Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Sir Bob Jones: Obvious new progressive policy for the Green Party

The news from Afghanistan that the Taliban Big Boss, no doubt after careful consideration, has decided to bring back stoning to death for women will doubtless induce a predictable unthinking response from some over-opinionated western females, who would probably be certain candidates for this punishment were they Afghans. But they shouldn’t be too dismissive of other cultures and instead look on the bright side, such as a much more peaceful existence for everyone.

Who knows, if the Green’s adopted this policy it could prove a huge vote winner given the trouble some of their female MPs have brought on their image.

They should be quick though less the current temporary Labour leader, whose name escapes me, swoops in first. He has unmatched form in constantly announcing new policies only then cancelling them, so it would be wasted on Labour. Furthermore, it fits the Green’s general policy agenda in having absolutely nothing to do with Green issues.

The only objection from their caucus I’d anticipate, would come from that ghastly little Mexican turd, Menendez-March, fearful for good reason of being mistaken as a female. Beginning with him/her would also fit the Green’s no waste policy as stones would be unnecessary, just pebbles in this case should do the job.

Sir Bob Jones is a renowned author, columnist , property investor, and former politician, who blogs at No Punches Pulled HERE - where this article was sourced.


Anonymous said...

Pebbles and a little Bam Bam.....

Anonymous said...

Bob sheer brilliance from you yet again.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting how white women have no understanding of another Culture!

This was seen last year with Australia being 'besieged to vote for The Voice', and those 'white women' who came out in support of the Referendum. When asked, why they stood for The Voice, many had no logical answer.

We have seen the same approach, when it was brought to the 'other world' regarding the Saudi approach to women - oh dear 'the cries of deprivation against them, but when asked if they understood Arab Culture - 'dead silence'.

Afghanistan, has always suppressed their women, even prior to the Russians, then later American's 'invading their space' - with the later, the Non Government Organization's (NGO's) 'who also invaded Afghan' who sought to 'make change with the Afghan population - especially for the women folk - the outrage from 'white females' was long & loud - but did it do any good- NO, not then and will not, even now.

In relation to your comments, Sir Robert - you do not hear any 'outrage' for the conditions that females in both India & Pakistan have suffered across the past millennia, and even now, are still are a suppressed minority - it is called a cultural norm, in both Countries. .