said...

We are not called' Boomers' for nothing. There are many of us and we are a treasure to this country. We have seen things from the past that are invaluable.

I refer particularly to our superior world class education system. We can remember how the whole class of 50 students could all read at the correct level for their age and similarly in maths at primary school every student did the same exercises with maybe extension work for the more able. Classrooms were orderly and quiet. We all knew our tables, number facts and could write a sentence as well as spell ordinary words.There were very few neuro-diverse children, nor hyperactive nor dyslexic. We ate our peanut butter/ marmite sandwiches and apple for lunch and did not crave junk food instead. We learned about managing money with the post office savings book and learned to sing songs with the radio Corresondence school programmes and played the inexpensive recorder. We were taught how to swim with structured school lessons , had home vegetable and flower gardens marked by the teacher.Learned ethics by reading about people who displayed exceptional honesty ,courage or generosity. The discipline I experienced was fair and firm. NZ history was not messed up with Critical race theory nor cancel culture.

This is not a nostalgic ramble but rather a indication that Progressivism has been in fact regressive and thoroughly destructive. We need to return to many traditional values and stop moving into modern chaos.