Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Alwyn Poole: Time for Chloe to Refrain from the Mary Jane campaign.

As if more evidence was needed of the harm from Marijuana use the American Heart

Association has published a study showing:

- smokers of "weed" face a higher risk of heart attack and stroke. (for daily smokers a 25% increase in heart attack risk and 42% of stroke.

- marijuana is as bad as tobacco cigarettes for health.

- in the USA there has been a 25% increase in pre-natal use from pre pandemic responses.

One quote:

Many of Page's patients, who have the ability to smoke weed freely in the state of Colorado, assume that because it’s a natural substance, it "has to be safe," he said.

"That is the farthest from the truth," he told Fox News Digital. "Cannabinoids have what we call psychotropic effects that affect your perception … and mental status. And like prescription medications that are psychotropic, they carry side effects."

And from an organisation that promotes the use of "weed" ... this old chestnut.

"This report, along with many others, shows that while cannabis use is not entirely benign, it is clearly safer than alcohol."

Daily marijuana smokers face higher risk of heart attack, stroke | Fox News

That is like the pugilist saying that repeatedly being punched in the head is less harmful than being kicked in the head. It just might be that you are more chilled when you take a toke and lie back and let brain-cells die.

It is on record that Chloe Swarbrick refused to help me establish a school in Central Auckland for 480 "Neuro-diverse" students. A group she says that she belongs to and identifies with. Her reason was that I had spoken against her views ... i.e. the marijuana referendum.

If her views in this area are current it is an indictment that the leader of one of Parliamentary parties would advocate for such a harmful product and practice. A very poor example for our youth and time for her and the Green to walk it back.

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Alwyn Poole, a well-known figure in the New Zealand education system, he founded and was the head of Mt Hobson Middle School in Auckland for 18 years. Alwyn blogs at Education plus ... Challenging Mediocrity. - where this article was sourced.


Anonymous said...

The harmful effects of marijuana have been totally underestimated for decades now and society is paying the price. As for Chloe-there is none so blind as those who don’t want to see!

K said...

greens are just anarchists.

DeeM said...

Chloe's often baffling and disturbing utterances suggest she is a habitual user of the product she promotes so stridently, and the perfect example of why it should never be legalised.

Anonymous said...

Chloe is such a hypocrite
As MP for Auckland city, she is happy to watch with other Aucklanders, oohing and aahing watch flashing lights on New Year as half a ton of toxic chemicals are discharged above them.
Breathe that in suckers !

Mind you the marijuana they are toking may enhance the experience

Great Green policy reducing the life span of Aucklanders !!
Too many of them to fit in the city anyway !!?