Thursday, March 28, 2024

Professor Robert MacCulloch: Hipkins' 2026 Election Strategy is Already Obvious

Hipkins' 2026 Election Strategy is Already Obvious - he wants NZ to fail so he can argue asset taxes are the only way out (which will make things worse).

The No-Principles Labour Party Leader, Chris Hipkins, was led by his focus groups & in-house pollsters to drop capital & asset taxes as a platform to fight Election 2023. They told him proposing such new taxes would be a losing strategy. Consequently he threw former Revenue Minister, David Parker's, plans back in his face.

Now Hipkin's same focus groups & pollsters tell him these new taxes may be a winning strategy for Election 2026. So he is in the process of reversing himself & instead embracing them. 

Why? Hipkins aim is power - what's good or bad for NZ is irrelevant to him. His political strategy is becoming Machiavellian, something Black Adder would be proud of. 

What is it? Due to the shocking state our country's economy has been left in, with stagnant GDP - and GDP per capita plummeting - the National-led Coalition will struggle to find tax revenues the next three years to barely fix anything. 

That wouldn't matter should the Coalition be making bold reforms to the health system - by far the single biggest item of government spending - to convert it into the likes of the Singapore model which has incomparably better health-care outcomes achieved for half our cost. 

Yet the new Coalition has no such plans. Without an immediate prospect of such productivity gains, and with a stagnant economy, NZ's public services may well come under threat. 

Hipkins cunning plan is to argue that the only way public services can be restored and infrastructure fixed is by hitting the rich with asset taxes. For it to work, the country must languish these next three years. Hipkins is betting on NZ to fail in order for him to gain power.

Professor Robert MacCulloch holds the Matthew S. Abel Chair of Macroeconomics at Auckland University. He has previously worked at the Reserve Bank, Oxford University, and the London School of Economics. He runs the blog Down to Earth Kiwi from where this article was sourced.


Basil Walker said...

Professor MacCulloch, in "horse racing parlance" the NZCPR community is fixated on yourself as a Melbourne Cup winner, such is the clarity and common sense of your contributions. Your statement that the Coalition should be making bold reforms to the health system.... to convert it to the likes of Singapore model, needs a definition of the matters to change and the options to be rid of, to enable our health system to thrive and give better health outcomes in NZ .
Please do not keep it a secret. The NZ public needs direction and guidance to understand the required changes for the Coalition to achieve what NZ taxpayers and thinkers desperately require .

Anonymous said...

One Pravda last night had extreme-left activist Maiki Sherman saying now is not the time for tax cuts. She interviewed Chloe Swarbrick who said now is not the time for tax cuts. They then had some goober worker guy from the street, holding three lollipops, complaining this was all he’d get from the tax cuts. He didn't need any lollipops. Cancel the tax cuts! Another businessman worker was found, and he said that he used to support the tax cuts, but now he didn’t. One Pravda finished by saying we can’t afford tax cuts. In fact, we need more taxes. Taxes are kindness.

So there we have it. One Pravda are the experts. They have interviewed everyone, and the answer is clear.

We need the ginger. We need higher taxes. One Pravda says this. They are the experts.

I love One Pravda.

LNF said...

To hell with what is best for NZ. Hipkins wants to be PM and the rest of his toadies are too gutless to tell him the truth. He simply hasn't got it and Labour will stab him as soon as they find a replacement

Anonymous said...

Congruent with the obvious aims of Hipkins - power at any cost.
God help the nation.

DeeM said...

Labour must be bereft of any talent whatsoever to keep a leader who was never elected and who got trounced in the polls, and who is now proposing policies which he rejected outright less than a year ago.
Labour are broken and unfit to govern and if Hipkins had any concern for NZ and its future he would have resigned not just as leader but from politics full stop.

That puts him one place lower in the neo-Marxist swamp than Ardern and Robertson in my book.

Anonymous said...

He will be gone in due course. But National need to remember that elections are won by the incumbents being voted out, not the opposition being voted in. They are starting to already cheese a lot of people off with the Maori issue, fence-sitting on the barbed-wire fence of He Puapua and foreshore "ownership".
And putting all their crony corporate business mates into the infrastructure contracting via Stephen Joyce is so disappointing.
National are streets ahead though and I don't think Labour can come back in 2026.
100% agree with DeeM comments about the swamp dwellers and their relative positions. Hipkins said no-one was co-erced into vaccines after being the Covid minister when people lost their jobs from not being vaccinated, the dam dame lied about everything and Robertson screwed the country. We will never forget their treachery.

Anonymous said...

Haha, for once I disagree with DeeM! I'm pretty sure chipkins is not lower than Ardern or Robertson, that's pretty much impossible.

I actually want chipkins around as he is good for the current coalition, let's face it everything he touches he stuffs up, isn't that great?

We would have to be seriously mentally retarded to vote anything back into power with chipkins at the helm! Long may he stay until the left realise the who the handbrake is.

Phil Drane said...

What is happening in America today WILL happen in New Zealand in 6 months.
If we equate the NZ Progressive Labour Party with the Progressive Democrat Party, Hipkins' strategy for winning the next election will be based on creating division and chaos everywhere. The tip of his spear will be unrelenting personal attacks on opposition leaders with the aid of a terminally "woke" News Media and an increasingly Leftist claque that dominates the Education sector and New Zealand's 'broke & woke" Legal system.